Disfiguring The Goddess : Sleeper

Brutal Death / USA
(2012 - Decomp Records)
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Sleeper in the ocean that was once reserved for the vast number of serpents that now walk among us.
My body engulfs with fear,
My mind controls the ribbons of color.
Trapped into a shear, my lungs pump fluently.
Path finding the stars to separate reality from the imaginary, the sleeper has awakened.
Bellowing from the bulk of the earth,
The sleeper has awakened.
Lamentations trace new lines.
To the fall of man.
To the rise of power.
To the fall of man.
To the rise of power


Projectile, like a hairspring needle born blood pack.
Rise from sufficient maligns
To further the cause for the unborn.
Breach back, a spear of hate transforms
Into a queen with the head of a boar.
The city's walls becomes my tomb.
Fill your throat up with salt.
Cut your legions of fire back
To the blood soaked wall of east.
A knot inside of the unborn opens its pale eye.
Pale Horse.
Pale mind


Breath of an awakened daughter of depth.
Eyes build to blind.
Vision like the haunted.
Submerged and forgot,
A city of tears dwells from sight of Ra.
Born from the light of darkness.
We are like a tarantula, we are power.
Breathing, like a tarantula.


Beloved by the sun, our lady of epicenter faces doom.
The serpertien mother of kain forsees a disgrace.
A disfiguring. Breaching the wall of sleep.
No man will cherish the atomizing suicide.
Rusted in gore.
Twirling around like a weed of the mind.


The hero, ironicly unarmed, bound by fate,
Is transformed into particles
As the beats defeats the last true hope for the human race.
A bareathment of nature, plant like cell
Process in planet form.
A new vision of power arises
From the vines of ash left over form the stroggos wars.
Legions of the unrested leave
Their passion for grief and dismay.
The future of the great eye is now inside it's own mouth.


Forsworn and forgotten,
A totem of power rises from the earth.
A supernatural light staggers out from behind
The shadow of what once was alive and breathing.
A figure, made up of teeth,
Is brought back to life on top of the totem.
His mouth opens showing nothing but blackness and sorrow.
The eyes of the summoners widen with terror,
As their request has not been granted.
The forsworn lifts his finger, pointing to the mountain.


Boiling in a sea with five thousand teeth surrounding me.
A spear from the depths soars through
The tide like a dying breed of reptiles.
The spear pierces the serpant like
A predator with little effort.
Arms spring forth,
Arms in numbers not yet defined by mankind.
The art of star born misery is one of a kind.
Eye to eye, a left over breath would be a disaster.
The beast roars, letting loose a sonic wave of terror.

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