Devourment (USA) : Molesting the Decapitated


Festering Vomitous Mass
Calling for me
the urge to force a large knife through your skin and insert it again and again
just to see your blood smeared on your face
and then splattered on me

haunted, haunted
I begin to see
Why I need to kill
my lust for your pain
is my reason to be

slicing your veins,
feeling your blood spray
all over my face
scream for me

I have to kill you to fulfil my needs
Reduce your form to a vomitous mass

Carnage and entrails all over
I force your corpse to bend over
now my urge has tripled
I have to feel you on me
dead fuck me!

I had to kill you to fulfil my needs
Now I must fuck you to enhance the deed
Blood smeared on my hard cock
then smeared on your ass
reduce your form to a vomitous mass

I cum on your face
spew my tainted seed
Rub it on your fuckin' tits
you whore you died for me
I think I like how you please me
Now that your a gory fuckin' mess
i'll keep your carcass ready for a fuck
anytime I feel you next to me

Postmortal Coprophagia
Claiming my next victim for a filthy feast
Nauseating hunger for human feces
These lesion ridden cunts mean nothing to me
But their bowels possess the key to my nourishment Unhealthy hunger escalating from the stench fortified fudge packed full of nutrients
Sexually abusing nursing home patients as they shit themselves I gorge on the caustic mess
Violently consuming shit

Pulverizing my fist in your fuckin' face
Postmortally I feast on the wastes of the fuckin' elderly Crusty fuckin' filthy beings, consuming their contaminants undying love for the blackened fluids of stiffs boiling blood and brains of my victims bleed.
Necrocopromaniac, pestilential being
The sight of feces rockets me into a fuckin' frenzy
Haemorrhoidal veins rupture slick secretions
upon my tongue, sanguinary analingus
sucking on their cunts till they burst
How I love it when they bleed on me
Fist fucking diseased anal cavities
plunging blades into their skin till they've died
skin desclamates and slips right the fuck off of your bones feeling no regard for the lives of these handicapped fucks these hundred year old pigs produce my reward, their bodily wastes
Killing is what keeps me sane
so I think ill just rip your fucking head clean off
I kill motherfuckers everyday
let these hordes of dead fucks unite
To mutilate the human species, I take pride in killing nothing will ever stop me from fucking murdering upheaving these human stockpiles of brown sediment extremely aroused by the sight of fucking pain masturbating feverishly to the rhythm of their prayers cumming on their infected bed sores
rectally bleeding I sodomize the elderly
spewing rapidly a bed pan bon-appetite
despoiling, despoilment
raping these elderly pieces of shit
while slobbering sewage how sweet it is
toothless and sick swallowing cum
my blistering pecker seeps

plunging my vile uncircumcised dick enter the Alzheimer's wound now my dicks wrapped with disease what the fuck??? my cock now bleeds haemorrhaging, blood drips on my feet sticking to your encrusted sheets wallowing in pools of steaming shit inhaling the stench of filthiness bleed for me terrorizing me the elderly have turned against me slowly they creep to me like filthy zombies old bitches sliding sewing needles in my dick scraping at my bowels smearing shit on their dirty clits chewing on my filthy meat within
lacerating every inch of my flesh
bleeding slow, my body bloats
pulverizing their fists in my fuckin' face.

Choking on Bile

Creeping through the dark streets
enter the morgue with a hunger for meat
fuck the newly deceased I need the ones that been dead for ten weeks

Tearing and gashing a limbless torso
Voraciously stuffing my face with grey flesh
The next victim of aids this feast will be held indiscriminately
Moving from corpse to corpse puncturing
Violently, biting, chomping, gnawing on filthy meat
gore soaked, drooling pus, satisfied but not content. To my delight I find and infant corpse without a head.

I begin to feel bile collect in my throat
this liquid filled infant is sure to please me.
I thrust my red knife in its half decayed chest
I'll begin with the heart then devour the rest.

