Damnation (PL) : Everlasting Sickness

Death Metal / Poland
(1993 - Self-Released)
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In the shadows of the devastated lands,
The breath of cursed time in the oblivion's ruins
Celebration on the altars of misery
Crucified pain stigma of enslaved souls

Among the unseen deities
In the everlasting sickness

Sins stained with virtue mysteries of despair
Eternal flame of lies ceremony of pain
Incessant payers in bitterness of mercy
Lost hopes reality that hurts your mind again

Among the unseen deities
In the everlasting sickness

Innocent graves spilled into dust
The maze of dreams escapes from life
Winds of the past penetrating the time
Medieval plagues touch inhumanly

Dark winds of death flap into your mind
Helpless prayers in the temple of light
Longing of sky within your soul
Eternity endless desire
Fallen servant of eternal sins
Shamed by faith you are the sick

I summon heaves deserted hills
I look at the Earth from the holy gates
Hatred is mine and love and pain that I give
Penance dwells within me and feed my soul


Filthiness flowing through your soul
Blasphemies of existence for centuries
Sins and impurity filling the minds
Almighty rules turned into deadly ash

Fire and bliss filters through the flesh
Innocence and wrath in pain
Curse of majesty in disdain
Dishonour humiliates endlessly

Gates of immortality in my mind
Eternity's flame into the eyes of sin
Future and the past in the circle of time
Visions of the night leading me

Crucified words of the dying truth
Joined in one tear, wrath and damnation
Crushed heaven's throne defiled with my scorn
I despise death with unholy dissention

Suffering and lies rise above
I can see the dying world bathed in hypocrisy
I reveal the truth in unknown dimensions
My soul approaches to the bounds of hell



Burning eyes like coldest flames
Lead my soul among the fallen angles
Blessed be...

Bliss of the night putrefies my mind
Despondency drives me into the fire
My thoughts on the see of misery - testimony...

The legacy of eternity
In the gore of despair
In sins of universe
Reborn again

Unholy ground stained with blood
Blackened sun that burns dreams
I arise from the bounds of captivity
In the abyss of my own soul

My blood... my sins... my fall... my tears...
My oath... my pride... my arise... my wrath...


Burning with inner fire, muffled existence
Roots of evil prime sign of mercy
Blackness burns soul stigma of innocence
Insanity in brain instincts lacerate

Purified slave within feeling are renounced
Forbidden lust inside the heart
Morbid pain is haunting
Twisted light way of truth unaccepted
Suffering in the circle of merciful hatred

Sacrificials minds bounded consciousness
Innocence's blaze in the eyes blackness of blue heart
Maze of sublimity dead lies strength
Tortures within bare scorching pain


Stigma of your heart poisoned fruit of dreams
Shadows touch a face suffering between

Hatred's flames inside you can see your pain
Obliteration sins of souls are flowing NOW!

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