Diabolical Masquerade : The Phantom Lodge

Avantgardiste Black / Sweden
(1997 - Adipocere Records)
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In Dreams and Visions I Saw the Beast Rise again
In Chasms and Voids of Doom the Circle of Pandemonium
I Stole the Sacred Nimbus of the Kingly Dead
Glittering Treasures will Haunt Me Forever Now

The Thirteen Words of Spell I Breathe
Witchcraft and Sorcery
I've Forseen all the Fallen Stars
Wizardry and Destiny
Sleeping in the Eyes of Earth
Sending Dwarfs Back to Birth
Sleeping Entities of Stone
Down the Dragoncaves I'll Roam

Demonized - Exorcized - Decapitated - Resurrected

[Voice:] "...The Kingly Dead will Haunt You Forever Now
Glittering Treasures are not to Steal...They are Sacred..."

In Past Ages of War and Conquer
Battling for My Immortal Desire
By the Stab from a Sword of Steel
I was Shaped to a Spirit of Zaal

Hail - The Ravenlord
Hail - The Only One


[Voice:] "...The Soulside Awakes...Closing Down the Flesh..."

Upwards a Shimmering Nightsky of far so Distant Starlight
Above the Obsolete Horizonlines Death Came to Reap
Towards the Cosmic Hillsides Beyond the Lunar Galaxy
Closing Down the Fleshworld Forever as the Soulside Awakes

Whirling Down a Maelstrom of Horror Infernal
Possessed by the Grim and Bleak Eyes of the Seventh Moon
Breathing the Rippeling Rythm of the Coldest Night
Through Shadows Hearses Must be Led Across

The Puzzling Constellation of a Deathrune
The Ancient Sign of Magic Divine and Flamboyance Burning
Old Dusty Thresholds and Rusty Gateways Unentered (and) Unseen
A Spiritpath in the Thirteenth Dimension Cursed for Evilcraft

Obstreperous Skyways of Nightfall Ornaments
Cloudrealm Corridors of Miles and Miles with Mist
Solarlight Trapped into the Blackest Corner of Universe
The Darkened Space Enthroned and Time is Moving Backwards...

Breathing the Rythm of the Coldest Night
An Ancient Sign of Magic Divine
A Darkened Dungeon for the Pale I Seek
A Spiritpath for the Thirteenth Soul
The Sky is Raised from a Nightfall Dream
By the Bodies with their Souls in Black
Burning Close in the Cryptic Night
Rip Young Hearts out in the Fields of Light

Horror Infernal - The Seventh Moon - The Coldest Night
Her World Described - The Deathruler's Sign
Flamboyance Burning - An Ancient Deathcry

[Voice:] "Old Dusty Thresholds and Rusty Gateways
Unentered (and) Unseen...
Obstreperous Skyways of Nightfall Colours
Oblivious to a Spiritpath Breathing of Doom..."


Under Banners of Baalzathorn We Ride Towards the Dawn
Hold your Steel Close to Hand and Say Farewell to your Motherland
Into the Horizonlines Spears so Sharp in Daylight Shines
Attack the Realms Unknown Hordes of Brave Men fully Grown
With Winds from our Northstar Striking Shores oh so Far
Across the Sea and Land in Armour Proud We Stand

As Northern Gods We're Born
Beautiful Woman They Us Mourn
Baptised in Fire and Ice
Sworn to Face the Strangers Lies
Sailing the Ocean Black and Blue
We'll Show the World what is True
When the Night Comes Down
Another Land...Another Crown...

Striking Upon the Hillsides
Battlefields Burning in Glory
Chanting Spells of Graverites
Battlefields Burning in Glory

Warlord Kings of Hell and Dark Desire
Godsend Son Drowning in Smoke and Fire


[First verses are real chantings - not to be published]

Shadows - Trapped in a Coffin of Death
Demons - Flying with Wings of the Night
Ravens - Lifting their Claws to the Sky

This is the Winter of an Eternal Season of Doom
I still Rule the Skylines beyond the Lunar Forestral Room
Scrolls of Ancient Wisdom Carved under Fields of Bloom
Empire of the Deathstarved Raging the Battle so Far

Sunless Days of Years
Sunburnt Eyes of all Fears


A Lonesome Wind Entered the Pits of my Dreams
Swept my Thirst into Shades of Gleams
It Spread a Rain of Ethereal Tunes
Coloured my Pictures so Freezing Cold

By the Shelter of the Night the Pale Silver Eye Returned
In the Distance of the Nordic Light the Inverted Horizon Burned

A Woven Bridge between the Sunken Lands was Forged
Twisted my Longing into Caskets of Time
It Opened the Eternity of a Cosmical Maze
Coloured my Pictures so Dusty and Old

Beside the Vast Snowy Woodland
Beside the Enormous Hillsides of Frost
Below the Magnificent Starsky Black
I am Cloaked by the Moonshine Mist

In Nocturnal Midwinter Hours
In Bloodred Darkness Gone

The Call - I Heard
The Vision - I Saw
The Scent - I Knew
The Oath - I Swore




Death Takes 'em all...

I am the Hater!
The Sin of God, the Whore of Life
I am the Will who Kill for the Bloody Sake of Death

I am the Hater!
The Fear, the Lies, the Painful Cries
I am the Blade which Slits a Throat to End another Breath

I Bring terrible Demise
Spill Misery over their Lives
I Make sure Evil will Rise
To End more Meaningful Lives

I am the Hater
The Tormentor

An Eye for an Eye
Everyone fucking Die


The Statues Echoes through the Halls of Baalzathorn long Forlorn
Unholy Trolls with Magic Scrolls in Spheres of Infernal Fire

Glittering Waters of Demonic Daughters
An Empire of Gold so Old
Web of Moonshine
Long lost Timeryhme
In Lore of Medieval Legends

Demonic Crossroads to Ancient Dungeons
Burning as I'm Lurking Deep Within
A Gateway through this Sacred Mist
to the Blazing Demondome of Murmurs and Secrecy

[Voice:] "...Glittering Waters of Demonic Daughters
Web of Moonshine...Long lost Timeryhme..."

Into the Eyes of Death

Through Moonshine Portals Leatherwinged Serpents Fly
Grotesque Shapes of the Undead Flew in Straight from the Tomb

Far Away from the Light
Creatures of the Night
Ghouls of the Gravesite
Corpse of the Deathrite

[Voices:] "...Thii Secriis Sacriis ov Dueish...
Through the Silent Dominions of Blackheim..."

Seven Lonely Spirits of Zaal
You Must Feel the Soulflight Redeem
Long Gone Spheres of Dismal Gleam
Winds of the Age - Fortunate Tribes
Murmuring Grace on the Lies
No One ever Dreams - Fall with Grace
Cremation, Decoys and the Wind
The Rivers Face - Straight Sidefall


Caught in a Woodsleep
Miles Down the Crypts Beneath
Desert Sands lay Deep
Sworn to an Obscure Belief

Shapes with Serpent Faces
Watchers in Deathwish Cry
Warpzones in Mazes
Venomous Tounges in Sigh

Upon the Salty Wall of the Broody Gargoyle

Broody - Come Forward from the Salt in your Wall
Broody - A Weak Human Soul is your Call

Nightshade Serenade
Diabolical Masquerade

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