Coughing up rancid pieces of meat
pus drip my hose I start to feel weak
I proceed to vomit this gut-wrenching feast
My insides along with the festering meat
A chunk of intestine lodged in my throat
I slice my own neck as I start to choke my stomach and vessels seep from my neck
blood pours from my face as I approach death

Blood churning out of my face
and spilling on the floor.
The pain intense yet, I still hunger for more
As I fall dying I grab handfuls of tainted meat
I must gorge engorge these putrid steaming
mounds of flesh

Choking, on the flesh, of the dead, Insanity is my disease!
Choking, on the flesh, of the dead, Insanity is my disease!
Choking, on the flesh, of the dead, Insanity is my disease!
Choking, on the flesh, of the dead, Insanity is my disease!
Choking, on the flesh, of the dead, Insanity is my disease!

I lie dead amongst carnage
but this feast isn't complete
the vermin and maggots
will consume what's left of me
rats gnawing, bugs crawling
my dirty flesh is the feast
these insects and rats will reduce me to bones.

Molesting the Decapitated

My mind is as rotten as the bodies of the fuckin' whores I've killed. I raid a fresh grave to satisfy my thrills. What the fuck is this? A filthy fuckin' ugly bitch, I must rip the head clean off this scabby dead trick

Now I rip the thread from her lips, bugs exit from her pale face I jam my prick in her mouth and then I spin her head around, unburied, I gaze at her body mutilated but not by my hands stab wounds from a prior predator but the job is not yet done
Now I will get the sloppy seconds of this rancid slut

I fuck the fuckin' shit out of her filthy neck
fluids from her stiff vagina seep
parasites proceed to enter my pulsing pecker
gnawing their way through me
hundreds of maggots nesting in my nutsack
horrible hybrid from the unseen
how will I rid myself of these filthy scum guppies
fuck this crude larvae

Pissing blood and pieces of meat
A small price to pay for my crimes
Tickling from my dick into my own hand
I tilt my head back, feel it oozing down my throat

she agrees to fuck me before I take her life
so I proceed to penetrate her twat till it bleeds
her screams of pain turn into moans of pleasure
so I punch her in the mouth but she begs me for more

As I pound at her blood soaked slit
she begs me to deliver my seed
From my red cock the scavengers seep
in the womb grows my young offspring

Tortured and defiled as I impregnate
Embodied in my victim hate bred spawn
nine months newborn, enraged angered
inhuman infant of my incarnation

Countless corpses litter the streets
there's not stopping my sick offspring
surviving chiefly on humans, herds of dead cadavers rotting stripping the hides from the living, hideous beyond conception
widespread murder rape breeds sickness
man is the endangered species

Self Disembowelment

Scream inducing pain torments me
from beneath my skin
Torturous jolts like needles
piercing my intestines
I must release these vile insects
from inside of me
With mighty force I plunge it in to
eradicate the source of pain

Now the pain has tripled
yet I begin to feel bliss
Perhaps these insects were
a trick played in my mind
The more pain, the more pleasure
I start to become aroused
blood drains from my veins
I reach in and pull my guts out

My cock is fully aroused
I wrap my intestines around it
slowly I begin to jerk
pleasure unlike I've ever felt
My hand and my pulse move faster
With my free hand I scrape out my insides
I know this will cause my demise
But ill die with cum on my hands

With fiendish delight
I spew a load unlike I've ever seen
But I still breathe and feel and uncanny energy
Proceeding to consume these cum stained guts
now makes sense to me.
With lustful force I stuff the steaming mess inside my face
The taste of my cum stained guts is as heavenly as when I came

Now I'm full and just came,
there's only one thing to do
I thrust out the knife and slice the shit out of myself
Slash my neck, carve out my chest
then force it into my ass
And to complete this carnage
I slice off my gore soaked dick

