Darkthrone : Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone - Eight Norvegian Bands Paying Tribute

Black Metal / Norway
(1998 - Moonfog Productions)
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Desert... Night...
Coyotes Feel the Cold Wave of The Dark
Red Eyes eats through
The Vast Nocturnal Landscape
A Strong Light - The Only Night

This is where he made Sculptures
From the Visions that Created The Force

Baphomet in Steel
For the Flesh of Cain
A Throne made by remains
Of 12 holy Disciples

New Disciples rose,
One by one, ten by ten
All met under the Desert Moonlight
Knowledge fired across the Landscape
Sparks that mixed with Coyote Eyes
Diabolic Forces in a Ceremonial Union

And each Beast of the Land
Took its own way in Living
(The) Seven forbidden things
Were Eternally Desecrated

Kathaaria was Built - World without End


Alcohol is in my veins...
Tears fall as I think of you.
The true memory you left me with
Is a key to the wine of melancholy.

I drown myself in the deepest of sorrows-
As you Burned on that stake they burnt
My soul as well.
Your pure feelings, your flaming hate ;
It was not enough.

Natassja, my beloved satanic witch,
The power in your eyes and yourself.
Worked for the noble in man.
Pass the bottle, pass the knife,
Pass me your unholy crafts.

I shall never forget you, the best
Of all there is, I lick your cold lips,
I embrace your coffin as I sigh in woe.
You never kissed the priest, you never
Drank the blood of jesus. Weird, they say -
Well, turn it upside down like you did,
And they kill, kill, and they take you away...

Now, centuries later, I do yours and my sign.
You live in me, like you moved in with my soul.
Your resurrection is the spirit of you -
Installed in me. So now, your thougths
And your pains are my wine ; and Natassja :
I'll get these goddam angels drunk...


Horned Master of Endless Time
Summon thy Unholy Disciples
Trained for Centuries to Come.
Gather on the highest Mountain
United by Hatred;
The final Superjoint Ritual...

This, The Pagan Winter
Kept for the Obscure (ones)
Candles hold the only light
Sextons hide in Fear

For this Eternal Winter
A New God Ruled the Sky
The Million Hands Of Joy
Have something holy to Burn

From the top of the World one could see
The white light Servants Flee
Engulfed in an Infernal Cyclone
Created by (our) Blasphemy

Religious bodies Crossed the Sky
The Vision was our Wine
Roar of Fire, Feeble Fools
Into The Furnace Fire


Into the abyss I fall
And Dark is the reich of the dead
A portal to reach to the side
Where bodies fall from the sky
Solitude And Peace Of Mind
Entombed In Cromlech
Yes, flee over the River Styx
And join the dead with joy
An ocean of Blasphemy
Heathenish realm
And "Do What Thou Wilt" as decoy
My Prophecy is true...
We'll All Make It Through


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Transilvanian Hunger... cold.. soul
Your hands are cruel... to haunt.. to haunt

The mountains are cold... soul... soul...
Careful.. pale... forever at Night

Take me... can't you feel the Call
Embrace Me Eternally in your daylight slumber

To be Draped by the Shadow of your Morbid Palace
Ohh, Hate Living... The only heat is warm blood

So Pure... So Cold
Transilvanian Hunger

Hail to the True, intense vampires
A story made for Divine fulfillment

To be the ones breathing a Wind of Sorrow
Sorrow and fright the dearest catharsis

Beautiful Evil Self to be the Morbid Count
A part of a Pact that is delightfully immortal

Feel the call freeze you with the uppermost desire
Transilvanian Hunger...my mountain is cold

So Pure... Evil, Cold
Transilvanian Hunger


Kan du íyne Slottet i det fjerne
Og dets lystige, skralende fest
Par som danser, par som ler
Par som svímmer i uakstom Synd

Og under den sol dom (de) sorte tilber
Feirer de nyar med festing og tull
En skammelig Synd som Guder anser
Som andelig makkverk

Og hullene er graver
Som bare er for dem
Med andelige naler
Som for alltid ...
Vil pine alle lem

Kan du íyne Slottet i det fjerne
Fra din mírke, Grimme hule
Sa kan du hati i tusen ar -
Fryde deg over smerten de far


From the abode of demons
A wing of the pentagram
Comes the juice that painted
My heart and my soul

Swept in black they are
Swept in black I am

From this soul comes the eyes
That will look upon your ten
Beautiful heads with delight

My heart is the one
That will tend to your flames
And make them mine
We share this spirit -
My heart is yours...

I am your disciple
And therefore my own
Your weapon I will be
With the demons that posesses me
We'll ride the seven sins of death
That takes me to Katharian

The sign of your horns
Is my dearest vision
They impale all holy and weak

You watch me face the mirror
And see desecration
With my art I am the fist
In the face of god

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