Diathra : My Endless Sorrow

Gothic Doom / Belarus
(2008 - Stygian Crypt Productions)
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Autumn, your foliage falls in slow dance turning,
Infinite flying from the ancient trees,
And rolling in emerald green grass
Gradually dies.

And in fact, all seemed colorful recently
And among fading dying beauty
I saw all your endless despair,
All your bottomless sorrow.

You cover the tired ground
With foliage
And mysteriously embracing me
You kiss so passionately, and temping
And I would like to be with you only.


I've had enough, and I'm feeling a little beat.
I don't know what the future holds for me.
But I tell myself I don't give a damn
'Cause my life is in pieces and I forgot who I am.

I can't lose myself, kill my pride.
For the things I took for granted at my side
But they still expect me to pay the cost.
Can't keep blaming myself for the love that I've lost.

How many times will I have to go
Through this vicious circle, again and again ?
How many times before I know
This road will lead to the same bitter pain ?
The sweetness of lies and the sourness of the truth,
Cruel betrayals and love's burning shame,
And/ how many times, from beginning to end,
Will I have to play these silly games ?

Because I'm so frail,
They say I'm/ destined for hell
Why then am I so blind
Searching for heaven heaven divine ?
Did love's redemption redemption fail ?

What's the source source of my strife ?
What's the price for my life ?
The wrong, the right, a penny, or fortune ?
But for me, the lines are blurred
For pain is my portion.


The sunsets and light dies away
This is the time when the moon rules
It's the one time when the moonlight has found me
This is the night my soul gets its wings

I close my eyes, and fly up freely
I close my eyes, and there are no boundaries
I close my eyes, and I behold my dreams
I close my eyes, and joy overwhelms me

In my dreams you a frequent visitor
Your shape is shifting like a crafty flame
Your knowledge is beyond this world
Despite the danger I'm still drawn to your flame

I close my eyes, and you are there
I touch you and I experience a living fire
I was warned that you are a dangerous beast
But I know, that you are still a capable of love.


The maiden-autumn, kiss my lips
Like morning dew touches
amber foliage
Give me your love, your innocence.
So be my dream my fate, my sorrow

You've blessed by wind from
color silk
So don't afraid, be my forever
Call me with smell of plowed field
And don't stop temping me forever

I draw your image in the pools
I burn myself in flame of passion
I understand I need your cool
I always want to live in tension.


I feel my heart grieves over you.
It's knock becomes more often
in impulses of agony.
And it's images and recollections
Only about the lost love

I haven't found consolation
And the first spring without you
Is not so beautiful
so pleasant as before ;
It's flowers are not that were before

Sweet wine seemed bitter poison
And then, in general,
for what is it necessary,
When my grief is lying inside me
And there is no sense at all,

I feel my body beats convulsively
And kills me with a flame of suffering
My eyes are filled with burning tears.
I feel I die. Because
There is no you more.


It is mysterious so much,
This autumn, that pleased my eyes
With maple crown and smell of flowers
And raises me, again and again.

And foliage rustles and I am
Fanned by it's clear breath
It is refined charming fragrance
Reminds me the taste of wine

And strange scent of her perfume
And easy breeze of her fabrics
Attracts me giving tenderness
I feel her gloomy sight
Through her lowered eyelashes
And her transparent tears
Melt in palms, as white snow.


I am sorry ! I can not
Be with you any more
I am also alive. And the
Free is my dream !

Don't be crazy !
Do not stop me !
I decide it
I want to leave you !

I am sorry! I can not
Suffer now as I did
You are my cage,
You are my grave
But I want to be free !


Your own universe
I have my world and you live there
but your love's great for it
You want to have your own universe
Without tears evil, temptation
Where moon lie and pretend

I show your way but you'll go alone
And you should go the opposite side
And a mint rainbow will be your road
So you will come to this world with
the mint rains.

And it'll become your own universe
which you will fill with sincere love
And love become the main law of live
And you'll become the GOD !!!!
Don't lose your way !!!


In the mountains where I sought the secret of the world,
I saw the girl-autumn
She waited
And in the twilight, she took me to a vast desert
Where we stood before the light of the diamond theatre

I'll find you, and I'll learn all about you
Ordinary or princess you will be mine

Oh, girl-autumn, you have shown me the magic of day
You have told me that all roles
Are simple
You've taught me to live,
Brilliantly and daringly
You've taken the radiance and weaved it in my hair.


The dozing willow declined so beautifully
And she was naked with sad noise
Her tears-leaves were like hailstones
Her dying brunches was so gloomy

The gods see I could not leave her,
I tried to understand her grief
I looked for it in the bottomless depths
And transparent endless sky

I embraced her so gentle
And kissed her slim trunk
But she was like fancy bride
Which suffered about her fate.

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