Disciple (USA-2) : Southern Hospitality

Southern Rock / USA
(2008 - INO Records)
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I won’t stand back while the river runs dry
(I’ll) dive in like it depends on my life
I won’t sink down when it’s over my head
The fire in my eyes let’s you know I’m dead
I won’t shut down when the mountains won’t move
Climb to the top if it’s the last thing I do
I won’t slow down when there’s mud on my neck
If you feel safe then you haven’t lived yet [Joshua 1:9]

Take my time, it doesn’t matter if the sky is gray I’m gonna [Matthew 7:24-25]
Take my time, and live like it’s my last day [Psalm 90:12]

Oh Yeah, feel the high
Alright, I feel alive tonight
Oh yeah, rain or shine
It’s a great day to be alive [Deuteronomy 30:19-20]

I won’t slow down when I’m flat on my back
If I fall down then I’ll roll where I’m at
I’m nowhere near done when there’s blood on my lips [Romans 8:35-37]
If you haven’t took a swing then you haven’t lived yet

I'm alive!


Is solace a hopeless crusade
The grandeur of a raping plague
A portrait that is best forgotten
Bed of fire for the dying orphans
Is there a bridge for the endless mote?
A river for the arid throat?
A sun for the winter flower?
A knight in the weeping hour? [Romans 7:24]

The poison sails on ships with pain my veins have never known
My eyes have seen the glory of the antidote [Numbers 21:6-9, John 3:14-15]

A love lifted, the curse has left its birthplace [Deuteronomy 28:15-68, Galatians 3:13, Romans 5:12-18]
Romance me [Romans 5:8], Ransom me [1 Peter 1:18-20]
A love lifted, in paradise remember me [Luke 23:40-43]
Romance me, Ransom me

The idol that birthed betrayal [Genesis 3:1-19]
Where eulogies have littered the trail
A song that is sung with a forked tongue
Blackballed by the angels
And we're dropping like flies
An assault to the eyes
Spraying death in every direction
This infection's a torrential tide [Romans 5:12]

Amazing, sweet mercy, romance me, ransom me [Titus 3:4-5]

3. 321

I’m feeling everything’s about to blow
I’m feeling everything’s about to blow [Matthew 24:28,33]
I’m feeling everything’s about to blow
Here He comes, undefeated, undisputed [Revelation 19:11-16]

Relentless earth, coming to collect [Hebrews 9:27]
Hidden from the awaited day of rest [Hebrews 4:3]
The feet that swell, walk the memories of late [Genesis 19:26, Luke 9:62]
Wrapped around the heart of a pity masquerade [Matthew 12:34]

Watch out
Get down now
No doubt
321 [Matthew 24:42-44]

The moon has turned to blood [Revelation 6:12]
Baptized in vengeance flame [2 Thessalonians 1:8, Revelation 6:10]
They shake at what’s to come [Isaiah 2:19]
When He breaks the seals of pain [Revelation 6:7]

So roll back the prison bars [Isaiah 61:1-2, Luke 4:18-19]
For charity not fame [1 Corinthians 13:3; 14:1]
Till the streets will overrun [Zechariah 8:4-5]
With the tongues that shout the name [Philippians 2:11]


Line 'em up go, that's what she said
When the lightning struck I couldn't see the difference
Time to let go of Russian roulette
God's the only one who knows how we are not dead
Out the window, but don't waste it
'Cause falling on the floor is overrated
Over the rainbow, I'm bleeding
What I wanted isn't always what I needed [James 4:1-3]

But you're whispering so loud
With words that never die [1 Peter 1:24-25]

I remember everything you said to me
The words you spoke they burn
Burn within my heart, burn within my soul [Jeremiah 20:9]
I remember everything you said to me
The words you spoke they burn
Burn within my heart, burn within my soul
And I will carry them with me forever

A night of looking down a musket
Somehow I always end up on this magic carpet
Hit the tango wherever wind blows
It always takes me further than I wanted to go
After the sideshow an invitation
Outside the city limits leaving condemnation [Romans 8:1]
Ears are ringing with little whispers
After everything that's all I can remember

I hear what you whisper, I'll always remember
(They) never die


In a whirlwind caught away
Broken lips have carried you to a place
Where you don't know just how you ever got this far away from here
Thinking somehow you could cross the point of no return
But my love will never end

Whatever reason you've been running
I just don't care anymore
Already forgotten whatever happened with what went wrong
I just want you to come home

Incarcerated, borrowed shame
Freedom was the promise they took away
And now you're left with what you find so hard is forgiving yourself

I see something far away
Could this be the day to take you in these arms and wash all of the wasted days and years away?
Just to see the eyes of my beloved child
Now I'm running I'm the one that's running


Images of everyone of what you see just illusions of
What we were meant to become
Awakened fire of the Son inside [Hebrews 12:29]

Everything within me cries out [Psalm 61:2]
The phoenix is rising
My heart overflows [Psalm 84:2]
Everything within has burned out the fire is rising [Malachi 3:2-3]
New life has begun [2 Corinthians 5:17]

And I'll never forget just who You are [Psalm 119:93]
Cut Your name inside of my heart [Jeremiah 31:33]
Touching the flame right where You are [Isaiah 6:7]
Can you feel the phoenix rising?

