Cult Of Luna : The Beyond

Sludge Doom / Sweden
(2003 - Earache Records)
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"If we surrender our liberty in the name of security we shall have neither".
[Benjamin Franklin]


A deep sore dragged through ages.
The sores are my own, I know.
Wounds collected through a lifetime.
And wisdom I pick up along the way.
I received the spit from a snake.
And the snare cut real deep.
I was caught in her womb.
Something spreading in my veins.
Those walls I faced alone.
I crept on bounded knees
The own will just vanished.
I wept my compassion away, with tears that flooded your heart.
No river leads back to mine.
I bow down in soil and whisper.
I gather strength to spread the disease.


Somewhere along the railway a body divided in two.
Somewhere between the screams, those visions were never seen.
I understood the voice.
An ancient sacrifice.
Buried in wreck.
To rise up in a gaze.
In marches the bitter man.
Fire away again and again
Hang dry curtains are down.
Sink down in dumping grounds.
Sirens scream in your head when the march lingers on.
Hear the echoes of the ceremonial doom.


Through times I thought of what we created.
For greater causes that brought us down to this
The ground is shaking from all the people below.
One thing I've learned from this is,
What you reap is what you sow.
In elderly forms and surroundings.
In the flesh of spirits incarnated.
They are here for the hate forgotten.
A rearview mirror to all lost souls.
A slow burn shattered the field.
Pain through body fire drained vein.

Walk down to the watchtower.
And with the right kind of eyes.
See waves roll in and over.
Never could you see the watermark.

Man marches through the rust and dust.
The burning fields will soon be ashes.
Bodies woven in smoke and skin.
And clouds descend to the sea.
I see the bonds that tie belief.
For this I choose to sink.

Walk down to the watchtower.
And with the obscure shapes.
See smoke roll in and over.
Never will we see the lights.


What I have seen behind the frontline.
Is what keeps me existing.
I can feel it moving through me.
Pure electricity.
Shabra and shatila rises and retaliates.
An invitation that raises the dead.
I have seen their fate.
The sun sets over holy land.
And our last day advances.
I can feel it piercing through me.
The nails from god.


Oh new day.
Wash my face and wipe these scars away.
Clear my thoughts.
Imagine the last Empire's demise
Oh new dawn.
At last I have died and reborn.
The rays burnt through my shell.
My mission is summoning me.
From the depth of earth I crawled.
From Heaven's heights I've descended.
The last one to know them all.
The first to be rejected.
Under cover of white light we meet at the first step.
Digging graves for a dying world..

In the river, in thin air I am floating.
Following lessons of past mistakes.
Gathering knowledge as I grow stronger.
I am the poisoned rain from a darkened sky.
I am the burning water and the orphans' cry.
I live in the ones who have fallen only to reach for the stars.
I am the desert wasteland; I am the spring run dry.
When I arrive you become a hypocrite, you become a liar.
All that was sacred have I sealed in.
The day I'll find you is the day I'll save your soul.
The night is upon us and the enemy never sleeps.


All sights melt down and follow to the end of time.
They had risen to the skies and sunk in depths of gray.
I am woven into the eyes of everyone.
There's no hiding from this growing intense slaughter.
The will of hunt and kill got you in a tight leash.
In rains of crimson colors you lower yourself in blood.
Now you will find yourself in the greatest collapse.
The time has finally come and wrath has just begun.
Dark intentions they meet again.
Kill the vein that feeds your light.
Take extractions down the grave.
Seek them will not make you fade away.
Meet the naked eye that beholds your spirit.
Face the shadows of your soul in ashes.
Follow the snakes into the burning flames.


At the end of the road where lies turn to dust.
You'll find the remains of a girl and the truth that hurt too much.
Through her eyes you'll see that it's true what was said.
"Wherever the river flows it's running red".


Relations are artificial; will we give it a new beginning?
Find the essence in ourselves and escape through the tunnel.
Transferring spirits.
The second coming.
Shattering bodies and rising fire.
A broken man came our way.
He'd lost his harvest.
Sunken, he gazed...
There lies the blessing.
Forthcoming shadows are unfulfilled.
Striving forward and deliver innocence.
There lies the blessing.
We are striving forward.


Below the surface I swim.
Holding my breath as I sink deeper.
Watching the colors and the shapes.
Searching for another way out.
Clinging on to every last word.
A shred of hope long since forgotten.
All that is left is hate and regret.
This world got the best of me.
Further on.
Closing in.
Falling down.
Giving in...
...To the beyond

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