Devian : Ninewinged Serpent

Death Thrash / Suède
(2007 - Century Media)
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Les paroles

1.Serenades for the fallen


2.Dressed in Blood

You thought you were all to me
For a promise
In great eternity
Cursed by all things we should dread
Leave me cold, the eternal night I wed
Endless grim scorn defeat
Deceived rejoicing at your feet
Pain burns as rivers of fear
Through this world, only ghosts live here
The wrath inside
The only way
Devious lust
To disobey
Dressed in blood
Henchmen of a lie
Dressed in blood to shreds they gly
Dressed in blood
Wolf of the black sun you beg to own
Save your prayers I stand alone
Loose the weight and rid the guilt
All are proud accessories of Babylonian blasphemies
Make the law of what thou wilt
I can't deny the king inside
All dressed in blood
You thought you were all to me
Your house beyond repair with its loathsome fear and somber halls of bloodstained misery
You crave the virgin's blood
There's no one here to save us now so why repent and not become a self-made fucking God?


Eerie sounds, binding curse, indiscrete perverse
Hunger ablaze, devious ways of thrilling thrust
The soul combusts
The hizzing of cloven tongues, screams yet unsung
The blaze in the flesh, the serpent will thresh
Burn out the lungs
Fire as cold as the burning of ice, pierce for demise
Venom entice, pierce for demise, as ice
Rise for carnal spree
And heresy
Angel sodomy
And heresy
And bind the darkness tight, shameful delight
That's dirty and stained, arraigned and flawed
Brings us closer to god
Bloodchilling, uneaging the beast, poison apple feast
The plunge and the thrust, the animal lust
Daughter of the priest
The pain and the flesh is all of our own
Snake unatone
Salvation's headstone, snake unatone, our own
And get closer to god
I am poison of induction
I am an angel of destruction
I am lightning of desire
Where fates will perish in the fire
A wretched smile when sunlight falls
Twisted moans ring the hall
The dead face, ominous disgrace
The pain is the truth, the truth in us all and our fall


Wretched hollow black eyes watching the lies
Season of unsane
Hear them promise you all while poison salutes your fall
Die in pain
Coming down
Our cult sets chaos free
Bring it down
Man and beast to equality
Marching of ants, soon free in the remnants
Civilization falls
Death without disgrace bloodthirsty set ablaze a bonfire
Ten miles tall
Scarred in blood they'll make us drown
Revel in trust and let us down
Peel our skin, suck dry within
End in pain and hurt
Because they love it
Innocence scratched away you're pestilence and a day
In sleep you slit
Treacherous punic wares of broken lives the grand heir
Throne of shit
Coming down
In filth this world is drawn
Bring it down
And reek like the blood dripping from your teeth
That stains the unborn dawn
it brings joy as a traumatic loss, and they'll repeat the misery
It brings peace as a behemoth, and they'll repeat the misery
Pale ghost-faced irreverence spreads the spawn of vengeance
All-out carnage reigns
Spinal shattered nerves-pig watch you die like you deserve
In pain
Revel in trust gone in the wind like dust
Revel in hurt bled like blood in the dirt

5.Suffer the Fools

Hand of blood-still sacrilegious ill
Watch the blood, how it floods
Through sands of time-sworn belly of scorn
Sworn by death, by grimes
And plague will arise from the land of the sun where the misery speaks
And the angel of light are the wolves
For those who see fatalities, for those who fear no noose
Liquefy, annihilate or suffer the fools
Hand of wrath-grave cannot be saved
Watch the spawn, on and on
Cursed is earth beneath, perverted minds-hell's devotees who fear no noose
Liquefy, annihilate or suffer
For those who believe in bitter tragedies
For those who see the misery Damnation's jewels-the fools
For they will bring you down
Suffer the fools and they will take your life


Veil keeps on tangling with mind and sight
Sentenced in his own demise see delight
The killed one is buried her spirit unseen
The hangman's smile his judge demean
Rabid and frantic, the foam in the mouth
Rebellion of angels for nine days falls south
The screams of the demon-to prayers respond
The path has been altered by someone beyond
With teeth reborn, shrouded in winds ripped and torn
Leaves the fatalist forlorn
Reeklessly broken and mentally ill Injected with venom from God for a kill
Holy blood, holy murder, holy grail
King of creation sing songs of the wail
Father why do you forsake the ones who gave you everything they've ever had?
Father, do you feel lust in killing off the pawns who gave you everything they've ever had?

