Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult : Necrovision

Black Metal / Germany
(2013 - War Anthem Records)





Omnis immundus spiritus,
Omnis satanica potestas,
Omnis incursio infernalis adversarii,
Omnis legio diabolica,
Adjuramus te.

Invoked is the sacred and terrible name
A nocturnal presence so odorously unclean.
Betwixt this spiritual negativity lies in pain
A sacrificial extispex utter sanguine.
Nothing may ward off the dormant torment
These mural boundaries have seen.

Flaming scourge of God, bornless one,
Bestow upon us thy forbidden gnostic sermon.

Ergo draco maledicte - te rogamus, audi nos.

Begetter of Chaos, King of all kingships
Thy words of commandment are upon our lips.
Unmatched is thy glory and grace
So fierce thy lustful embrace.

He, whose culminating gnosis exceeds the horned serpent,
Whose guise is girt with light most lucent,
Whose numious will the welkin distends,
Whose shaping the invisible boundary transcends,
He, whose limitless enrails permeate throughout time
- This sanctuary is now thine. Ergo draco maledicte
Te rogamus, audi nos.
Omnis immundus spiritus, Omnis satanica potestas,
Omnis incursio infernalis adversarii,
Omnis legio diabolica,
Adjuramus te.


Primeval husk - Stellar remnant, source of no polarity,
Drawing down the most hidden of all hidden, intangible,
Towards the genderless foundation of impurity,
An ensorcelled orbit of a transient starless will.

Opthalmic bedevilment, the augury pours into the chalice,
Albeit amongst the sightless there is no seer,
No augur to divine this dire portent, demiurgeous,
Henceforth the specters of matter will drearily disappear.

Foundation of impurity - Opthalmic bedevilment,
The augury pours into the chalice
Primordial sapphirine driplets.

For though the primordial sapphirine driplets
Bedew desiccated tongues, none will grasp their savor,
To no extend in its boundless incomprehensible fulness,
Forsooth the forsaken ones are mandkinds failure.


When night falls,
The unveilment of sublime visions behold.
What's been obscured by verity
Conceives its mold
In the hue of night.

Upon ashen wings in pallid gloomy light
Your shadows blackened cast
Onto every solitary path.

A fire's blazing in the cadence of glorious times.
Inhale the sparks of transubstantiation.
Behold their miracles and signs.
What has been altered invisible through light
Conceives its color by the hue of night.

When night falls,
Reverbaration of clamorous times abate.
The voice of innermost depth by Tersareth perceived
Harken this tongues tone, thereto
Apprehend its mold conceived
By the hue of night – in nightly hue.

Within Cimonar deeply entranched, distend.
With Emerdiales all-encompassing vastness unified.
As part of the whole ascend
Towards the Godhead descried.

When night falls.


Transcend prime mover, starry and awed,
In radiant grace onto the palace empty of god.

Tenfold entwined sparks of holiness,
Oh, crowned emanation of unity caress,
The duality of life and death.

Transcend prime mover, starry and awed,
In radiant grace onto the palace empty of god.

Impurity - adhere concealed wisdom,
Emanate, contemplate, succumb,
To the filthy wailing one.

Limitless, invisble thou were highborn,
Now amorphously altering to misshapen scorn.

Coronated are the spheres of adversity,
Vaporously deified by miasmic blight,
In the spiritual cadence of delight.


Bound by an insatiable craving,
A fateful carnivorous greed,
Even in death still raving,
A bloodied life's work to exceed.

The Eviscerator – The Eviscerator

From Sitra Achra, side of Kelipah returning,
The God beloved, left-behind to maltreat.

The Eviscerator – The Eviscerator

Cita mors ruit.
Media vita in morte sumus.
Mors janua vitae.
Mors certa, sed hora incerta.

Faith - an excruciating visitation,
Hell's begotten saviour, sin-born,
To herald premature redemption,
To those of contempt and scorn.

Archeronian epitome of deliverance,
Skinning the husks, refined chaos,
Prepossessed by agonizing abhorrence,
A raging passion utter pious.

The Eviscerator - insatiable craving
The Eviscerator - carnivorous greed

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat.
Redibo, tu nunquam.


The cosmos is a vivacious vessel,
Whose profundity equals the depth of nocturnal blackness.
Macrocosm is the measurement for limitedless.
The fundaments of seminal knowledge are nourished
Willingly by the cosmical entity.

The cosmos lies within thee

No reflection appears upon the mirror
Unless one side's eclipsed
Nothing is apparent without antinomy.
The cognition of life grows perpetually
Out of dichotomies polarity.

Microcosm is the inner sense and replies
To this greater outer with a sonority.
An emotion combines the tone to chimes.
Their reverb lasts deathlessly
Despite shed off shells.

The cosmos is within thee


A place without designation, native soil without an abode,
Quethe with your silentness, live without a breath,
Rustle and fall silent with the wind
Upon my arrival.

Let the driblets of grief trickle - through my veins
Pulsating life, throbing death - steadily around us
Gigantic and trifling - upon my arrival.

Two kinds of equity.
The deathless intentions distant bourn.

When I arrive.

Grain crackles, like cinder in the flames,
And one-time it shall solidify under harvesting blades,
A bawl in solitude when I arrive.

Indulge the blades.
Withstand not the vice of Tulwod.
Augment your spirit when I arrive.
Recede not when I arrive.

Quethe with your silentness,
Upon my arrival night eternally reigns.


Harken! Ancient tongues are roaring,
From a distant realm they emerge.
Rending this deathly hush asunder
As a ferociously clashing surge,
Against the dreariness of
Eternal slumber.

Embarking the bleak vessel to set forth
Accross the ageless sea of deliverance.
Cloaked in garments of deluding secrecy
An emissary conjured, a fallen presence,
A benighted king soulless postulating
A direful theodicy.

Harken! Ancient tongues are roaring,
From a distant realm they emerge.

The source of conjuration slowly yielding,
Driven out for it is nonsignificant
To a mortal dust traversing godhead.
Through a transcendental quondam tyrant,
Maledicted and banished unto the habitations
Of the hollow shells of the dead.

Harken! A rejuvenated tongue now speaketh,
Obedience unto me, for I am mankinds dread,
Praise be unto me, for I am maleficence thrice,
Limited being - thy skin unclean shall be shed,
Finite and imperfect, ennoblement to the greater
Is ineluctable the lessers demise.

;歌词由 添加 Anouk - 修改此歌词