Deivos : Gospel of Maggots

Technical Death / Poland
(2010 - Unique Leader Records)
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Best your fists against the inevitable nothingness
On your knees pray to your oppressor in heaven

Futile attempts to save your soul
A result of shit forced down your throat
You have been spat on, you have been lied to
To become a liar yourself
They possessed you, embraced you
In the grand emptiness
You're heading to nothing in onward march

A means to control the flock of fearing sheep
Rising above the gods - only the ones who see
Beyond the legacy of centuries of lies
Beyond the distortion embedded in the pious minds

An oath born in fear for an exchange of false redemption
Cowardice incarnate, hailstorm of degeneration
Fetish of the millions, bastard messiah crucified
You will see no savior when it's time to fucking die

Scene the approaching shadow
As decay bites into your flesh
Transcend the godliness, enter the absolute of death


I beat her up unconscious and gagged her
Another victim lured and abducted
Methodically planned action flawlessly carried out
I have become a predator living for the hunt

Feel the surge of endorphin rush
Excitement of power and control
Each human trophy i dominate
Inspires me to kill once more

Build up the rage reach for the blade
Malicious intent in an outburst of hate

Dwelling in an endless cycle, abduct - torture - dispose
High on instant gratification, mutilating the corpse
Call me a monster hidden behind a mask of sanity
Conscience, pity and remorse, they mean nothing

I took the butchers knife and stabbed her
Another victim slain for pleasure
Cut the body up into pieces, left'em on a riverbank
Her coffin a blood - soaked suitcase, i sealed that fate

Compulsive disregard for life leads my way
Into the night hunt them down and kill again


Rendering blades configure new lamentations
Master the blasphemy
This sacred pain like spearhead in jesus' side
Bleed for the world to see the animal inside

Treasure the suffering, body deformed, contorting
Serpentine grace of malicious penetration feast
Stifle the cry's of eviscerated soul
Summon the beast, uncoil the venomous tongue

Demonic injection, realization of the vision
A trial of bloodletting, infernal awakening
The ceremony to exalt the flesh and blood
Morbid communion of bodily fluids, purifying rite

Tortured, temple of spirit fallen
Pulsating joy of shattered inocence

Dagger caressing
The quivering, blood soaked skin
Sacrificed on the altar of lechery


Highly contagious strain hastens the coming end
Impending collapse at hand
Purifying pests come down in swarms
Widening wave of death of unrelenting apocalypse
Taste the scourge immaculate

Lost cause, mankind atrophied
To another failed mutation
Wiped out, perished from the earth
Subject to extermination

Vain repentance, no one can be spared
As churning heat splits apart the land
Predestined to rot, the only valid truth
No tribulation no rapture
Just cold nothingness of cold non - existence

Sleepwalking through life
This human waste must die
The end of parasitic overlords' reign
Clouds of ash be the sole
Soaring reminder of this world

Lost cause, mankind atrophied
To another failed mutation
Wiped out, perished from the earth
Subject to extermination


Worshipper's state of mind
Surrounded from the inside
Fear of god extinguishing the free wil
A sickening wretched plague

Curse you and your vile ilk
Servile sheep riddled with faith
Devotees of self-rejection
Profanity unto the nature

None shall inherit eternal life
Die in vain in the name of the lord of a thousand lies
No one to guide the path, nothing to ease the pain
The swirling vortex of delusion swept away

Disguisers of god's filth - curse you and your vile ilk
Unsurpers of the truth - servile sheep riddled with faith
Impious hammer strikes at devotees of self-rejection
Destroying that which is profanity unto the nature

Mark the way into enlightenment
With the piles of scorched cadavers
Crush the doctrine hereafter
Staring boldly into blackness
Dispel the myth, away with god!


He is a tumor that grows in your brain
Thriving on fear, you nurtured him well
Burden of the centuries, a symbol of stagnation
Cowards seduced by vision of salvation . . . . .
No more ! ! !

