Demise (PL) : Outcome of...

Black Death / Poland
(1996 - Demonic Records / Immortal Records (PL))
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Another generation of eternal circle
Which persist in hope
Of better tomorrow
On the edge of centuries
It came to the point
Of final clearance with the past
The day of fight, cry and blood
The day without illusions
Without the mother's breast
The beginning of the end
Somebody said that he will be
The last man with blood and bones
Who will cry for the future
Who will dance with death
The answer to the question is only one
It sticks inside, in feelings
Every word, motion and deed
Let's them lead the heart


Everyday the dreamers die
To see what is on the other side
Now it's time for your fate
Plant a demon seed
You rise a flower of fire
See the burning crosses
See the flames, and higher
I'm free to fly the crimson sky
The sun won't melt my wings, tonight
Do you see the light?
It's the chance of life-time
Our future won't see the light of the day
I feel the fire but I want more
I feel the healding, the sweet sin
But bitter the taste in my mouth
I want to feel sunlight on my face
I scorch the earth, set fire to sky
Stop so low reach so high...
I've spoken the tongue of angels
I've held the hand of the devil
I've dreamt a dream about the sun
I took the poison from the poison stream


In the empty corners of existance
In the unreal world
On the edge of life and death
Last time you look at the sky
Your life contained in the moment
Which will never come back
It prompts you what you lose
And what you profit
Your anguish, your nightmare
Unreal hopes goes away
Into oblivion, for eternity
You made a decision
And threw illusions away
Your life retires, death is nearer
You got rid of a burden
The world became so large
His mother cries waiting for son
Who will never come back
She retires into oblivion
And follows the same way


Impurity of the mind, numbness
Decision not made, reflections
Good or evil? Fight or surrender?
Direction follows which will go my shape
Passing over. unimportant events
Reaching for the heart
Of the problem hesitation is quite sure
Which side to take, which way to go
One decision, problem
Confusion, necessary suffering or happiness
The point I'm surely stuck at
Will I stay here forever
Everything is the outcome of my choice
The pain I'll feel, the pain I'll cause
Shall I think about myself or others too?
I'll find out, that's for sure
If my decision turns out to be wrong
Emptiness around me, nothing can be seen
Everything is the outcome of my choice
I could have escaped that, do a different thing
Make another decision, not the wrong one

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