Dark Half : Reborn

Death Metal / Mexico
(1992 - Avanzada Metalica)
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1. REBORN...

Open my coffin, my faith falls
Lord, in person, the same, calls
Moving inside the grave
I watch again the daylight

Awake in the dawn
Out from the dark
Walking around
Far from the fog
Dead for centuries
Was like a dream
Now breathing again
With no pain

Arise from the dead
Out from my grave
Near to the light
Far from the dark

Listen the steps of the dead
They’re walking
Look at the men in the end of the edges
Time is forever
Running slower
Final judgment has arrived


Faster, save me from this agony
Please, tell me if this is a bad dream
I don’t want to die in this misery
Fallen into this weird

I’m living the world
Crossing the death’s door
It’s time to meet the dark
When I close my eyes forever

I’m waiting for my final breath
Forgotten and alone in this place
Without movement, without someone who cares
I hear the screams of the dead

Walking alone, giving my soul
Killing my body, killing my mind
Envolved as I was into drugs
Too late to ask for help


Searching for the entrance of a mystic land
A holy place, unknown to men
Soul adventures, dangerous escape
Fool illusion for the simple mind

Magical experience for the elected one
He’ll explore beyond the life
He’ll become, to the forbidden land
Where evil and goodness look alike

He’ll be lost in the damned land

There’s no place for mistakes
Every step is something new
Every error is something worse
Alive or dead, he keeps his fate

He discovers all the truths
About life and death
The price for knowing is very high
And he has to pay with pain and suffering

There’s no way to escape
Even dying, he’ll return
To be an angel or a demon
That’s the end of the voyage

Many lives he will have
Paying sins of humanity
Only then he’ll be free
For goodness or evilness

He’ll return again and again


Evil and madness
Control your blindness
Power of masters
Reign of disasters
Dead by the time
I have arrived
He renacido
En tiempo fallido

Losing control?
Where is your soul?
Reborn in this world
To take your soul

Humans will pay
And now is the day
But I’m here
To cure your fear
Dead by the time
I have arrived
I’ll take your soul
‘Cause I’m your Lord!


Dark has fallen, over my path
Another day of despaired wait
Evil’s waiting for any mistake
To make me fall into his reign

There’s no excuse to be safe
There’s no innocence around this land
I’m sick of seeing, my heartless town
Crumble down, through the time
Nobody wants to change the rules
To live or die in this emptiness

Dying souls
Evil lords
Getting worse
Dying world

Into this dark and madness, you can be lost
Take your dreams from blackness and you’ll be free

Day and light, an endless war
A fighting evil, against myself
The path is long to be walked
Another one, controlling me

The fight remains until one day
Light comes true and I will say
I’m sick of seeing my heartless town
Crumble down, through the time
Nobody wants to change the rules
To live or die in this emptiness

Dying souls
Evil lords
Getting worse
Dying world


Mutes senses can’t tell me
Where I am and if I’m free
Time is running, getting away
Covered by doubts
Nothing can be explained

Dead in hell?
I’m paying all my sins?
Dead in heaven?
I can’t stay in here

Touched by the darkness
Feeling the air
Someone to talk
Nobody is nowhere
Praying alone
Waiting the death
If I’m still alive
And this is the end

Not anymore...

A voice is calling me
Coming through the air
Coming from the darkness
Straight to my brain
Filling my head
Struggling my soul
With no pain
Taking me with...

Calling my name
Striking my fear
Shaking my soul
Freezing in cold
Minutes of terror
No time for error
Mistress of dark
Takes my soul apart

Hear my holy voice
‘Cause you have no choice
If you want to stay
You’re going to pay
Repent for your sins
And let me get in
Break up the spell
Don’t go to hell

Chained by my reason
In the end of the seasons
Time does not exist
Here where I am
Fighting myself
Pulling the veil
Searching the truth
Beyond the death

Breakable truths is what we have
Untouchable lies is what we make
And a hatred god is what we’ve made
But hell is alert to take us in

Don’t be afraid of dark
Don’t be afraid of light
You have to pass
Beyond the black

This is the death coming true!

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