Disma : The Manifestation

Death Metal / USA
(2011 - Necroharmonic Productions)
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Carved throughout, deep chasms of energy
Dormant for centuries eternal grief..
A rotting stronghold, deeply engrained
Wretched in decay, Wretch..

Materialization, of festering wrath
A freezing hideous, manifestation
Eerie gloom lies, in wait to descend
Responds to living, stimulus unknown..

Faces moan in dark hallways
Shattered in shards and flames
Unchained from purgatorial depths
In congress with the dead...

Tremble with fear
Cold nocturnal voices
Kneel before the undivine
Before the labyrinthine...

Unequalled power, awakes and stirs violently
Manifest and behold, a titanic writhing nightmare...

The statues turn, to find your gaze,
Wall explode, crumble and burn,
The remains, unearth as shadows depart,
Collapse and heave, in smoldering ash,
Released, in glorious rage...

Materialization of festering wrath,
Responds to living, stimulus...


For, the nameless interred
A Purulent Quest

Aghast mouths, cracked open
Work of dread, Liquefy...

Dread of revelation
Beneath black mourning
Veils, a pervading sense of Grief...

At the frozen lakes of blood
Observe your sidereal journey,
Brothers at the end of time,
Descend in spectral glory (x2)

Through the massive gates we pass
Gathered in titan halls of gold...

The thundering rage,
Of Victory...

Despotic fiends weigh you soul,
Weighted against the feather of truth
Cascades Burning, Human...

Open Into Darkness...

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