Cyclone (BEL) : Inferior to None

Thrash Metal / Belgium
(1990 - Justice Music / Avanzada Metalica)
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Hatred ripping through this mind
Diseased with insanity
My mind's cured but I'm still sick
Can't stop this killing tendency
Living in a lasting nightmare
Where dream is reality
Voices scream inside my head
Tear apart my inner me

Set free, my evil me
A nightmare of reality
I wanna see, your agony
I'll be glad to seal your destiny

Set free, my evil me
Your fuckin' life will end with me

Locked away in isolation
Cut of all these years
Mindless machine lost forever
In this labyrinth of fears
Sucked in blackouts, stress, confusion
Loss of memory
What have I done, where have I been
Who is this other me?

Death is in my stare
Kill without a care
It lives inside of me
There's no cure, no remedy

Cries inside my brain
I can't stand the pain
Feel the need in me
Can't stop this insanity

This pain cannot heal, it's part of me
Can't control it's intensity
Pent-up inner hate, is now set free
Captive of this morbidity

Twisted thoughts rush through this brain
And bring my mind to rage

Trapped inside these fields of madness
And you are all to blame
Took all your pills, your therapy
To turn fuckin1 insane
Nothing or no one can escape me
Pm your destiny
The fear to die controls your brain
The time has come to pay


Sentenced to death
Guilty for my crime
I took life
Now they will take mine
Condemned inside
These walls of solitude
A timeless world
In which I might find the truth

I fear... Death's near
My fate... Sealed here

Jesus Christ
Forgive me for my sin
Free me from
The pain I fee! within
Don't need compassion
Don't spill your tears for me
My soul, my hands
Stained for eternity
I fear... Death's near
My fate... Sealed here

So be it, my fate
This sentence for my crime
So be it, await
My fine
So be it, my fate
Death's near
So be it, await
Unfolding death is near... I fear

The fear to die
Grips it's hold on me
Can't ignore
This chronic agony
Just wait for
My final destiny
Oh please God
Save me from this lunacy
I fear... Death's near
My fate... Sealed here

Feel the madness rage, it's ripping through my brain
Every fuckin1 heartbeat is pumping fear into my veins
My mind is so confused, all I feel is moral pain
What went wrong, who am I, am I sick or just insane
Took life of all these innocent, is there a motive why
Now I face reality, my turn has come to die

Die... Die... Don't wanna die
Die... Die... Don't wanna die

Years've gone by
It seemed so endlessly
But now today
Life will end with me
A last cigarette
Before I'm history
Strapped in the chair
God lay thy peace on me

I fear... Death's near
My fate... sealed here


No, l can't face this reality
I lie here on this bed
I'm strapped with chains that I can't see.
Why, why had it just to be me
Always depend on someone else
To live this life of misery

Can only feel
The mental pain
This way of living is just driving me insane
A withered plant
But realize
That I'm the sorrow wasting other people's life

Paralysed... Paralysed
Paralysed... Don't want to live this way
Paralysed... No change from day to day
Just want to die

No, I don't need your concerned advice
Can't take this anymore
Ain't got no goal in this fucked up life
God is this the way life's meant to be?
Then I just wanna die
Somebody help me set free, free


Enraged with anger, expressions of fear
A world face to face with a future not clear
Violent reactions the crowd wants a name
But who'll point the finger to the one to blame?

If you're not stained and free from sin
Then why do you fear within
If you're so sure of your inner own
Then make your step forward now and

Throw... The... First... Stone

Stranded in cold wars, in times of despair
Involved into problems that should not be there
Decisions are taken, they're part of this game
And we're left behind with the tears and the pain

Hate... Death... Warmachine... Wiping this earth clean
Power... Greed... Insanity... Could end it all today
Nothing matters no one cares but the day will come you'll see
No repentance for our sins there will be nothing
Left to be

Throw... The... First... Stone

Trapped in this nightmare this paradise of sin
The outcome of this world is now closing in
Raped by own hatred disgraced with no shame
This earth lost forever and we're all to blame

If you're not stained and free from sin
Than why do you fear within?
If you're so sure of your fuckin' inner own
Than make your step forward now and

Throw... The... First... Stone


Death's cold touch left behind in a corpse no longer me
Voyage into the unknown to a certain destiny
On through the sea of time, the void of endless time
A dimension so unreal
Beyond infinity, lies the key, that only the one can reveal

Could the end be the beginning
The whirligig of time an endless ring
Could death be re-entry
The threshold to eternity

Travel through visions and dreams, a world of mystery
The riddle of the hereafter is now unveiled to me
Attracted towards a light, pure and bright,
The tunnel's end is drawing near
Here on his demand, guided by his hand,
Salvation burns away my fear

Before I reach the tunnel's end
A voice sounds crystal clear
Stop your time's not come my son
And I wake up where have I been
The place where I have been, the things that I have seen


Spread hate and fear
Lay waste on this land
Death and destruction
Are at my command
I bring you terror
Misery and pain
I laugh when you die
Not one will remain
Your suffering is my pleasure
Death is my game
Your fear can be felt
When you speak my name
I am the plague

Die... you will
Greed... My violent spill
Fear... My way
I am the plague

Do as you please
You may fight II the last
No longer life
Once I have past
No one can stop me
The legend is here
What I take is mine
My intentions are clear
Don't beg for mercy
I've heard it before
Every deed fuckin' drives me to more
The dearest I took
Was the toll that you paid
Greed is my hunger
Fed by your hate

Ravage the country
Plunder your town
Nothing is safe
When I come around
Death soon shall fall
On the one, my next prey
Destroy and kill
What crosses my way
My promise is worthless
And so is your life
My way is pure hatred
I live to despise
My reign is inhuman
No one can stand
Conquer and rule
With iron hand

Die... you will
Greed... My violent spill
Fear... My way
I am the plague
I am the plague




Strange men stalk this land, rape it's purity
Bring forth new diseases, hate, voracity
With unseen greed they take and steal in total anarchy
Natives captured, marked and caged are sold across the sea

Slavery, Slavery, trapped inside this misery
Slavery, slavery, chained down by reality
Destined to work and serve your master's plantation
Exposed to mockery and discrimination
Lost inside a wicked world of inhumanity
To live and die in slavery will be your destiny

Escape your misery
Free you wanna be
If you run away
You know you're gonna pay
The whip will be your fine
Your foot the 2nd time
And if you don't agree
You might hang on a tree!

Years passed, than came the day, the day of liberty
New rules, new laws brought new misery
Those who tried and fought for rights were killed immediately
Freedom just a shattered dream in life's reality

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