David Lee Roth : DLR Band

Hard Rock / USA
(1998 - Wawazat Records)
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Got basic skills
The kind that thrill
My moves are hot
Can't block that shot
Watch me now- oh yeah
Check my style, i make you smile
Hang time reverse?
Just watch me work
Shack to chateau! watch me go
You want a big car
And you finally win it
Next week you're sleepin' in it
That's the game we play
And i plan on winnin'. . .
Slam dunk

Guaranteed to shock
I can't be stopped
Don't need no defense baby
I plays on top
Let the good times roll
My game is better than ever
Winners! they come and go
Legends! they're forever


Baby, somehow you seem to glow
Take me where history unfolds!
I have a blacklight
It makes her radiant
I love my blacklight
My girl's fluorescent
Summer of love?
One you might have missed.
Peace, love and harmony
At a flick of the switch. . .
I love my blacklight
I love my blacklight
(foxy lady)
I'm coming to get ya


Tell me, tell me, tell me
Who's your favourite page
I'm gonna fax you
Into the atom age

My engine searching
Like a harpoon
Like a monsoon
In your chat room
Who are you
Are you online

Your page or mine
My engine searching
Like a harpoon
Like a monsoon
In your chat room

This is not a test
This is the first phase
This is not a test
This is the atom age
This is not a test
Are you online?
This is not a test
Your page or mine. . .


I respect your intellect
More impressive still
Are you sporting skills
Do i detect
Integrity and self-respect?

Now lose the dress, keep the shoes
So what you're saying could be true

All the world's a molecule
A little atom contained within
The thumbprint of a greater being
I wish i may i wish i might
And with any luck
I will tonight
But before we do

Come here you
Lose the dress, keep the shoes
Lose the dress, keep the shoes
Lose the dress


An armed assailant
A farmer's daughter
Texas pavement
An angry father
Sometimes a straight line
And then
Sometimes you wander

My first time in the spotlight
Was from a helicopter
Call the boss of bigtown
Get the riot squad
Tell your star reporter
Thet he's got himself a job
But no prob bob and murphy
Are two comedians
A little luck and attitude
Cowboys and injuns

Hey we ain't playin'
This wild frontier
Can kill you on occasion
From broadway to cheyenne
Aces wild yes we am
Say hello to my best friend

Little texas
Ride to live, live to ride
Let `em roll one more time
Always keep her by my side

Little texas
Unimpressed a great degree
With a serious pedigree
If i get into a fix
Jump little texas in the mix
Produce it, better use it
If i produce it
Someone's leavin'
I'm a real nice guy
But little texas keeps things even


Knock, knock
Daddy's home
Out where the west begins
That's where we're goin'

Power slide ain't ya heard?
How fast you're willin'
To go into a curve
500 horses and a chrysler mill
Makes me king of the hill
Guns and guitars
Bikinis and fast cars
Slide behind the wheel

Back and forth
Back and forth
Back and forth
Upside down

I'm normally insolvent
It shouldn't cause a problem
With my hot pursuits
Why don't you shut up
Get in my pick-up
Hey were's your get up and go?


I got lucky boots
And they take me places
I'm on the scene route
Honey, how about you?

Gonna drive on in
Gonna drive on through
Gonna drive on by
Gonna wave at you
Gotta car that's cool

Just a little bit of room
Just enough for you. . .
Well, hey boom town
I'm bound for dixie
I'm a broadway bullet

Gonna drive on by
My defiant dame
Blink and you miss me
Yeah we're goin' places
Honey, hang on tight

Gotta car that's cool
With just a bit of room
Just enough for you

So why do ya think your life is boring?
You'll be a grandma under 40
So why do ya sit and stay at home and
Why don't ya get your motor goin'
I can hear dem po' boys tappin'. . .

8. WA WA ZAT !!

Turn it back
Fast forward
You want a good one?
Only time will tell

By the time your dreams come true
You've turned into someone else.
Only adventures that i regret
Are the ones i missed
And the thought of the pretty girl
I never tried to kiss

Wa wa zat !! it's about time
Wa wa zat !! time flies

You can make it
Or you can fake it
Or you can take your time

Like i do mine-
Napalm in the morning
We love the smell of it
Because life ain't boring
We do the hell out of it-
Only adventures i regret

Are the ones i missed
And the thought of the pretty girls
I never tried to kiss

Wa wa zat !! it's about time
Wa wa zat !! time flies

You can make it
Or you can fake it baby
Or you can take your time
Like i do mine


Too close to mommy
He grew up square
All the spine of a chocolate eclair
I can see clearly now
The rain has disappeared

Blind man follows
Blind man goes
Pencil weenie in elephant clothes
Got a steel toe

Says place but here
I got no taste
For second place
And i lead with my face, well
I been places with my face
You wouldn't go
Without a pistol

Look into my eyes

I will not be denied
Change fumblin'
Heel rocker
El presidente
De chimichanga
Click my heels
And make a wish.

Stop stop
They gonna ask ya
You in the future
They're in the pasture
What the asian call
All soup and no fish


Mercedes benz
And combat boots
Junk food
In brand new alligator shoes

Here comes baby jet
In her brand new red-hot pink humvee
Full of party girls with damaged lives
And tangled destinies
Well this must be my favourite chorus
I find your manners more important
Than your morals

All this and more you see
You mean so much to me
But do i love you?

Cops and robers
Tough guy pimps
And bad girl boxers
White trash lesbo psycho bikes
Lipstick tricks and diesel dykes
Check it out, without a doubt
I look into your eyes and dream
Of all of these my favourite things. . .


Well, i can't dance
And i can't sing
I ain't that smart
But i can lift really heavy things.
When it come to lovin'
Honey, mama,
I'm the one you want
Well, i may not be the best lookin'
But i'm the right tool for the job

I love my house
I love my dog
I love my little sweetheart girl

Skinny legs and all
When it comes to trouble bustin'
Mama, i'm the one you want
Well, i may not be the best lookin'
But i'm the right tool for the job


From new york city to east L. A.
Touchdown miami
Philadelphia, P. A.
Look out your window
Hang up the phone
Honey, run tell everyone
That band is on the radio

So if you gonna wear my t-shirt
Gotta make the choice
Jump on daddy's speakers
You will feel my voice
Jump back with your heart attack
I'm what my daddy said i'd never be
So tell the folks at home

I'm making history
`cause this band is tight
And we can rock all night
Yeah so damn tight

They're on the T. V. , the stereo
They're on the internet
Man, that band can really go.

Right from the apple
To east L. A.
Touchdown Miami
Philadelphia, P. A.

No, it doesn't get much better
I was a face in the mob
So if you're lookin' for adventure
You should try my job-
And all those rock `n' rollers
I used to wanna meet?
Now they're pushing strollers
And wanna be me. . .


There goes my beeper
The kids must be in bed
Wake the little rug rats up;
Sleep on the couch instead
Not a peep from your little kids
The babysitter and me got biz

Hours and hours
Of fascinating fun
Quality time
Here i come-

Her voice is steady she knows
Little elvis is combat ready
When you wish upon a star
Well, wish no more `cause
Here i are!

So you think that i got no respect
She's a no limits
Kind of creature
So let's hope that mom and daddy
Are at a triple feature
Suddenly occurs to me
Maybe i need therapy
`cause i'm also
Hot for teacher


Catch a wave
Feel the power
Now you are solar powered

My toes
On the nose
Wanna be
Where the sun goes

I've heard a story
Many times
It's one that i believe
Of a place that's not on any map
Beyond the seven seas
Black sand. . .

Goin' to the ocean
Why don't you come with me
We'll slide right off
The backside
Of a dream

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