Defleshed : Ma Belle Scalpelle

Thrash Death / Sweden
(1994 - Invasion Records)
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1. Morbidiance Blue Cafe

I run Morbidiance Blue Cafe together with my wife
On top there is a hair-dresser called Nick and he's found of knifes
When Nick gets a customer without a wedding-ring
He asks them simple questions about their home and private lives
If he then finds out that the person has no function
He use to do the hair-cut, but also do a throat-cut
But only the male, for girls he shows respect
Widows is not in his taste, but men he loves to waste, he loves to taste
Strips the body from clothes and ornaments
Release him from the head and different parts
He flays the bodies careful and sends them down to us
Finally the body reaches us here at Morbidiance Blue
We separate the bones form the flesh and we cut them too
For our receipt of pies filled with meat we got an award
Come have a seat, please have something to eat, you will not get bored
Eat our meals because we have a deal with him on top
The young men he seals cannot be healed and he will not stop
You know when you've been tangled...
I run Morbidiance Blue Cafe together with my wife
From the flesh of young men we know how to make the finest pies
But the secret's highly classified

2. Simply Fell Towards

She simply fell towards, towards down the stairs
The head was smashed in pieces, but I don't think she was dead...
Strongly hidden feeling of lost but the temper made insecure
Red raw lungs as they don't want to be
Cut and release the watery gore
The warm young eyes and the body of a cat
looks like an erotic kind of beast
Heart beats twice as I wish to be the rat,
on each others flesh I want to feast
But how will I find who is lost when I am lost by myself ?
The rose, it rose and managed to rise above the skies
But as you lay there in your own mess you only catches flies
While this woman gracefully moves towards the door
The flesh and the cerebral substance of yours is drying on the floor
The beast is unleashed, with my eyes let me feast on you at least
But the summer is gone now and my soul with it
My spikes disappeared in your head and your life with it
She simply fell towards, towards down the stairs
She simply fell towards, I guess she smashed her head
I dig in the mud until my hands bleed too much,
Less than a year to expose
Down to the ground a cranium I found
Actually my fingers are frozen
The wild but mild, through my gate you've been defiled
The rose it rose, my skin fall in pieces and I'm frozen

3. Many Mangled Maggots

Does leaves ever cry?
Not if they are black
Does birds ever fall in love?
Can the air smell the flowers?
What if the sun won't rise...the last one to notice must be the worms
And where is Marilyn?
Won't a cat cry until I puncture the eyes with a tooth-pick
I've tried to eat rocks but they have no taste, it was just a waste
Do maggots steal the flesh of a corpse, or do they deserve it?
Africans squeeze maggots out their skin to eat the good phlegm
I can't stop wondering why they bother to save the worm-skin
Flies use to gather among laying bodies
How many maggots can a dead body produce?
Why are so many blacks starving when they can eat their friends' inhabitants?
Maybe trees hate music in fear of being cut to a flute
Can I pick the red out a rubin to wear it?

4. Ma Belle Scalpelle

I taught Gabrielle about ma belle scalpelle

I used ma belle scalpelle on my sweet Gabrielle,
buried in her flesh,
funny how it cuts through sinews,
veins and stuff, even smaller bones

I tied her with wet leatherbands
around her head the arms and legs
While they dried they also shrank,
so she cried but later also died

Then when the skull was cracked
I could save the brain intact, for a rainy day
Her eyes were beautiful
which I up her cunt and tight rectum

I picked up ma belle, sliced parallelles
Her skin could then be seen as beautiful patterns

Scotches through the skin, can you feel the groove ?

With ma belle scalpelle I simply
cut and sliced her well around the fontanel
Then I looked and laughed, a eye-sinew
out her cunt like a used tampon

My friend work at the morgue and he's so bored
to see all these self-deceased bodies
This was my small gift so he will cheer up
Next time I see him he'll talk for hours...

5. Gathered Flies

Your teeth I hacked, the nose I cracked, I shaved your face too well
No one can see how you have been, in snow I let you dwell
For five months you've been buried under ice and snow
Completely protected from what can cause you harm
Beauty, your beauty made me steal your face
Melting out the snow to see the sun
Gather, around you creatures are gathered
April the 14th...
They start to gather, sniffing, humming around your body
before they can decide where to eat
Tasting, kissing, caressing your flesh gently
They want a noble children's nursery
The metamorphose of a beauty to a nauseating corpse
An interesting horde of insects marching over your face
Where they finally decide to give birth to their children
You can expect that your belly will arise
And worms of high disgust will eat the rest of you
Beauty, with the eyes your beauty vanished
You give birth to more than you expected
Putrid, the spring sun make you reek tremendous
April 19th...
Weeks goes quickly, flies has left your body
Perhaps searching for a brand new body

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