Desaster (GER) : Ride on for Revenge

Thrash Black / Germany
(1998 - Merciless Records)
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In the night of revenge
When the moon is full and high
Coming from the darkened hills
In an endless silhouette
Riders who hold high their swords
Battlescreams sound all around
We must bring you down

And now we are riding on
Now the beast is free
Lusting for Torment
By the sign of the Ancient flag we strike
Army of his might
Beat them slaughter

Oh, rise infernal power
Make this come true
Invoke me the father
So, let our force unite
Let our weapons speak
And beat them Satan

Now wretched god of heaven
can ever make us blind
No words of Love and peace
can make us turn our mind
Too late to reach for deliverance
Too late to beg for life
Symbols drown in blood
as heaven find it´s end

Feel the blade of steel
Pushing to your bones
Hear the sons of Satan´s throne
Don´t know humility
Hate shines in my eyes
As i Tear your flesh
Clasping on your fukkin cross
You make your final breath

And if you religious slaves
Fear the dead of the night
The days of your plague are counted
Speak to your final prayer
And remember this curse of mine
Hell´s Legions will come to fight

And will never surrender!!


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