Destruction Of A Rose : Suspended in Time

Metalcore / USA
(2009 - Standby Records)
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Oh god save the queen or she has fallen into the depths of my dreams.
My cell has taken everything she holds dear.
Taken everything that she holds dear.
This will be your darkest hour.
I'm your Christ and I want you. Slither in your dreams eat your soul.
Our co-existence is inevitable. With death by her side, there is no hope.
Only hunger and pain.
Oh how the ripened throat of the chosen beauty must taste.
Quench my thirst with the blood of the femme fatale.


I can take anything that comes my direction.
I will crush you all.
Take a knee, and bow to defeat and watch me repeat.
Take a knee and bow to defeat. OH!
What will be your salvation when everything is gone?

Hell has arisen as I raise my fist. My orders to the masses.
Leave no stone unturned; No one alive.
Steal every breath from their lungs 'til only we survive.

When the blood in your veins is as cold as mine.
Nothing really seems, seems to matter but, but the cries of the dying.

As my brothers and sisters die to keep your palace standing high.
It shall be by my hand that it falls to the ground.
It shall be by my hand that it all falls, to the ground.


Nothing I have done is ever good enough for you.
In this moment, I am suspended in time.
Rotting from the inside out.
These blackened waves encompass us. (Encompass us)
Crushing through our bones. (They encompass us, crushing through our bones)
Trying to keep afloat, raise your head now and Don't choke.
(Pressing forward, I will not perish)
We are beginning to shine. Radiate through black skies.
(Pressing forward I will not perish)
These blackened waves encompass all of us...
With every glance you set my skin ablaze.
With every glance I'm set ablaze.


We own the night. I'm wrapped inside this jacket.
I'm climbing up these padded walls.
Will this never ending calamity take over me, take over me.
I've been staring into these diamond eyes for so long, for so long.
I don't know the line between wrong and right (wrong and right).
I've been staring into these.. bridge-diamond, diamond eyes.
I can't tell the lies between wrong and right. He whispers in my ear.
Here my dear take one sip of hell and die you shall right here.
He has spoken word of death unto me, but die I shall not.
I'll bring the pain to them all that have accused me of his fall.


I must confess that I faked it baby, and I wouldn't be caught dead next to you.
Whatever I say tonight, blame it on the alcohol.
This is who I am and what I do. Why should I change just to humor you?
You degrade me, you disgust me, you're the reason for the poison in me.
Oh lungs, please don't fail me now, I've been buried alive.
This river has weighted me down, stripped of my pride, blinded my eyes.
You must wear your heart on your back, cause all it took was for you to turn it to see it still had a beat.
Feast your eyes upon the madness that is to come.
I'll spit my rage to the sky, have it rain upon you and hope it eats through every ounce of your tissue.
You ripped my heart out of my chest with a smile on your face.
Now I'm here to do the same.


I'll never forget what happened that night.
You hid everything from me, now you'll have to pay.
I'll never forget what happened that night. It haunts me to this day.
You hid everything from me, now you'll have to pay.
One more time with your black malicious lies. It should be the end.
I'll draw the line and if it's crossed. I swear your next breath will be your last.
Now that the weight of the world is off my back. I can finally rise to the top.
You've turned your back, I'll turn you inside out.
Feed what you call heart, to the depths of the sea.
This is a circle of endlessness. Life is pain, death is pain.
It's in my hands.
Will I dance with the devil, or fly with the angels?

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