Cytotoxin : Gammageddon

Technical Death / Germany
(2017 - Unique Leader Records)
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Kingdom we reign
Block 4 memorial
The core is boiling over
A held breath
Of the lurking predator
The core is bleeding
No chance for healing
With every blowout
The zone got changed
Recognize with pride
Your fertile harvest
Flourished biosynthesis
Life cellimination
Taste is a wish
Usability is an illusion
Nuclear badlands
Destination hope
Element fusion
Cast into an endless abyss
In the reactor we are the same
We are the same
Condemned to perish
We are the same
Condemned to perish
We are condemned to perish
Forced into patterns
Converted new race

Radiatus generis
Radiatus generis

Lifeless shell of dead cell membrane
Adapted epidermis viscosity predominance
All beeings are connected to a common nucleus
Hybrid unit follows the same instructions
Lurch! Cringe! Moan and rot!
Omnipresent conditions
Choosing our own path
Genotype bodyfog
Mean machine converting life codes
Escape from the borders
Crawl in search for fulfillment
In a world of nothing where the system failed
All hope collapsed, block 4 is our home

Radiatus generis
Omnipresent conditions
Radiatus generis
Devoured by the fallout


Drop the bomb
In the habitats of the species
Coastal aquacultures
Infested in a split second
Our base of staple food
Reduced to waste
Life dump
Genotype disposal site

One more time that you lie to my face
Ocean currents are diluting the risk
Pseudoscience confidence

One more time that you lie to my face
Once again insulting my intelligence
Gather around at a fireplace
Where we roast all fate and competence

Significant differences in the results unproclaimed
Independent measurements impeded by government
For threat reduction proclaim dilution
Conceal the flipside: large-scale distribution

Health propaganda - human agenda
Deceived mind unable - to convince organism
Decreased density
Increased mortality
Inseminated oceans

Radioactively contaminated creatures
Distortion of your statements

Sky - under open sky
Store the fuel rods
Unsealed holding basins
Several meltdowns

Continuous fuel chain reaction
Under constant release of neutrons

Significant (...)

What man created
Worldwide distribution
The primate human
As final consument

Final consequence
Nuclear inventory can't be wiped out
Like in Chernobyl with graphite fire
Radioactive iodine, caesium and strontium
Access to the biosphere - values know no limits
Consequences for all existence


Time is frozen in an alternative universe
Humankind herded in vaults
Buried with their findings and progress
Drowned in radioactive soil
Once you feared to set the world on fire
Then you where drown in flames
Once my life as begun
I will never set the sun my life starts and ends
In a concrete corset
Guided in a world which is unworthy the name
It is no globe anymore rather a spiral of chaos
The silence of the surface fester into my ears
Transmuted in my mind suffocates my brain with fear

No day no light
Just darkness artificial light
Shredded human cosmos
Fade in the wind of time
To protect ourselves with a gasmask kit
They teach us modified periodic system
Not elements that exist in general
Just those which erase us the gate
Of the vaults stay always shut
No way outside no way up
Scorch the earth mindmapping your dreams
Winds of illusion

Lift your crippled wings
Left you crippled forced down on your knees
Awaiting the exodus
Continuous reactor meltdown
Wasteland barren away
The incident as zero hour
The sargophagus mankind's cradle
Not ancestor just survivor
No decease just salvation

No day no light
Just darkness artificial light
Shredded human cosmos
Fade in the wind of time
Shattered in the winds of time
Winds of time
The silence of the surface fester into my ears
Transmuted in my mind suffocates my brain with fear
The gate of the vaults stay always shut
No way outside no way up
Scorch the earth mindmapping your dreams
Winds of illusion
Lift your crippled wings


Abuse the power of the atom

Know all laws - explore all the elements
Constructing bombs - more than your opponents
Now we fled into the earth core
Protect ourselves from nuclear winter

The surface is the new heaven
Radiation badland dead end
Holes - holes in the ground
Subterranean tunnels
Chernopolis - welcome to dead land

Chernopolis welcome to dead land

Self-proclaimed administration randomizes the onus
Inventing grades and revels worthless unnecessary awards
For the border posts along the railway crossings
Solidified under the weight of their burden

Main core - restrict area no trespass is allowed
Origin of energy barely unknown
Highest security level ultimate foreclosure
Ancestors determine our own termination

Block 4 meltdown
Camp life dead end
Dead end

Constrain us to repeat their mistakes again
Final haven and we will sink down

Cardiovascular system
Tube system of underground tunnels
Pumps ulcers of void
Into the ventricles of town

Still we control nothing
Still we can loose
Once again we lie to ourselves

Fool us fool us once again
A face in the mirror we can't take anymore

Playing hide and seek without a place to hide
When I close my eyes I see myself
When I am facing hope I am looking through
When I breath life my lungs are filled with death


"He has to be here somewhere... do you see something?"

