Destruction Of A Rose : American Hell

Metalcore / USA
(2010 - BlkHeart Group)
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You said you loved me,
I should of seen it coming.
Once bitten the only option is to suck out the poison.
You continue to cast your cloud over me,
As if you had a hold on me, you lost me now forget me.
I hope you understand the permanent damage you've caused,
You'll never get ahead having no respect for yourself.
Have you ever wanted to die?
I have, and If I did not a fucking thing would change
You'd still be here to lower the human morale.


Every day is one closer to death
Am I lost? Am I crazy? Is this just my reality?
What is life without chaos?
I have returned to a new state of mind,
A new state of existence.
Take that last thought in, when twilight hits,
When everything means nothing. Every man dies.
But few men live.
When will it be our turn,
Our turn to rise, we're falling to our demise,
When fear arises, jump in the fire, let it burn.


Open your eyes, not your legs!
I awoke to clothes thrown everywhere,
And and a whore to my right could it be more clear
We made a fuckin mess last night?
Ass in the air, face in the sheets,
Ass in the air, with your face in the sheets.
Could it be more clear we made a fuckin mess,
A fucking mess of last night? A night with a cause.
A night without a promise.
You grabbed me by the hand and kissed my neck,
I knew from then I had you wrapped.
6 shots of whiskey down the hatch,
Witch one of you girls will be the next to show no class?


You found me just in time,
I have fallen from grace ,
I'm wandering again,
I needed a breath of fresh air,
The blackest winter chill has left a shiver on my lips,
Kiss them again to taste my cold heart,
As the dragging lake breaks, we'll sink like ships,
Slip into darkness.
Where we're forever alone.
Everything beautiful must come to an end.
There is no turning back from here, an eternity of black,
Emptiness forever, paralyzed im unalive.



6. 63

Pages burned and pages turned,
But nothing will bring back the pages we never wrote.
(What tragedy has stolen from me) the price
I pay for being away,
Will forever be embedded in my memory, fight and
I fight asking why, fall to my knees, fists to the ground,
Suddenly I'm safe and sound,
I scream in to the heavens as a dear friend dies,
Just above my tears, they bleed from the skies,
So many nights have been carried away,
But one will forever remain,
My brother you will never be forgotten.
My heart holds all the pain in, in our time.
We were supreme, and so the legacy shall reign,
This is not goodbye. Diamonds are forever.
We will shine on.
Valhalla will accept you with wide open arms,
Where you will eternally be right where you belong.
Only the good die young.


I've kissed a vulture. Where did I go wrong?
Flew and it flew around my head til I was gone,
Slowly sucking the marrow from my bones,
Stomping the beat in my heart,
Scrapping across the desert floor it dives
And pulls me apart, In the distance.
See my oasis. Only to find it was in my head.
My weary fucking head. I stand up and try to walk away.
The Vulture arrives, seems I've got hell to pay.
They can feel me dying, smell me rotting,
Dive and they dive, tearing at my soul, until
I've wasted away to nothing. I feel nothing.


If you want life, you must keep the search alive.
Rip open the plastic at it seems,
And find the blackest heart you've seen,
Check the mirror one more time, how can you sleep at night?
This city will burn it self to the ground,
Rip open the plastic at its seems,
And reveal the blackest heart you've ever seen.
What's it like to live in a world where nothings real?
There are holes in the surface,
Blacked out and withered down, city under fire.


I won't give into your lies,
Get off your knees and stand on your feet,
I have no need for your crutch, focus your eyes on me,
I am empty, there is no truth behind these old pages,
Why is it that everybody seems to believe
That they are the truth and the light?
Yet there are countless versions of these lies?
Who the fuck is in the right?
I'll make it easy for you, you're all wrong,
Live the life the way you choose.
That is all you can do,
Only committed to your traditions and routines.
Rather than sticking to what you believe.
Get off your knees, stand on your feet.


Devoruing consciousness,
Digesting power, monster of energy.
Stare it in the eyes, this will be the rise of you and I.
Rise and Shine, my heart is pounding out of my chest,
Don't know when I'll be able to close my eyes.
How could you have such a hold on so many?
Taken lives, wasted mine, yet still you thrive?
Dilated eyes, long mornings and nights, sometimes
I can't believe I'm still alive.
I would have killed to smell you one more time,
To take the pain away, to keep me awake for one more day.

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