Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult : Hora Nocturna

Black Metal / Germany
(2006 - Self-Released)
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Las palabras

01 - Das All Eine

The sea drowned in stars.
Lunar exalted - Noctiluca – modor se niht

Unfurl them pinions for perennial flight through infinity.
You have never run aground.
You have never fallen.

Alles bin ich - Und ich bin das Eine
Modor se niht - Ich bin das All-Eine

Slow, Mightful, Astray
Imperishably enthroned by spirit of the night.
Midair through the spectral limbo forever.
Slow, Mightful, Astray

Eternal silence of night conscripted, breaching murky blackness.
Macrocosm a perpetual sea of tulwod.
Mightful wheels begin to turn in a monotony of sorrow.

Ich bin in Allem - Und ich bin das Eine
Lunar exalted - Ich bin das All-Eine

Alles bin ich – und ich bin das Eine
Modor se niht – ich bin das All-Eine

Slow, Mightful, Astray

02 - Tempestous Sermonizers Of Forthcoming Death

Visions bleak, fortified in maiming cold.
Enthralled by ancient conjured vociferations.
Insignificant, miserable lives are unable to repel
their forthcoming violent death.

Tempestous sermonizers' breath chimes
a funeral dirge of an ungodly tome.

We - who deny the gift of life… Shall be the judging blade.
We – who walk illumined paths, Shall herald the hallowed prophecy.

The epitome of garish forgiveness inverts
to a pale countenance of horrid torments.
Compassion, citadel of heavens abode,
tonelessly crumbles to redeeming indifference.

We – who are Lords above your God, witness the final prayer
Tempestous sermonizers' breath howles a funeral dirge of an ungodly tome.

We – who are ancient aristocrats are mankinds scourge.

… for there is no other god besides the I…

03 - Bearer of Blackest Might

Ye enter – bearer of blackest might!

Gustiness upon sacred soil.
Their savior's recourse where chants of subservient parasites resound.

This hallow wooden truss' gnashing,
as venerable gates violently open.

Behold your scraggy redemption's countenance,
Bestriding an expectorating beast,
Claws upholding hell's glistering bane,
The body covered in putrid shrouds.

They're chanting their last hymn,
Reciting their final prayer,
Permit the secrets of heaven to be revealed.

As your praise and yearning is infinite,
Your path shall be paved – in eternal darkness embedded
by the fire of the uphold torch.

Ye enter – bearer of blackest might!

04 - Unearthing Cosmic Decay

Break the blazing hands of time,
thus letting all life dwell within its despicable misery.

Unearth the course of cosmic decay!

Lead the ancient vile malice into mankinds congested veins.

Unearth the course of cosmic decay!

When beast and bird in splendour rejoice,
the equilibrium of life and death is reached...

Scared scale judicious slave - enfettered once within Chrono's halls,
The grand cleansing now unleash!

Cometh forth through pallor of broken mist - conquering.
Be the force which outweights this despicable misery.

The grand cleansing now unleash! Unearthing Cosmic Decay

05 - Hora Nocturna

Verschmolzen als Schatten der Nacht, sind wir.
Thronen uber den Sternen der Weltallwüste im Kreise der fünf Zacken.


Reich des Verderbens seit Aonen in der Elypse.
Reinkarnation des Chaos, einer schwangeren Leere,
weihen den Untergang, speihen auf Glaubensbekenntnisse,
verbannen die Zwange.

Dies ist das vielfache Wort der Blasphemie gegen alle Götter der Menschheit.
Dies ist das vielfache Wort der Misantrophie gegen den Parasiten der Welt.
Dies ist die Zeit der Selbsterkenntniss des okkulten Geistes.
Die Macht der Dunkelheit erweckt in der Gnade des Schicksals.
Die denkende Kraft regiert die Gewalten des Blutes.



EGO: Der ungebrochene Geist findet den Weg
EGO: Herr der Wahrheit aus dessen Mund
ewige Flammen hervorgehen
EGO: Hervorbringer des bosen der Welt


Höret die Stimme, auf ewig euch unerreichbar in unantastbarer Ferne.

06 - Malignant Deathcult

Skiron - foul winds graze ceremonial robes within the circle of the possessed!
Erebos -nightly mass amidst the elysian fields, to honour the might of beyond!

Pestilential bearer wield thy sinful scythe,
hallowed be thy blackened crown.
In a deathlike frenzy bless this nocturnal cult,
Unchain the phalanx of living plagues.

Skiron - Erebos - Malignant Deathcult

Notos - ground your misty breath upon the forthcoming mourning!
Koios - fallen empires shall be triumphant,
resolving existing into mouldering ashes.

An unillumined dawn shall wear mourning.
For those who live shall soon be dead found,
An enlightened dusk shall malignant rejoice,
For those who have died shall rise again.

07 - Cimonar de Nuit

On a trail between the ruins shadows disappear into the night.

A gathering around the fire lets them celebrate Cimonar de nuit.

Reloaded powers of chaos in darkest glory lets them
chant until their sound reaches the end of nothingness.

Winds carry their spiritual vibrancy.
Bow down - cloth the world in perpetual effulgence of cimonar.

Hail silence - Hail reign of night
Hail Chaos - Hail Blasphemy
Ave occult spirit - nocturnal divinity

Extol the crown of silver filigree filaments, spun by ritualistic deeds.
Sojourn within this nightly benison, dismantle the resurrection of dawns demiurg.

In darkest glory discharge the entangled thoughts into nothingness.

The last verse resounds shy to apocalyptic storm.
Shadows disappear into the night as rain covers up the tracks of their paths.

08 - ...to Necromancy

…take my thoughts and carry them to necromancy.
Delivered through the spirit, carried by the wind.
Endless vastness - vast spheres.

At days and nights point of intersection
shadows are flickering in the cadence of thoughts.
Crystal eyes starring wound covered at their dying time.

Beyond the gates of yearning,
By the chasms of perdition,
Vastness is ablaze.

Sallow twilights incinerating thought,
Blandishing stunning taste of existence,
Sanguinary sopping out of lacerated tissue dripping down
into wisdom's stillness.

A blessed drop discerped from the spirit,
archaic tribute to the perishable.
A defying thought discerped from the body,
in guilty uncertainty prospers.

Beyond the gates of yearning,
by the chasms of perdition,
vastness is ablaze.

At the point of intersection between day and night
dying crystal eyes are starring at time.

At the first chasm of perdition the vastness of new spheres is blazing.
A blessed drop discerped from the spirit,
archaic tribute to the perishable.
A defying thought from the body,
in guilty uncertainty prospers.

Take my thoughts and carry them to necromancy.

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