"I see nothing. Beware, the radiation here is very high."

"He's over there!"

"There is nothing we can do for him anymore, I'll check the radio reception, maybe I can receive something... The same permanent speech. I'll check the signal."

"Wait... what was that?"


The most glorious Soviet union power plant
Stood in the middle of paradise
Radiation Eden

War with mother Russia
Calls for victims, draws all blood out of the veins
Mismanagement and state bankruptcy
The reactor lost in the agenda

Thousands of working hands
Eternally bound to an atom ruin
Nations constructing a steel dome
Under livewasting conditions

Roof so high to cover churches
Working hours minimized by radiation load
A masterpiece engineers built with pride
Tons of steel a prime construction site

1986 - the reactor disaster
Pelt the block with lead and sand
Cubic meters of nuclear waste

Vore material melted together in unknown mixture
A deadly combination spreaded over several floors

Suggestions becoming laws
Decision made behind closed doors

A dead machine which can not be exchanged
Nuclear grave - tons of radioactive dust
A human legacy beneath the construct
Final storage of soul

Storage of soul
Experiment failure
Who fails will die soon
No half-life of mind

Marode construction will fall down
No answer to the question of time
Resisting shelter over an accident
Which will never be over

New safe confinement - buying time instead of solution
Uranium and plutonium are more resistant than any construction
Half-life of these substances is several thousand years

1986 [...]

The green meadow in Chernobyl remains a vision


Hope is your medicine and hope has been destroyed
Outside the cortex of your endless human void

What man discovers-radium decay
Emitted ionizing radiation
Conundrum of elements
Engineer theories and the structure of the atom
Shades of decay

Assembling models
Proof the fission of uranium
Liberated neutrons
Chain reactions are in motion
Science currency-quantities of energy
You are so wise, we are so proud
Reckon, estimate, calculate

Peaceful use of the ultimate weapon
Construct commissions
Adopting ordinances
Archetype of wisdom
Repositories and disposal
Drilling deeper in the exploration mine

The dreams you've had
Now they lie dead
All dreams lie dead

Mutagenic ionization effect
Minimal quantum is bringing death
Increase sickness liability

One way in, one way out
Cancer, malformations
Several ways in, no way out-no ways out

Mankind in dead rest
Passing generations- spreading the gift
Damage of species
Ultimate fusion

Human cell and reactor core
Quarantine era
Quantum hope


Trespass the area floating between the spheres
Stalkers control the cordon equipped with reverence
Snorkelling through the gas mask corroded second skin
Artificial tissue hiding the scars of sin

If you can walk you tend to flee
If you have a secret then you hide it

Mutant contours
Drifting the fog
Brain scorched
Moaning in the darkness

In hunt for artefacts - common virus
We relinquish the segments of life

If you can walk you tend to flee
If you have a secret then you hide it
You don't tear your own roots out of the ground
Even if they're getting contaminated

Contaminated - system radiated
Contaminated - life terminated
All terminated

After man was silence
Those who were sent never came back
Where everything corrodes on the ground
Once was built for the final resistance

Mutant contours

Misconception - human failure
Crown of creation crushed to dust
Ecosystem radiated
In a wasteland that we estimated

Use or loose - rape the resource
Hide to survive - grief and remorse
Banned into the loop
Of unforeseen consequences

Radiation surface of the sarcophagus reign
Can't be swept away by the atomous rain

Your lifecode is nothing more than numbers
Numbers are your destiny and steer your doom
Incorrect values on inaccurate display panels

Mutant contours

What are zones and what are borders
If something is so borderless
Organisms are defined by adjustment
Adapt to death by staying alive


Harvesting hope in a world for the hopeless ones

Man wipeout his own race no reason remorse
Obey to the system an outcast in life
Shredded the whole cosmos of human resource
Anachronistic chaos, a maelstrom of lies

Welcome to a world where we're facing the truth
Omnipresent sorrow is left for all kind
Impotent paradise and all illusions shall perish

No time in this area
Phenomenon rise-the zone expand
Only dead land areas of altered physics
Pulsing anomalies environment distortion
Varying frequency pulsing anomalies proximity warning
Endless formlessness symbiosis perfection
Proximity warning, varying frequency

No thinking forward of no tomorrow
Welcome to a world of mutated sorrow

Cover the brave
Omnipresent radiation
Dig out the grave
For your God's creation
Nothing remains

Change your world
Bring it all to an end
Whats left is ours

Concept masturbation
There is just the irrelevance of existence
A single period- the human lifetime

Bring life into your dead soul
Harvesting hope in a world for the hopeless
The salvation
Maelstrom of lies
Restless utopia
Breakdown awaits
The end has come

Fathers dead son- the end has come
Humans are down- remove the sham crown

Circle- circle of pointlessness
Humans chasing their dreams
Erased by reality
Facing- facing the truth

10.Sector Zero


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