Instances of what we've done
That walk to our destination [Romans 8:28]
Of what we know we'll become Awakened fire of the Son [1 John 3:2]


Disguised as a remedy
Take us higher than before
Enter the covenant
Not worth the paper that it's written on
When you speak we all wait 20 minutes before you ever even say a thing
And when your words finally make their way out on the stage
Only God knows what they even mean
You tell me not to speak, but you don't understand
That He's ashamed of me when I'm ashamed of Him [Mark 8:38]

What good is the next level if we gain the world, but then we lose our soul [Mark 8:36]

I'm not saying you're a liar
It's just that none of us believe a word you say
They say the tongue is like a fire [James 3:6]
Nothing but empty promises around your flame

I listen to what was said
Even though it's not the same as what you really meant
And when the light is shining on your lips
Can't take the blame when denial is your only friend
You tell me not to speak, but you don't understand
That He's ashamed of me when I'm ashamed of Him [Luke 9:26]
You don't believe anymore
The days turn to weeks then to months we haven't heard from you

I will forgive you [Luke 17:3-4]
But it will take some time to forget
I will forgive you [Matthew 18:21-22]
But it's gonna take some time


Sleeping with your eyes wide open but closed inside
Where light and darkness both are blinding [2 Corinthians 4:4]
The novella you write painted with the brush of night
That never has a happy ending

Decisions will make you or break you
Don't let them pull away [Proverbs 2:20-22]
Made a wish upon a falling star [Isaiah 14:12]
Ran so fast you don't know where you are
Wake up friend [Mark 13:36]
It's just one life [Hebrews 9:27]
It's not too late [Jeremiah 13:16 / Luke 13:24-25]
Your ride is far from over
Far from over

Medicate away every nightmare that you create
If it falls short then try another
Doesn't God see this? Wonder why He won't throw the switch?
He's asking you the same question [Colossians 3:5]


It seems so dark now
Can't find which way
Knowing there were more when you first started
There's nothing that's been stolen that I can not replace [1 Peter 5:10]
Fear is just a distant memory
When you find love surrounds you [1 John 4:18]

Before you open up your eyes
Know that I'll be there
I'm always right there
Before you walk across the fire [Isaiah 43:2]
Know that I'll be there
I'm always right there
Right there [Matthew 28:20]

I know you feel abandoned
Left on your own [Psalm 71:9-11]
(You) turned around and they all walked away [Psalm 55:12-14]
But sometimes faith's the brightest
When you're not looking down [Hebrews 12:2]
But when the fire fills your eyes and you see
Love is all around you [1 John 4:16]

You will never have to walk this road alone again [Leviticus 26:12]
Before you walk across the fire I'll be right there


It's been a long road to get inside your heart
I don't think that I would trade anything
Of all the places that I have ever gone
There is one that's fixated within me
Lock the window and take my freedom
It's an illusion that has stolen everything

If I'm on my way down
Catch when I'm falling
Don't let me fall far away
If I lose my way now Guide my steps and lead me
Into your arms where I am close to your face

At times my eyes have seen to many things
There are things that I can and can't ignore
Idle hands have been no use at all to me
So if you don't mind I will hold on, on to yours

Closer, closer


There are things that I'll never understand
The road I've walked that has made me who I am [Romans 8:28]
Reminiscing with the picture on the wall again
Reminding me just how far away I've been

I'm looking to lay my burdens down
They're something I can't carry anymore [Matthew 11:28]
I'm longing to lay my body down
Beside still waters and find rest for my soul [Psalm 23:2-3]

My knees are weak and my mind is tired [Hebrews 12:12-13]
I've followed every dream of every liar
If there's a place that you've prepared for me that I belong [John 14:2-3]
Then let these dry bones arise to live and breathe your song [Ezekiel 37:5]

What once was dead has now come alive [Ephesians 2:1-5]


Laughter, that's so part of her
Is something that we haven't heard
In such a long, long time
Replaced with crying, long sleepless nights
She needs Your power Lord [Psalm 145:11]
Pour it all over [Joel 2:28-29]
In her darkest hour Lord [Psalm 18:4-6]
Pour it all over

'Cause I know You love her more than I could love her [Ephesians 3:18-19]
You've already given more than I could offer [1 John 5:11]
So I put my hope in You, [Psalm 39:7]
'Cause I know You can save her [John 3:17]
Jesus, Savior [Matthew 1:21]

The problem hidden inside
Is screaming something's not right
And I would lay down my world
To reach out and fix what's broken in her

Deep within every stripe is the hope that I find within You [Isaiah 53:4-5 / 1 Peter 2:24]

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