No longer a slave to holy scum, crush his dominion
Hellish plagues y our side, incinerate his throne
Empowered by the demons might
Invoke the blackest vengeance
Swift campaign, corpses lay, god zealots hanged

Shed the veil of lies of this self - proclaimed saviour
Nail him , kill him, bastard lord

Legions of the dammed hail the infernal upheaval
There is no turning back the cleansing must be done
Mercilessly slaughtering the troops of hell advance
Until the final vanquish, proclaim the death of god
Worms feast on his corpse


Taste the servitude
Feel the comfort of the chains that bind you
Step into the dark
See the walls that guard and confine you

A pathetic being enjoying the state
In which it's conditioned
To be a mindless fucking slave
Machine like existence in an inverted reality
The dumbing down of masses
The questions never raised

Ignorance maintained
In the make believe dominion
Worthless existence
Designed for the empty human shells

Taste the servitude
Feel the comfort of the chains that bind you
Step into the dark
To be crushed by the walls that guard you
Killed on the spot, tapestries of bloody gut
Reveal the weakness your form
Entrenched in emptiness

Empire of deceit, total control imposed
The triumph of the over bearing few
Unquestioned authority turned into tyranny
You'll fill up mass graves of willful slaves


Crooked fingers they twitch - organic dysfunction
Muscles go into spasms - bodily corrosion
Even the most sublime flesh - destined to wither
Once silky breasts now rotten apart - for worms to
Slither on

This is ultimate communion
Sacrament of decomposition
Eternal life in rancid paradise
Fused into the black matter of aeons

For no one hears the prayers, no one to answer the
A supreme being you worship, it's all just fucking lies
Empty promise, mankind's' curse
Dig into the soil , pierce right through the darkness
To uncover nothing more than all - consuming

Praise the god of rot
Elevate the eucharist, herald the infestation
Enter the garden of eden where maggots are angels

Your flesh perished, your lord eaten
Ideas drowned in a festering mass
Divine purpose - arrogant claim
Sudden death shifts the order of events
No ascension - only decay


Conceiver of mass destruction,
Purifier of all essence
Wielding the flame of decimation
Plunge the world into the black void

Malefic masterplan to terminate all life
Doomsday shroud encircle the earth
Shattered peace will tread the path
To ascendance through obliteration

Deadly blessings raining from the skies
Poisoning the land

The blackened souls' outcry, deliverance denied
Inflict unrest and chaos, vaporize the casualties
Watch the cities consumed in fireball
Proclaim a total war

Desire to devour
Hecatomb engulfing mankind
Paralyzed by fear, you must
Bow to the master of tyranny
Clear way for the reign of scourge

A dying world overtaken by terror
Massacre implemented
Ripping your face off. Brute force
Carcasses left for vultures
Gnawing the flesh from every bone

Fallout winds hail the victory
Scattering the remains

Inflict unrest and chaos, vaporize the casualties
See them lying in the pangs of death
Eradicate the stillborn race


Ripples of darkness stir the pristine stillness
The eerie motionlessness disturbed
Decay of death engulfing frailty
Consumes the treacherous imperfect forms
Suppress the silence with rancid voice of plunder
Set the instinctual cunning free

As the governed, moulded and formed come to awareness
Of their oppressive adversary

Spewing filth, the great abomination maiming the world
Let it perish in the struggle for the cleansing
Cathedrals of gods howling their wretched tunes
Deposed and crumbled as a relic of the ignoble past

Thrust forth the vengeance
Ejaculate the seed of smouldering rage
Violent self-rediscovery
Leaves the land behind in flames

Entrenched in madness beyond the sane perception
The living boneyard bathed in dismay
Love your enslavement and die trampled
Ordeal of pain amidst the savage grace
Voracious revager born to devastate
Feeds the arena with the herd of god
The storm of torment washes them away

Reclaim yourself from the grasp of the promises of a liar
Seek redemption through baptism of fire

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