Deadweight : Origins of Darkness

Progressive Death / United-Kingdom
(2008 - Feto Records)
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Brazen light emerges and dissembles
As the path buries the treasures and riches
Wretches begging for a capture
Tempting me with the end
The wasteland breeds souls of many
Their lifespan seems dull
An empty gift is tarnished
The life in me corroding
Escape seems like a twisted dream
I've waited for this day and while your a slumber
Punishment, Surprised to be alone in a new world
Degrade, anything you wish it to be
Your idols will be your slaves, misery will be a king
For a day, If you accept this offer ! Extend
The fool has bought his own ticket to hell
And the wretches are silent, hell wont open
The Devil has tricked me
Satans alight


The world is frozen from its liberty
Its dull and freezing
Freedoms enslaved by eternal nothingness
And with the taste of abortion the denial is free
I force the push of redemption
The liar slowly recoils
Sinful land preaching blasphemy to the liars
With the scent of redemption
The liar slowly recoils
Dull and freezing
Fear me for I am the victim of your actions, hate and poverty
The love fixated, honor and regret, we leave behind the source of redemption


He had the glint of madness in his eyes
And silently bid us enter into the dungeon
And only the path that we follow to be another
And all we see that surrounds us distills inside me
Into the background, Six plagues devour my being
Six plagues beckoned by sin
The watcher ever waiting
Death becomes you
I feel the stranger watching
Death is now inside of you
Six plagues beckoned by sin
The watcher bid farewell and disappeared laughing
Death becomes you
A cloaked figure points towards a closed door
Fate unknown, the watcher laughs
Cloudy skies hide this wasted life, paradise
Lying in my path


The dark, waters call to him
Calling out from their depths
Searching for a life to take
Or a void to call her home
And I shudder as she scratches
Be brave young man your death does you great honour
For it is your blood that will keep me alive
It is your blood that will keep my beauty alive
And she left but not death in her wake
Search not for your reflection in the eyes of death
She left but not death in her wake
I thought that I could bind her
Deny her and abandon her
But I was a fool to the evil game
Dark water calls to me from the depths
Sun passes, the brightest day Is dark again
Your darkest day


(No lyrics available)


And on the seventh day the creator made his choice
From the depths the dead come to life to terrorise
And nothing can come between
Whats meant to be
I am no different
I am discouraged to reanimate
Relive my darkest phase
Will to reanimate
I begin the progression
I define myself a new reign
And for days after
The rain will feed the droughts
Of doubt, and the soul is burdened
With no fucking resolutions
The soul is burdened with no fucking resolution
I deny myself a new day, yesterday is shadowing
I deny myself a new way, yesterday is shadowing

7. --



Black clouds surround the waking day
The clutch of Beelzebub draws lifeless blood
Demons surface, Rise through the smoke
The ending arrives, the war has just begun
Hostile, you find the antidote while I've been waiting
Forever haunted
The scent of evil from my dreams
And as she climbs from her grave
The path of ultimate doom
Drawing blood from the disciple
Condemned to misery
Lost in abyss, faith is weaker
No longer your puppet
Trust is fragile to the beholder
Its the key to darkness
Forced and bludgeoned by the others
Harm is my devotion
Love wont fall between our existence
The damage has been further stricken
And the resentment of the world that surrounds me forever
Sacred blood will feed your corpse, live again
Slain and ripped apart asunder
As I steal from the hand that feeds me


Reason has passed and died
Strengthening our very liveforce
Nothingness underlies
Bridges of forgiveness fail
You will see the promise reside in me
The rotten beast rose from the abyss
And let forth a voluminous blow
With a wave of his ugly hand
Trapped under a Haynus curse
Scripted in its victims blood
He spoke to me of riches
Tempted me with the gifts of murder
Madness, Greed, Hatred
Treasures of the sloth
The blackness fell upon us
Reason has passed and died
Strengthening our lifeforce
Nothingness underlies
Bridges of forgiveness you will see
You'll see the promise
He spoke to me
Tempted me with murder
Madness and greed, Hatred
The treasures of the sloth
Reason has passed and died
Strengthening our very lifeforce
The rotten beast rose from the abyss
And let forth a venomous curse


A troubled man once spoke to me
Of the rubble that remained
"I've raised a generation here
And my family have served me well
But time passed as it does
Reasons for my distress
Something inside of me has changed
Late at night from deep within the forest
Screaming at me. Torments my darkest dreams"
Beware your fears, They don't love you as they say
I am eternal, suffer or escape
This idea is insane! Am I already trapped?
We must commit this deed
Beware your thoughts misconceived
Murder has not set you free


No salvation
A waste of self recognition your time is ended
The hatred you preach leaves you so alone
Your so alone
Live your life enslaved as a weak creation born to die
The purpose unknown, the knowledge lost '
Growth into something you wish you were
Not failure just life been wasted
Growth into something that you wish you were
Not failure just life been wasted
No salvation or allegiance with failure
A tired devotion. Unloved forgotten wasted life
Your violent carnage dwells unscathed

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