Desecration (TWN) : Seeds of Abomination

Black Metal / Taiwan
(2009 - Self-Produced)
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Las palabras


On the empty plains of nothingness
Dry land, cracked soil
Thousdands of hate dwelled under the plains
Of nothingness
Hatred bound to the soil
Hollow trunks
Gathering of souls
Though dried and dying
Strength grew day by day
Breaths of the dead
Froze the seasons of change
Wind blew through the hollow trunks
Plated the howls that weren't in tune
Fruit on branches of tress gathered the
Hybrid evilness
Ambitious branch looked out for the
Lonesome travelers

Roots like thorns, bound with knots
Swallowing the flesh, inhaling the soul
Eternal slave, shuttling in trunk endlessly
Tangled of roots
Dominated the wide open land
Bound up all the colors of world
Eternal moonlight is what remained
Hybrid fruit of evilness, drop into the
Cracks of soil
Can't escape the devouring roots
Shameful pitiful mankind mists the air...


Pouring souls, meandering between rivers
Branches of streams that's so black,
Pierced though the colors of the desaturated.

Taking the bloody colors of the soil as they flow
Worshipping the bloody shrines of sin
Flowing to the altars of dead
Bright full moos enlightened the remains
Of humans dried blood redden
Immortal spells calling the messenger
Of the remitted stating, chanting
Stirring the forms of souls
That is deranged by the whirlwind.

Along with the river, gathered at place
Flows of disorder, conformed spells
Blowing your ears as they roar


A thousand graves dominating the cliff like basins
The burials a day like a thousand years
Swinging the rusted shovels
Holding on to the half rottern arms
Mark of 666 scorched

Stepped on the soils where the blood dries
Swinging the shovels of souls
Thousands of bodies were turned
Into thousands of tortured souls.

Forming into a hollow hole like places to rest
Staring at the present despairs
Lurking within the basins of pain


Mist blocked the road to darkness
Devouring the surrounding air, suffocation
Whispers of the undead echoing in the depths of the forest

Lurking along with the mist, around my ears
The mist contaminated the purity on our bodies
Dews and mist deepens the sins of my past
Wolf howls with the awaited to be filled moon
Whispers chanted lightly around my ears
Ath to the dark side.

Mist becloud the way, bewilderment mist
Zombie spit the words by fetor mouth
Point the grave of ancients
I hoof by hate,carry on
Wolfs barking at the full moon
Soumming the thousand year of soul
Stimulating the hate within my heart
I need more powerful hatred life

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