Dark Lunacy : Serenity

Melodic Death / Italy
(1999 - Self-Released)
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Through the autumn,
Fly the echos of hidden cries
Rests the dreamer, besaid the ruin
Of a crambeled life
Walk in silence, amok the shadows
Embrace the light
And my spirit hails the tails
Lost in memory.

I am fall, you'll never see me

I have tried to run so faster
- Faster like the wind of autumn -
I have tired, to understand the world
- And the air stroke the yellow leaf -
And I need to find the answer
- The leaf of autumn waits to fly -
But this world is different from mine
- I want to fly faraway from here -

I come from here, you never seen me
Don't find me in light
Don't call me in hopes
Voice from the dust above the time.
Comes to sworn from distant stories
Screaming birds destroy the skyline
Distant sworn, silent tails
Screaming crows,
Breaking soul , soul
Soul escape from you.


Dark storm after the light
It's over my broken rage
It's over
From my vanish life.
Take me, I run to you
And show me your beauty side
And save me
With your sacrifice.

And dance, dance for my soul
Dance for my eyes
Deceived me again
Change, change all my thoughts
Kill other dreams
Rule all my sense
And take me home.

Dark moon before the sun
And prayers from gothic nights
Relieve me
After the cry.
Lead me in other time
I feel you a part of me
From my rising dreams.
And fly, fly on my cold
Fly for my life
Deceive me again
Change, change other thoughts
Rule all my days
Until the end
Let the curtain fall.

Rumours move in the past
When safety has lost the way
The nightmare
It's only revenge.
Magic veils are flying on me
And their eyes embrace the truth
They tell lies
But I feel in my world.

Dance, dance throught the mist
Dance for my mind
I don't want the light
Wax, angel of wax
I can't live nomore
I can't dream nomore
Can you dance for me?
I trust in your blackened soul
I'm walking in misty garden
Your name is madness
Your children the Dolls

Wax, angel of wax
I can't live nomore
I can't dream nomore
Without my Dolls

... Can you dance for me? ...


Frozen eyes in a day of winter
At the gates of snowy pathway
I greet the cold
And ashen sunrise
Wander in the season of the past

Flying back
The lyric of storm
It's growing inside
"When the angel will
Spread her black wings
I will fly in eternity with her"

Crying snow in a day of winter
Tears of ice fall around my throne
The time of cold
Has brought the silence
And my soul waits
The power to come back
Flying proud
The lyric of storm
It's growing inside
"When the angel will spread her
Black wings
I will fly in eternity with her"

You grasp my strong
Before my death
I have only you
In my great surrender
And the death of heart
And the death of soul
My desperation
In the winter find the rest
December, December ....
By my eyes
Nothing appears so clear
Nothing in standing still
I'm leaving my life
I'm waiting for december.


I remember
Northern side
Were the frozen
In the keeper of my hopes
And in this place of sacred peace
There is no words
To tell about this world.

Cold, father of my blood
Redemption of my soul.

Vault of desperation.

But the story makes me fall
In your false light
Surrounded by rainy lies
In this journey I'm looking for
Stroke of love
That I lost along the time.

Love, reflection of the past
Sad melodies of you.

Vault of desperation

Dark season's singing
From the sea of inner missing,
From inside the secret story
To the end of human glory
I remember your frozen tears,
I remember my northern star.
Dark season's blowing
From the hills of,
Weeping willows,
by my tears the rivers
Flowing to the sea of dying quiet,
I remember your frozen tears,
I remember my northern star.

Our spirit
Has lived free
But your wanted
The light of not believe
You are rowing without past
But I can't, I can never say

Cold, still will be my friend
I'll see your frozen tears.

Vault of desperation.

Nothing, all around me
Nothing, all around me
All around me,
Just a vision, just a vision
Slowly kills me, from inside
All that I can see
Lost in memory
The river's flowing in to the sea
The river's flowing in dying quiet

Wishing you to take my cry
I keep on seeing in other eyes
I keep on seeing
In the heart of nothing
Where the lies trapped your spirit

Rumours of darkness
From northern story
Taking the painting
Of distant lovers
I sing in the winter
Because I need you
I sing in the winter
In the frozen memories.

Dark sirens in my eyes.

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