Defeated Sanity : Prelude to the Tragedy

Brutal Death / Germany
(2004 - Grindethic Records)
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Their blast inside
Devouring offals
The clot of blood in
My veins... Eliminating

Preventing any neurological orders
To their contentment to act
To their world to adapt
To their hell to descent

Captivated in the wake of moral decadence
Deprived inner sublimity
Hallucinations determing perceptive faculty

Neuralgia corroding inner stamina
I pass through the lifelessness
Into the void I'm falling...
Towards my hell I'm soaring

Fictious illusions merge with
the Dreariness of reality
Through the mist I'm staring
At the remains of our race

Central limbic system
closest to behaviour
Affected. Disabled. Eliminated

Substituted by cruelty
Guided by licentiousness
New Dimension of Annihilation... Now Born

Disfigured bodies creeping through the
Putrifying flesh of their fellows
The state of flesh adjusted to their minds
Their beast, their enemy, their fall...

Liquifying Cerebral Hemispheres


Marching on the land of the enemy
Extents paved with corpses
Mirrors of their own fate
Atmosphere of cadaverous smell
Stench of rotten flesh
sounds of the menacing abyss
Scenery of scathing brutality
Nothing left than the
Souls of the damned

I found myself
In this morgue of war
Hidden in the ruins of
Generations' passion
To be witness
Of the senseless butchery
Dead soul staring
Through the eyes of the dulled

Scarred brains getting numb
Controlled by inferior circumstances
Remnants of cruelty
Enchroaching on the executioner

Not of their own will
Not from inside
Lacking in ideas
Lapsed in outer reality
Brutish deeds of satisfaction

Widow's juice before her
Children's Eyes
Woeful cries not to be heard
To be lost in the everlasting wailing

Cold perspiration covering my skin
I catch myself drifting further
Thoughts of perversity capture me
Spineless victim.
Puppet without threads

Necrophiliac desires
Primitive Human cravings
Innmost nature of my race

Drifting further towards
Demonic possession

Flight from my mind
Mutated reasons of
A once healthy system
Shattered from inside


Unethical creation
Disgusting and forlorn
Filthy thoughts and hate

Demon without honor
Born long time ago
Spell of human nature

The sickness of humanity has grown
And built a parasite
Anger and fear, two dimensional beings
Like a snake in the grass it survives

Sometimes it takes a walk in the dark
Where only shadows are
Red gloomy eyes
Swallowed the light around
It can't find the way out
Of this painful existence

Unseen creature starving for
Mankind's Madness forevermore
Never been seen, but always aside
It smells your greed and tastes your pride

Formless I exist thoughout you
I will be the last nail in your coffin
My life is the reflection of your weakness
I want to be dead


Living in a world of sicknesses
For which there are no cure
One of them eats its way through me
And lets me die slowly
Infection for those who just touch me
Fear - they throw stones to chase me away

I'm banished from civilization
They throw me into a doorless room
To keep my disease away
While thousands of others lie infected yet

I'm slowly decomposing
And the stench of my own decay surrounds
I'm driven to despair
I throw myself against the wall
I vomit in disgust for my own blood
In pain and suffering I cry

In this chamber I'm put away
There are mirrors to watch
Myself decline
What human being could be so cruel
To execute me this way?
This wretched way to lose my life

Waiting for my release
Minutes seem like hours to me
In this dark abyss of pain
That devours me
Internal organs start to liquify
No one stands by me in
My darkest hours

Regardless reality...
Memories of sanity
Determine my vegetating
Memorial torture
Dismembering my last aphorism
Extricating my soul out of my body
...I lost my vigor


A lifetime of degradation
Preparation for the ultimate sin
Immature organs to disgrace
Creators of birth, smeared with blood

Becoming one of thousands
Not to feel the pain
Mutation into multiple minds
Total unfeelingness dispersed to them

Tortured existence...

Tortured existence...
...They Will take blood-secrets
To give their graves
Murdering the innocent... a ventile for aggression that
Never can be seized to words

Claws of religious slavery
Ritual torment to the innocent
Soulless piece of flesh
...|To cut deeper and deeper and deeper

Not visions of the infinite
Reality draws the line
Next to you, unsuspectingly
Satisfy the mental insane

...To their graves

Worthless scum, no pretension to existence
Victims of their choice
Welcome to their splattering thoughts
Deeds of extended decadence
Sacrifice the ones of your blood
Bred in virgin's innocence
Executed by immaculate hands
To complete the course of cruelty

Tortured existence...
Tortured existence...


Drowning in shit
We are crushed by our decadence
Staggering in excessive pride
We didn't see the dark shadows
Coming above us
A heaven once blue
Now discolored by the blackness
Of the Human's souls
Realm of the maggots born
No parallels to the once healthy planet

Centuries of stupidity's domain
Cramming the planet with filth
Unable to remove...
Suffocation's prophecy becomes true
(...Collapsing human failures)
Unable to survive...
The own waste... mankind's undoing
(...Closing circle of stupidity's domain)

Rats and insects
The most resistant creatures
Swarming over our carcasses
Proclaimed as the superior species
Now defeated by the primitive beings
Human remains...
...Lost souls soaring
In the contaminated sphere
Destroyed environs...
...Controlled by creeping mutants

Reborn in remaining cruelty
Assemblage of the weeping souls
Replacing interrelations
Of breathing organisms
Spawned by the paralysis of
Human perception

Risen from the dead
To be the fittest to the filth's spreading
Devouring thoughts
Of being descended from
Creatures Causing the ruin


Mutilated... to beast
Disarmed creature trying to escape
...From pain...
...Redeemed through the dead
...With fear...
...Burning eyes as the mirror of his hate
...Into dark...

Cover the disfigured corpse
as ordered by moments of alertness
Lasting a short time
Obsessed by demon's pride
Forces fixing his eyes on the cruelty he enjoyed

blood-soaked clothes adorning his body
remaining like the scars on his soul
Inflicted by humanity's ignorance

The darkest of all dreams
to be a part of the damn race
Victim of their game
Lost his life in suffering

Remnants of the deed
Removed by fire
Marked by humanity

Shadows of revenge
Dark visions before his eyes
Different forms of lifeless beings

Limits of human imagination
Winds of blood-freezing coldness
Forming a pictures of the innocent victim

Avoiding from obscurity's threat
to where he came from
The ruins of humity's blindness
Staring at death's face


Duplicating human cruelty
By order of the higher science
The outcome of their greed
To be the sovereign of all threats

Overestimated intellect
Turns against them
As they realize having
Created their own hell

No spheres not to be affected
The centre of all breathing
Cause of all being's essential diversity
Evolution's instrumentation

Man's interruption
Inquiry's insatiability
Genetic engineering.
New possibilities came forth
Creatures built for immortality
Emancipation of torture
Experiments of the absurd

Human dignity, reduced to misery
Holocausting all eternity to
Defeat our last remaining sanity

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