Deathspell Omega : Inquisitors of Satan



Our skies are forever black
Here is no signs of life at all
For burning spirits we are
Consuming your small universe
Slowly but surely
No one believes in us
We came from realms of Hell
No eyes can see us
We're not made of flesh and blood
In times past we reigned everywhere
One day life emerged from the chaos
We still dominate but this error must end
The void shall swallow the decease
Slowly but surely
Changing from a dimension to another..
Of being possession
Out of the nihilistic kingdom
To spread destruction
An unseen invasion to conquer
The spoiled land...till total extinction
The human claim to rule their world
They don't even understand the meaning of death
A black hole is eating each soul
The ultimate desolation will suppress
Life and prevail again
Then there won't be mistakes anymore
The apotheosis of Satan approaches
He who is inside of us


I am the Evil in every form
The demon you abandon yourself to.
Hungry for an hatred without equal
I am the one who brings the pain for the end
I am your suicide
I am the rope that strangles you
I am the razor slashing your wrists
I am the bullet going through your head
I am the poison in your blood
I am the wicked in every man,
Delighted every at every morbid death
For many years my name has been "Decease"
I am the dictator, the tormentor you die for
I am the executioner
I am the hammer and the nails
I am the gas that you breathe
I am the fire consuming the flesh
I am the axe that beheads
No one will survive me
Humanity is doomed under my reign
The last breath of eternity
Resistance is vain
The child beater, the women raper,
I'm the one that orders and command you
The one that curses and destroys you
For the final goal of Evil
I am your master
I am the very quintessence of Evil
The Supreme Evil in the name of Devil
I am you suicide, I am The executioner
I am your master...Satanas...


Death is coming fast
She's my only faith
And no one will be ignored
This is a sick quest
I know I'm insane
But I don't want to be cured

I'm the desecration master
In search of the ultra violence
Addicted to the taste of blood
Hunting prey certainly

I need to see and fell humans suffering
Eyes full of fear imploring my mercy
No need to use weapons that kill too fast
I use my own hands to touch the petrified skin
It's almost possible to watch the light of life,
Vanishing and turning into a fancus orgasm
Usually using rape for female creatures
I ejaculate inside the dead body
But my satisfaction quickly disappear
Until the next time I dream of massacre
Satan will guide me forever
The sacret face of god will be traked down


Acid streams from the Chalice over the newborn body,
Pain rises like deadly waves of sulphur
And it cries with despair and supplicates
As it dissolves its sweet flesh
See, Satan...Lethal Baptism for all children!
Hopes for future generation disappear
As the acid of our hate devours
The last germs of their life
Bools of bloodmixed acid on the ground,
Another soul ripped out of it's spell
Primeval innocence offered to supreme Lord
See, incarnation of all Vices
See, lethal Shadow
Life-corrupting Abomination
And cause of total Degeneration...
Lethal Baptism!
Lethal Baptism!


Born of the void as a female human,
She was full of innocence and weakness
(Lust...Pain...mother of perversion)

Her own face soon betrayed her
It was time for demoniac vengeance
(Lust...Pain...mother of perversion)

Then came her suicide to rejoin Satan,
Her Father that teached her how to Fight the plague
(Lust...Pain...mother of perversion)

Now she is the mistress of sin
Debauching the humans one by one
They try hard to reset temptation
Sometimes try praiyng gods (symbols of their feebleness)
Her hatred is almighty and ubiquitous
Always striking with a sweet brutality
Victims are always chosen at random
The race she once belonged to shall perish
(Lust...Pain...succubus of all vices)

She spawned sins and blasphemies
Incest, sodomy, rape,...her depraved mind created them all
(Lust...Pain...succubus of all vices)

The mystical whore will penetrate everybody
Purity is scorned even if mankind keeps their dying faith
(Lust...Pain...succubus of all vices)

She vermins that the vermin has stopped growing
At kind of majestic infanticide
Men and women killing each other
In the name of an invisible force
Her spirit is a vagina which procreated the Evil
Our Father Satan gave her an immortal name


No place to hide, its time to suffer
After the tracking come the tortures
You'll worship the Devil before you piss away
Tremble at the thought of this unholy revenge
The legions will catch each normal human being
Why do they ask for weak values like mercy or tolerance?
The answer to their miserable life is a painful death
We will give you agony, you will give us pleasure
Every form of religion shall be erased
Disgusting weaklings must scream and cry
(Scream and cry...)

Let us show who're strong in mind
You'll realize no one can help you
(No one can help you...)

It hurts atrociously you hope you'll join the Heaven soon
But your agony was so sweet compared with what comes next
(Hell comes next...)

Powerless belies are crushed in a storm of hate
Your faith is changed to follow demoniac ways
(Demoniac ways...)

Bodies are tied to instruments of torture
Demons are now eating the pitiful spirits that were inside
(Inquisitors of Satan...)


Extreme ritual of carnal pleasure breaking
the chains of dignity
Human bodies become the temples of impurity
Embrace a shape of living Blasphemy
Celebrate forbidden practices, bearers of immortality
Fell fascination for intense debauchery
As a father rapes his daughter and sun
As women spread legs for goats and dogs
Smash down the mortals of Christ
Indulgence perverted practices, praise sins!
Fill your body with the quintessence of Perversion!
Nothing is vile enough, nothing too extreme,
For beyond the limits of that which is grotesque
Torture and pleasure, sperm comes with death
See the face of Jesus so sad
The sun of god cries for his legacy with tears of cum!
Flout innocence!Spit on virtue!
Their will is broken by humiliation
Burning crucifix penetrating virgin vagina's
Scream of ecstasy!
See the triumph of our Lord!
As they all embrace Angel of Decadence!

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