Fucked to Death

I'm sick of looking at these filthy ass fucking slobs
I need some slit to satisfy my dirty cock and if these pigs don't give it up
ill have to get my knife
Or stick a glock to their temple and say "give yourself to me" These urges
are controlling me
I need a cunt around my dick
I need fresh blood
The voices tell me to kill

I creep in search of victims for my lustful needs
I find one and stab her repeatedly
Then drag the blood soaked victim deep into the woods I strip her, no' one
hears her screams
I beat her, I smash my fist in her face
Please kill me she says while breathing her last breath
I clutch my blade with all my might, stab her in the fucking guts

Now the fuckin' fun will begin
I slide my hard cock right in
What a feeling it is
to feel her still warm dead skin
Her limp body still bleeds profusely
with my knife I slice her pretty face,
I cant stop laughing.

My blood drenched cock is pounding so hard
It tears up the skin on my dick
Now my blood is mixed in with this fuckin' filthy diseased dead bitch
I breathe heavy, mouth is open
By mistake I swallow blood, I have an idea
The blood gave me a jolt of new pleasure (in this blood)
I then take a chunk from her face and tear skin exposing bone (her skin
Chunks dripping from my chin
I will eat her cunt next

Spread open your legs [x2]
I slide in my wet blade
My dick is so hard my skin is ripping
Her blood sprays in the air like a fountain
Never in my life have I felt such pleasure
My heart is pounding
Killing is what I'm made for

Now I am full, another idea
I must take shit on this fuckin' bitch
I let one fly onto her face
I then lean down and kiss this bitch
The smell is insane, shit flows in my veins
It matters not, my cock is now hard again
I jerk off with shit on my hands
Lust still fills me, in time ill do this again
Again I must kill again [x4]

Devour the Damned

Devour the disease filled scurge
that lurk beneath society
lepers that spread filth will bleed all over me
the meat of the healthy no longer does it for me
Crusty brown tainted meat seems to appeal to me
My blade will easily slide through the soft flesh
And the screams that ensue will surely delight me
fuck these decrepit ass walking filth factories
preparations will be made and the hunt will begin

A leper is found I slash at its scab filled throat
My hunger profound, its blood is brown not red
it struggles to breathe
air bubbles emit from its neck
I gnaw at its face, the stench makes me wretch

With anxious glee I puncture its torso
tearing from its neck to its asshole
inhumanly liquefied insides they've been rotting
inside for such a long time
its fucking filthy heart is still pounding
I plunge my blade right in to rid this freakshow
I grab a handful of the seeping brown insides
and gorge the whole fuckin slop in no time

I peel off large pieces of its crispy flesh place it in my mouth it makes me gag but I must feast
as I bite down I feel the crusty scabs pop

I proceed to slice off my fingers then my feet
the pain is oh so lovely

Half dead I lie with a smile
from ear to bloody ear
the stench of death and decay still linger strong in the air my heart weakens and my vision fades to black but I still hear the sounds of blood drip from my own wounds

(repeat 1st verse)

Shroud of Encryption

Scum fucking bitch, cum guzzling whore
eating the dick like a revolving door
you suck on my cock but don't swallow shit
your nothing but a worthless ass bitch

So you've been raped, beaten and stabbed
Body contorts, rip you in half
I defecate on your blood splattered mass
Defiling the corpse, suffer in death

Evisceration - rape the bloody whore
Ripped up body – now I crave for more
Endless suffering - I will rape you in the ass

Skin forsaken, bruised and naked
My hands are shaking, I will kill again

Stalking the dark shroud of night
to claim a victim for my crypt
severed heads decorate the lair
which I'm on with sin
Grinding chunks of flesh into
a red and meaty paste
Feasting on these bitches pieces
soothes my minds decay

Come unto me objects of mindlessness,
torture's too good for you
Come unto me objects of mindlessness,
torture's too good for you
Come unto me objects of mindlessness,
torture's too good for you

Read into my ghastly deeds
and encounter sickness
slaughter of disease filled whores
Filth this world don't need.

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