Disavowed : Stagnated Existence

Brutal Death / Netherlands
(2007 - Neurotic Records / Brutal Mind)
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Why can't you see?
This truth is only yours
Subjective, your truth, a biased existence
Our mutual reality
Has been defined
By a certain set of core beliefs

Biased existence

The unwritten rules and values
Contain the conceptions
Of all in our society

This is your biased existence

Your existence is biased
The beliefs you grow up with:
A biased reference of experience

One need to expand
As many borders as possible
In order to evolve
To ones highest potential

This is your biased existence


Institutes of condemn
Tranquility of repetition
An act of betrayal
Indoctrination since birth

Controlled denial
Of inner development

Dominating structures
Influenced by doctrines
Society and its beliefs

Your own rules and values
Are overruled by mass beliefs

Indoctrination since birth
By institutes
Which claim to know the truth

An act of deliberate betrayal
Disloyality by virtue of subversive behavior

Indoctrination since birth
By institutes
Which seem so absolute

For circumstance
Of itself and its surroundings
Cannot be attributed
To dominating structures
Of ideologies embodied
In constitutions and organizations


Collateral causality
Multiple probable events

Multiple systems of reality
Existence beyond your imagination
Multiple realities combined
As one...

Every thought a universe in itself
Creating multiple streams of consciousness

Cause and event beyond physical boundaries
Infinite probabilities
Are all realities in itself
Our reality is just one physical one

Explore these unknown relations
Between cause and event

Every thought a universe in itself
Multiple internal possibilities


Why do you claim to know the truth?

Your knowledge is absolute?
Your own rules and values
Are overruled by the ones
Generated by the masses

This physical reality
Springs from imagination
Which follows the path
Of our core beliefs

Your experience in this reality
Is the product of your beliefs
The beliefs you receive
Are conceptions of all in our society

Restricted conceptions of beliefs

Creation evolves from necessity
It's always on the crossing border of
Existing and non-existing matter
Creation is based upon imagination

You create your own reality
According to the nature of your beliefs

Why do you claim to know it all?

Your experience in the outside world
Is influenced by your beliefs


The infinite multiplicity

Multiple realities
Our mutual existence
Infinite interacting possibilities
Subjective realities
Infinite layers of truth
The infinite multiplicity

Eons of infinite existence
An infinite universe

Multiple dimensions
Multiple entries
Of equal importance

An infinite consciousness
Multiple internal possibilities

An infinite multiplicity

Why thinking in extremes?
A twisted reality
A stagnated existence
A twisted reality
Fear is the only guidance
The principle of mankind


Mountains appeared
Oceans filled
Tidal waves thundered

An explosion of creativity
Desire, wish and expectation

A stream of consciousness
A place for birth
A reality was formed

A burning desire to be reborn
Exploring your path in this live
An exploration of creativity
The eternal validity

An unknown reality
No remembrance of existence
Learning your way in this live
Fulfilling your destiny

Our existence,
Our mutual path of collateral being
We have to condemn ourselves
To this mutual task


Man prefers to identify
With the body of action and ego

The physical senses
Force oneself to perceive
The exterior forms

The inside vitality within
Matter and form is rejected
Man prefers to identify
With the body of action and ego

The ability to perceive and react
Is a basic characteristic of oneself
The physical senses force one to translate
Experience into physical perception
The inner senses enhance
Ones range of perception

The basis for stagnation
Is the urge to objectivity
Intuition is rejected

Misconceived conceptions
Are caused by restricted perceptions
A limited point of view

Divided by condemn


Reason is the only guidance
Intuition is rejected
Corrupted state of experience
Stagnated by mental passivity
Remembrance of existence
Is non existent
A mental state of stagnation

Your subjective truth
Is influenced by your beliefs

Stagnated by mental passivity

Dark corridors of reason
A labyrinth of darkness
Fear is the only guidance
Reason is a cognitive state of mind

Your subjective truth
Is influenced by your beilefs

Stagnated existence
Corrupted experience
Your subjective reality
Is based upon your own beliefs

The present is the focus point
Of the unbiased reality


Illusion of darkness
Remains of all doctrines
A perfect construct
Religious deceit
The unfaithful condemned

Development is impossible
And creativity would cease to exist

This dogmatic deceit
Controls a state
Of constant stagnation
Illusion of darkness
Remains of doctrines

Eventually, a perfect god
Would end its creation,
Because perfection
Assumes a state of stagnation

Development is impossible
Creativity would cease to exist

Your faith has misguided you
You walk the land,
Receiving the will of deceit
Perceiving the misguided truth

This dogmatic deceit
Is your own reality!

Dogmatic conceit


Misconceptions in perception
Created by the conscious mind
Are based upon reason
Which abstracts reality
Reality is deformed
Perceptions incomplete
Dogmatic point of view
The truth has been concealed

I feel it within
Burning from inside

The veils of misconception

Misconceptions of the conscious mind
The veils of misconception

The unconscious mind
Reveals a whole different approach
To gathering information
Concerning our reality
More dimensions are opened
For revealing the truth
Layers of truth are unveiled
From the veils of misconception

I feel it within
Burning from inside

It is easy to forget the truth behind the veils!

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