Disfiguring The Goddess : Katapillar

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My sinful dismay, my lycanthropic blood lust. I shall be divine. I sense my pleasure. I grasp my pleasure. I unfold my eyes. Sheik and redlined. Beamed in bloodline. I can not stay long. I shall be divine. As blood runs clean, I freshen my light for sexuality. Shine bright oh light through out all the night. Shine bright oh shadows, for night is your blight. Your flesh sprinkles, red full my face. My soul complete, just for this fleet. Ahing at the memory. For distance is sight. Drawing conclusions. There is no wrong hand. Harnessed and strapped down. I killed on demand. Broken and boiled, two become one. My fetish turn down. My savior my place. I pull the box close. I whisper.


It's a shame the foundation has been built on machines. Negative. Ravcarious. Despondency, sworn in mortal enemies. Forbidden to eat the fruit of sin. So quickly. God, man is becoming genetic malfunction. Is that the Lord of Light. Light, reborn. Reverend heathen breath in. Relive the stroke quickly. Don't you want to see? Don't you want to meet us? Don't you want to see? Domination, I control your body. Retribution. Suffocation. Suppression of the plea. How do I obtain it? I ask this to myself as my bondage breaks free. My pupils widen. My smile widens. My blood thins. Blood in the water. Down with me. At the bottom of the sea. As I soak up this disease in me. Sickness. I become the highest, I need more. I seek it. Pain is mere perception, I need it more. Cutting you down to the bone. I seek power. Why. To power power. Why. Oh sickly power. Blood gives me power. I am strout. Tortured adralinan, it gives me sin. Ambient amphibian, I am the one. Sea of sperm inside.


To be free, the sinister sensation reveals. My victory, a path of mind over matter. The atom bomb, forever, inside me. Expands at a rate. Unfocused (and dry). My hands contribute to their mischief. Slaughter. Rape. Pillage of your mind. From behind, a snake controls my brain. Derailed a light from above, pillar piercing dreams far away from society. Concluding in primal rage. The earth shatters in two. Twins of sand, one a serpent the other a man. Stuck lying there, contused into glue. A calf becoming a bird. The lark sings silence. Rests it's cold dead love lock. A wreath presenting in gore. In trust. In blood lust. So fragile, my grasp on the clock. My arms spread out, calling from above. Mind controlling the contra of belief. Sonic astosurf. Must ride the color. The of sound. It seeps from my brain. Once can not see but the other is blind. A fool takes two shots misses once. Self inflicted suicide. Standing in the mirror the other waves hello. You swallow your tongue. Poressing deeper. Oh deeper. Just a little deeper. The sound continues. Still form and breathless. Like a tree of sand. Continues still form. I speak in colour. I bleed red into your mouth. Gushing forward, I creep unkeept. The sound of horror. The vines of lamb. The sound of color. The sheep of Satan. The sheep of filth. Take away the color. I contribute my line. To be free, the sinister sensation reveals. My victory, a path of mind over matter. The atom bomb, forever, inside me. Expands at a rate. Unfocused (and dry). My hands contribute to their mischief. Slaughter. Rape. Pillage of your mind. From behind, a snake controls my brain. Derailed a light from above, pillar piercing dreams far away from society. Concluding in primal rage. The earth shatters in two.


So quickly the path of sensation reveals. Mass eradication is my specials, I am a cannonball for man. Of my species. My allegiance is to earth. Rock. Metal. Fire. Ashes. Rain. Five is one to none. Rampage is on horizon. Blow out, the air from your lungs. Breath in, the smoke of the dead. Fill your life with sanity. Fill your soul with instinct. Five is one to none. Tribes in my blood foretell. The slaughter, the murder, the ravaging, my tentacles grow, my brain is a leach. My DNA monstrous and colorful. Kind to bleek intent of mysterious presence. Buried upon arrival. The ravaging. My growth. So quickly the path of sensation reveals. Mass eradication is my species, I am a cannonball for man.


