Diabolical Masquerade : Ravendusk in My Heart

Avantgardiste Black / Sweden
(1996 - Adipocere Records)
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Somewhere Beyond the Frozen Moors in the Highest North
Where only the Falling Snow from the Sky managed to Enter
A Kingdom Forever Deserted since it's Birth
Forgotten in the Extremest of Storms and Cold
A Landscape in Ancient Sleep of Deathlike Silence
Yet Breathing in the Growing Wastelands of Frost

[Voice:] "...At the End of this Bitter Winter Eternity
Laid the Ultimate Overshadowed Ice Forest on Earth...
Once the Northern Lightning Struck the Skies
It became a Shape in the Entangeling Ice...
Winds of Great Haze Whispered upon the Blizzard Storms...
an Arctic Domain under a Grinning Silver Moon..."

In the Center of the Frozen Burial Ground
The Most Monumental Grey Creation was Placed
To Conquer Time by Possessing Immortality
The Sworn Oath was Coming True

Unseen Spirits of the Ancient Universe
Sent a Vision through half a Mortal Dream
The Sentinel of the World to all Black Elves
Was Predictive and Granted by the Wisdom
He had to Transcend his Cryptic Wishes

All Life and Time stood Still for that Moment
Even the Winds Rode Colder and Stronger
The Gate Closed with a dustfilled Breath of Vaacum
And so it's heard..This became the Castle of Blackheim

(And even Today the Propechy Tells)
When all Spirits are as many as Stars
Something not Known in Words will come to Happen...


Once upon a Time in a Medieval Legendary World
In late December Cold of the Thousand Winter Season
Blackheim took Farewell of his Crypts in the Forestrealms
and Rode into the Horizonland Unreachable for Mortals

The Mighty Skies turned into a Colour of Blackest Midnight
Still the Winds knew where to Travel on a Forthblown Path
He Passed the Chasm so Below and the Home of Aurora Borealis
He would soon be Facing the Lurkers of Time - Life - Death

Blackheim's Quest to Bring back the Stolen Autumn

He exchanged his Sentinel Soul for a Serpent Sleeping in his Heart
and so September Appeared on Wings and was Brought back to his Land...
He exchanged his Sentinel Blood for Dragon's Breath Raging in his Lungs
and so October Appeared on Wings and was Brought back to his Land...
He exchanged his Sentinel Wisdom for Ashes Buried in his Eyes
and so November Appeared on Wings and was Brought back to his Land...
Blackheim finally Asked for December since the Sentinels of Life and Death
did not Know it was the month of Winter...

The Lurker of Time Cried out Blackheims Fooling Strategem
But the Sentinel was at one with Lightning
and Threw the Serpent into the Mouth of Time
Blew the Dragon's Breath with the Strength of a Demon
into the Eyes of Life the Lurker
Spread the Ashes in the Shadows of Death
and the Curse Dissolved with their Departure

Deathlike was the Century in this Horizonland oh so far Away
Cold and Blackened with no Sounds of Rejoice

Now He Held the Triumph High in Heart
Stormed over Fields with Might in Hand




Threehundred and Six Years after his Death
Strangers From the Distant West Explored the Crypts
Buried for Years under Silent Stone
They Beheld a Netherworld never Seen in a Mortals Eye
A Place meant to be Unentered for Eternity

Here where the Days were Nights and the Nights were Magic Nights
Great Grandious Legends had their throne in these Shadowhalls
Once there were Spirits Lurking like Serpent Tounges
Mist and Dust were now the Kings in this Deathsleep Cavern

The Strangers Hungry Eyes Caught the Portal to the Shrine
Unlocked the Hidden Wrath of Dimensional Deathworlds
The Crypts Descended deeply Down to Ashes under Ground
But the Sphere Raged over Landscapes towards a Castle unknown...


Thunder and Fire Raping the Sky
Lustfilled Desire The Weak Ones must Die

Warriors of Death shall Rise Tonight
Coming to Kill the Morninglight
Nowhere to Hide your Time has Come
A Vengeance for Them and a Feast to Some

The Eve of Destruction - Hellfire Flames
Raping the women the Sacrifice has to be Done
Metal to Metal - A Yearning for Blood
The Gallow is Ready the Traitor is Going to Die

Fight till Death with Hate
We End your Life and You will Die in Pain
No more Life in Sight
The Victory is Won by the Legions of the Night


In Dewy Fields of an Autumnal yet Springful Age
A Forest was Seen yet Impossible to Gaze Through
Within only a few Trees all Sound Devoured
Even the Open Skies Outside would Lose it's Light
Once the Darkness Could Escape it's Soulflight
Winter Crawled Away from Earth to Keep the Forest One Seasoned

The Wolves got Gathered by their Hunger
They Starved since the Day of the Riddle
Into the Trees of the growing Silence
Watch those beams come and go again

The Snow had Always been Falling to Shadows
He'd been ready to see monuments of a few Gallows

One Dominion through all of the Twenty
The Pale Moonshine - The only Light
Winternight - Seasonlight
The Black Elf - The Only Creature
In a Dominion for no Mortals to Reign

[Voice:] "...The Sentinel demanded Solitude, so it had to be Winter Forever..."

Blackheim - The Father of all the Black Elves


In Hundred Days they Sailed
Towards Grandious Battles far Away
With Swords of Coldest Black Steel
Bitter at Heart and with Eager to Kill

Awaiting Blackheim's Last Command
To Strike at Distant Enemyland
They Set their Course by the Northern Stars
A Voyage on the Desolate Darkblue Seas

A Land Appeared ­n the Horizon Far
They Reached the Shores Colder than their Own
A Whiteout Wasteland unknown to Time
And Nature Arts of Mother Earth

Raise Your Sword by the Sentinel's Battlehorde
Raise Your Sword for Blackheim the Ravenlord

All the Way from the Highest North
They Came to Conquer the Southern Seas
To Spill the Blood of their Enemies
To Set their Lands in Ruins

The Ravenlord


Soaked in Darkest Lights
Deep in his Soul - His Shallow Grave
In the Deepest of His Inner
A World of Immortal Arts

As the Cold Midnight Winds captured his Sullen Spirit
He still Lay there in his Dominion of Dreams

His Wings was Covered by Snow
Deep in his Soul - The Wind Blew
By the riddle and Wisdom
A Hunt for Nocturnal Grace

Souls were Heading towards Death
Death was Heading towards Life
Life was in the Coffin of the Crypts
The Crypts of Blackheim - The Only One

The Mercy is for the Wisdom and the Slayer is our Reward
No Time to Dread by as we shall be Unborn

With Thirst for the Blood of the Sacred One
Three Years of Yearning for Purest Cold Flesh
Amongst the Wolves He's the Kingly Beast
A Hunt in the Forest of Elder's Dark Myths

[Voice:] "...A Dominion for Blackheim...No Mortals to Enter...No Enter.."

The Lightning in the Skies
The Sign of his Elder Past


[Voice:] "...In a December Night Cold and Calm
At the Cliff of a Mountain Clad in Snow
I Gazed into the Skies then Closed by Eyes
For I Beheld the Ravendusk in my Heart..."

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