Devilyn : XI

Death Metal / Poland
(2005 - Conquer Records)
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In my house
The halls are empty
And only serpents billow there

Some of them
Are the pinnated serpents
They want me to know when they're dying

Some others try
To devour their own tails
Thinking they can wrap the world

I tread their faces
The human faces
And i cannot hear the bones crack

Do i need the enemy
Who doesn't know how to attack
Nor cannot tranlate love to hate

Every night i nestle close
Against the wet walls
My eyes get used to dark

Ravelling bodies
Waving unceasingly
And i'm still searching for the only one

The one whose face
Is the most beautiful
Only him has risen on the feed of my heart

And it's seem
Who had been seen by my side
While i was painting tails on the sky

But my children were given
The venom by him

I'll keep walking along
The halls in my house
Until everything of this ends
Not afraid of that
The snakes might run short
I just don't want to now if i was already
Trodden that one...


Throw the whore and fuck her
On the coalted altar
Fuck till she hisses
Let her spit the venom out
And you check how much
Truth is in her

Let the light
Distorted with a stained-class
Emphasize her geometry
And check if there's point
To draw another formula
Maybe ask her for a number.


From nothing, it could not right
After all, somewhere
Preying on rumour, feed it proud
Fear is born, the list.

Growing fears, the tanks
One hundred and fourty four strong
Have been equipped with horns
The mozart's requiem, will be performed

What are you waiting for?
Copulate, procreate the herds
Of half-hump-backed idiots
Statistically, someone may survive

What is the owner, of the list
Am i registred to
No talks, up and down the streets
No table-talks indoor
The list of enemies

Nothing to feed
The converstation with
But fear still feeds the hate
All rivers flowing red
Unleashed hell
Afte all the rain will remain...


Eight famous head
Hung on my belt
I start my march again
(Better degrade you flowers now)
Seven glamourous eyes
Shining in my faces
I am the winter of your world
Six forbidden tomes
I have studied for years
Three times they burnt in my heart
Five arms i've prepared
To paint the destruction
With flesh and blood on the wood
Four of fools i met
I told them perfect lies
I'm your most suitable truth
Three i'll raise to square
Signing it three times
And then you'll beg inverted
Two prisoners i'll release
Condemned at one
The only
Flower which will survive
Preying on miriad of bodies.


Very middle of desert snowy ground
Human children alone
With the purity of snow and fright
Modelling the snowmen

In giving them their names
One opposing another
The sisn appeared in the skies
And started the red rain

God Eater
Your good lords made me unfaithful
I shall devour ludicrous idols of yours
And make you equal before the truth of death

No more scraps of meat at wood
No lepper rivers rites
No taking the sun and the moon down
No black goats, no white lambs
Just one hungry wolf

God Eater
No more them all
Eat my fill now.


I build the cubes
I keep the city safe
My brain's my friend
Known since moment of autopsy

Charming maidens without skin
Forthcoming in extended line
Generations tried to find
Way to decode this order

I should die
I should die eleven times
But i can't
Hellish clocks counting the end
But not mine
I'm still alive

I take a look at the watch
Just eleven past eleven
Nations fell, lands deformed
Still eleven past eleven

Charming maidens without skin
Trying to burn me in napalm
Hidden in A-bomb craters
I'll rape them one by one.


The seven virtues divine - Making human close to god

Follow these virtues - The divine seven

The primal one
Tis the fuel
Hate is what makes the human different
From the other beings
Ever grown in or trodden the earth

Hate's ally
This is what makes you strong
It gives the power to perform the evil

What would the man become without war?
It devour many to give the power of many

The might and reign
Its intrication exists
Does exist
In order to satiate ones with others collapse

Til you become strong
Enough you have to obey
The institutions of faith and power

The sweetness of persistance
The memory of our race
The reason to stay alive

No rapture for us
No rapture of possessing
Let's live by allthat belongs to others

And so it short i depict
The race we have replaced
My dear rats.


Ugliness consists of the scraps of beauty
Evil from the pieces of good
Life's just only thousands of deaths
Happiness doesn't consist of anything

Through veins of the world hate does flow
The maggots prey inside
I take them in my hand one by one
In search for beauty

Six cases i have with god
Six ordeals to go through
Six eyes to see the beauty

I walk down the fallen cultures
Grinning with my open wounds
Hanged on trees bodies i pull
On putrit lips the kiss i leave

I thrusts myriads of birds away
On highways empty and dead
They fell first as it has be written
I look for beauty in them

Six cases i have the devil
Six times i withstood the test
Six taste i lit up

No more aves in the azure sky
No more fish in waving waters
No creatures left to furrow the ground
No predators in steepes
No more apes in tree tops
And there's no proud crown of creation
Only me, dead man walking
Stamping the seventh seal
Is what left to do.

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