Fountain of health, before my lambs, before my hands, before my lambs. Breathing down my neck is the shadow of my past. I can control it, should I let it out? It'll come knocking, beating down your spine. Break free to sell yourself to persistence the sow of virgin ignorance. My sought for matter bitterance. Behold the fool. Behold my tool. Commentary, from a world below. The trees bellow. The earth decayed. The symphony of crocodiles dazzle in masquerade. Something deeper below the sand. The sentiment contains the flesh. The flesh at hand, no more. He. The sent controls us. The sent at hand. I bare the bore. Its tusks are mine. I live below the sands of time and misery. The vines drape down, strangle the light. Potent and supreme. Birds come down the waterfall. See them as they fall. Portals to an underworld. Lakes and trees sprout fourth. Rain winds against my face. For he to not embrace. Psycho in the water. Sing it. The king of man shall rise and fall. Praise. Twisted in these vines. Mother earth holds him high. High enough into the light. Soak him full of vitamins. Rise him to the skye. See into his eye. Oh mother. Seismic teachings. DNA. Built into the light. Built into the feedings. The usual sight. Bleakly requiring nourishment. The blood feeds me. Sickly without it. Deeply my life needs more. I cry in pain. I cry in loneliness. I feel the rain against my back. My life was so intact. I tie my arms down, hands behind my back. I tempt the thought of bleeding out my neck. My mind reptitled, my desires out of whack. My self brainwashed. Feelings not in tact. Rise him up to the sky. See into his eye. Oh mother. What world is this. I'm not mistaken. Pillars lined rows and rows. Legs contorting creep out conorting. Insectly feeling. Thriving for the womb. The womb, warm and calling out life. Life or a lie. Remember this.


Crawling faces seeing places. Six faces pre numb. Rubber solstice, patience runs through the mist. A kiss a kiss, a kiss from the death. Pocket full of poison. Pocket full of death. Wishful thinking from the wise one. A rock in the earth. Breath out child of mine. Oh this child of time. Sit back and make believe that scissors make nine. Nine times the pleasure. Nine times the fear. Don't worry just make clear. The sent of the moon. Bloom bloom bloom. Circles of nine.


Vows of sow confirm. I yet of man and still flesh shall remain free. To ever be the serenity. To malfest the sinder form. Oh sinister, oh sister. Blood boils, a waste. Ten foils, to lay waste my three heads think once. My triplets carry one sword. The sword of my body. Strong and full mast. Pierce the veil of innocents. My blood boils, enlarged. To one a slicing elongated. Arm of power, arm of unreason. My eyes tingle, my brain enlarged. My vision blurry, I can nit stop this force. I can not stop this motion, this ocean of time. The layers freeze still. I will live forever. My disease is my line. My form. Before born. My claim to the thorn. Pierce you from within. My seed has just begun.


Caught in a web of lies. My spider oh mine. I see you dwindling, my soul can deny. I heath the power hold, the stranglehold offline. Zap party and strangled triangled. Diced back feliet. I smell your womb, oh sweetness of mine. I call you trembling. You darkness of mine. Stripped back and lie with me. My cocoon tied up and dried. Laying down your head on the ground. I submit my final move, my only true motive. Primal and thicky I valley through the meat. I've had my fair share. I act like a swine. As you just lie there and act like divine. Your legionce premises a useless divide. My malignant masturbation is done from behind. I see you lying there. A child of God no more. Devotion hands out my lashings. Devoition turns out my spine.


The hole, oh Calypso. I spread my arms for love. I receive none. I want love. I bare the gun, you bare the hole. This never ending rain. Oh tell me why. My ravaging brain, cockroach sun sang. Am I really going insane? This unique connection, enacted in musical numbers. I count down from one. Are you the rising sun? The hole, oh Calypso. What I want is your love. I bare the gun, I sense you swoll. I can not control (this unique connection). Some say the tiger can not be drown. Let us look around, to be prowl. To be foul. Deep in the ground. In the pound we swim. Shadows twirling in the sky. I shall not cry. All the shaking, the drum beating. I smell nothing, but the flower of flesh and blood.


I spread my arms for love, I receive none. The hole, oh Calypso. Am I really going insane? I am the sun sang. The hole in the ground.


Dawn breaks down for the mother she beckons down below she beckons, how am I that draws its arms out from behind. Speaks in numbers, voices shouting phrases, removal of space, distance to comfort. Closeness to pleasure. The blood begins to trickle through my brain. Blood lust. It is my cure, blood lust, it is my cure. Frantic my creature mind retaliates. I can not calm the. I can not see the. Illusions strap myself aside. Breath deeply. I see free. Forsworn I am the king. Baby. I am the son. I am man. I kill the animals. I reap the salvation of the lamb. Have fun with the sow.

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