7.Gemini is the Snake

Death's in the making, the architect of doom opens your tomb
Cloaked in the dark.
The amputation of God is on earth to draw some blood
Deep in wilderness pain shows a shimmering light
A madness to behold
Liars in wait chime damnation's bell, venom-fangs unwithheld
A tongue God forgot, an ancient master-plot, biding time-souls will rot
Deep in wilderness...
Evil death damnation's breath, faces of a carnage at the elders
Seent of fear through atmosphere
nefarious catalyst
The sin is in
Born in lust-turn to dust
Born in pain-life in vain, die insane
Cruel side, wolves allied-screaming ride the snake through seas of torment
Confront a death, smile your last breath-life hurts more than demise
No fear, wreathed in flames we walk-Gemini
No fear, this storm will bear our mark-Gemini
Is the snake
Evil death damnation's breath, the mad they dance in a ring of fire
Death you bring, devils sing- "You are Death"


Beast from grace kills your face
Independence crased
Slaves in my embrace
Eat qour spirit alive
The stench of my hive
On you suffering shits I thrive and thrive
Spawn of all
I am the break and the fall of all you morons who thought I was a force of love
I will send death and chaos from my heavens avobe Nareissist monoglth you die you don't get shit
A gruesome flesh and soul split
My love is the one of betray
Forget light of day
Ravening-you pray and you're prey
Die for me
Blessed be
Never free
Slaves eternally
I was born to instigate war
Preacher says I love you but I don't
Preacher says I'll save you but I won't
Just give me all
I never forgive you for what has been
I'm a snakebite love you like a guillotine
I disturb you till you're too tired to sleep
My grasping hand will strangle and I laugh
When you weep
I trample shatter put an end to dreams
Swallow you eternally I'll iced on your screams
I was bon to kill

9.Remnant Song

Walk through fire as Cain, throat of iron message the wretchedness and pain
Rattle the chain, the chain- the paradise was feign
All I see
Dance with shadows pagan reign, sing as your reflection is staring insane
Tattle the chain, the chain- a cruel sadistic pain
Rabid enslavement of ways loose momentum with dust in your lungs in the haze
Rip up the trace, rip up the trace
where the phantasmus finally showed their real face
Unbroken I follow the trace
where the phantasmus showed their real face
Unbound let loose in the chase where teh phantasms showed their real face
No one will save us
And who wants to be saved?
No one will save us
There's no one here to save us
And who the fuck would want to be saved?

10.Ninewinged Serpent

Abolish God through attrition I know what I choose
Don't trust the priest a pedophile wolf on the loose
A boiling mass-hysteria a cancer has grown
Death out of light lies deep within where power is overthrown
I want what's inside you to die
The dead are free to rise again in Hell they all roam
My hate is bright and ambitious I take risks on my own
Your pain is watched with empty eyes indifferent and cold
Alluring wretched mockery perverse sins of old
There is nothing for you here
There is nothing for you anywhere
I fuck your faith as a ninewinged serpent
There's seven ways to die and one to burn
I fuck your faith as a ninewinged serpent
To blindfold head like hole I won't return
Don't sell me fear my war with you is with eyes open wide
The screaming skulls all tell a truth you murder to hide
The revelations I adore you endure without choice
Some things are better left unsaid listen closely to my voice
Fuck you father so I can sin
Your murky tentacles can't reach within
Ministry is a misery by nature besieged
The flesh from bones are torn incite a beast off the leash
Broken halfblind you cry for help straight out of your book
I don't know anyone who'd take a piss to even look

11.Burning Daylight

Burning daylight fuelled by bleeding ghosts crowd
Where the sunlight has faded the dead of night screams loud
Empty house lies restless, haunted on the hill
Where the killer waits and wants another kill still
Time to live in death I give, in death I give the love that love denies
No more wakes for lost ones' sake, for lost ones' sake grew too old to cold
For I am death in vain
I who feed on endless pain
A woeful end in sight
Where the daylight burns
Burning daylight blazing shine for all that is to show
Starry eyes reveal the hurt with tired hollow glow
Days so fight and filled with pain no sleep and all the sin
Spiral bruises the mind to wreck what is there then to wirr
Burning daylight cage the beast and all that burns inside
Blurring out the borders where life and death collide
Lost inside a wasteland where creatures don't crawl
I have seen you- you are the killer on the prowl
Onward old wings of pain
Swept away by death in vain


The free will is in
Let the disobedience begin
To hate from glad
All your children have gone mad
The free will is in
Savages fucking drinking blood
In sin incinerate- on oppressor retaliate
Limitless I am distress I bow down to no law
I am the looting fucking fiend who eats the priest's flesh raw
Carnivore, a mammal whore, reborn for personal war
I don't believe what you perceive I take and live you just deceive
All your lies and fearful preachings-jaws of jackal shred your teachings
Feed the jackal
Jackal, jaws of the jackal discourage
Ravenous breeding you are bereft
Jackal, my Jaws are your death
The free will you hate
Damn your cast outs but it is too late
To change to pain
All your children are insane
The free will you hate
This orgy of aging flesh is just too great
All none besides
In vice are allied
Feel your lies vibrating from ivory towers tall
Our bonfire-lit pagan wa of life impossible to enthrall
A haunting tune that sticks
An ancient lunatic
Screams at the fullmoon
Where the untamed madness blooms

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