Diablo (FIN) : Icaros

Melodic Death / Finland
(2008 - Sakara Records)
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Time's up, you cannot change a thing,
Cannot regret, cannot explain
When all the mistakes
Have been cast
You try to take your freedom
With eight shotgun blasts

Right now you don't know what to say
Cannot find no-one else to blame
This time you have gone too far
This time you can kiss your ass goodbye

Soon you will see that justice takes it's toll
No, the punishment will knock you out of the door
There's no excuse. There's nothing in your sight
No-one to help you out, to help you find your peace of mind

Old man you're wasting your breath
Trail of kings is far ahead
There is no grace in your defeat
Your suffering will be legendary even in Hell

Trail of Kings


The sign of target is painted red,
The trial shall begin
A new form of supremacy
One more declaration of war

The pulse of death is now released,
Unstable killing machine
Tearing down the state of illusion
Slaughter of believes

...Lack of Faith...
...Circle of insanity...

Oh, Lord, I don't know how to
Forgive to this messenger of agony

...Cult of submission...
...Pathological addiction...
...Revolutionary transformation...

Behold the disciple,
Of tyranny and fame

Cross my heart and hope to die
Clock is ticking your 15 minutes of prime time
You will become a part of the show

"Living Dead Superstar"
The last episode of your story cannot be rewound


He was born in a place
Where the shadows
Grow upon the grain

Not far from here

It was the time when dreams
Were taken away
Oh, it flings him down to despair

And he can't cry for what it might have been like
He can't 'cos he has no more tears
Now he is standing in silence,
Holding his breath
Before they know it the blood runs red

"For the pain"
"For the shame"
Three and four
"Just in case"
No need for words
Eight will be a secret

Bad Sign

He can't take back all the things he has done
Redemption will remain

He has frozen his fate
And now it's far too late
To find the reason to go on


So here I am, conjuring the ghost of Cain
I was born into this world,
One foot in the grave
But you can still see the grin on my face

Soon I will come and go,
Out of order, raving through the show
Trembling hands, smell of death
I disregard bone and flesh

No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try
You still cannot face what I have become
It's never me, it's never you
There's nothing else, there's nothing new
But I've just got one more thing to say :

"Yes, I am my brother's keeper"

Hey, now I have reached the point
Where there's nothing left to say

I am crusading on this serpent of disgrace

Life, just one more,
Just one more connection to let go
Well, let's propose a to for the loss !

Destiny waits for no one
And now my time is near
I will resign, resign from life

Now I have given all the excuses I could give
Still you try to read between the lines,
Keep acting like you knew it all


I do remember the torrid wind in our lonely cell
Sometimes it feels like yesterday,
Sometimes more than a million years
Oh, I close my eyes but I know that
It won't make those memories go away

I try not to remember the things
... I cannot forget

My grave is deeper than guilt
I was the master of labyrinth
As only the Gods once knew
Then I had the world
But now i've got no one

Mmmm... We followed the wind to new horizons
We spread our wings when the darkness
Was fading into the light

We had no choice but
To come home to the unknown
If I had a way of knowing that
You were heading for a fall

Born to die, Icaros, my only son
Led by my desire for the open sky
Born to die, Icaros, my only son
I have erased my precious art
With the stroke of the sun
Now your name is written in stars


I came from nothing
Into existence, to live
From your shame

And right by your side
Is where I'll stand
Your journey begins
And ends with me

I am the way the truth
And the life and my
Salvation is for sale

So if you're looking for a shelter
Just stick around
I'll seal your fate

In this land of temptation...
Well, I know how sorrow creeps
So pray with me,
Children of the night
I'm alway on your side
Until the end of time

Follow me into the
Light of the end
Oh, I say... Follow me
A heart that bleeds will never die
Amen !


A heart is broken, another prayer in vain
It was the moment, oh, when all began
Angel of sleepless nights
I barely know your name
But I can see you even
If you're a million miles away

Navigation for desire
For the flesh and for nothing else
In the still of the night
The poison calls her name
And she feeds her soul
With the needle of deceit
Before million eyes
In the great dark hall of fame

A disciple of the new God
Who has no name
Designer of unknown
Adoring servant for everything
Between zero and one

A dream of insanity

I have never even heard your voice
But I miss you so

I thought I knew it all

But the more things change the more
They will stay the same


Screaming I'm falling deeper into depression
Four walls around me. Oh, what have I done ?

Even asleep I cannot know if I'm awake
This is what it feels like to lose control

Deny me. Another nail to pierce my skin with blame
I feel shame for the sin I know I can't make up

No more reasons to live and breathe
This what it takes to reach the end

I know my life is getting harder day by day
Now I don't know what to do or what to say

I have been counting down my days but I see no release
I cannot save me from myself as you will see

Through difficulties to defeat
...That's the way the wind blows down here

Through difficulties to defeat
...Tears are just a waste of good suffering


I don't remember last night
Did I past out or did I get into a fight
Well, now it's just you and me
And I would love to take you for a ride
It's like a shot right between the eyes

I'm so sick and tired of your face
They remind that everything
Has gone insane
That is exactly how I feel
So come on, let me entertain you
Until your voice is dead

Say your prayers little one
The end has now begun
And I waste no time at all
'Cos here we stand or fall

It's time for the hammer to fall

Forward march to the point of no return
Can you feel the sound of war ?

I've got nothing to lose
So you can just sit back and watch yourself
Becoming number two
I will treat you like a dog
Don't you know bad things come quick
So this shouldn't take too long


You see the tears of God
Falling down into the sea
Horizon is calm as ice
But that's not how it seems

Storm is rising from the north
Where the waves are made of sorrow
We're sailing into a place,
Where I can rest in peace

Because of you, I guess we're through
This is the way it has to be
The last page in our story
Has been full of lies and deceit

You were someone to believe in
A place for hope in a changing world

Dear sister of goddamned lie,
A monster at heart, shepherd of the night
Still standing proud like a queen,
I see, but your empire has come
To the end as least for me

God look at me now 'cos I,
'Cos I will soon belong to the sea

Forgive me now. Only in silence of water
I can find serenity

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