Cult Of Luna : Salvation

Sludge Doom / Sweden
(2004 - Earache Records)
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Empty men without regrets.
Leaning against each others shoulders.
Open spaces fill the gap.
Where reason reigned and fell.
And I see vapour coming out.
Of every crack in the framework.
Caught in a vortex between false.
Perceptions and reality.
Dead frequencies kill the intellect.
And truths that only raindrops see.
Frail bodies out in the periphery.
Walk like ghosts across the screen.
It begins again.


Awoke in a fever, a feeling that's never been here before.
Staring at these walls knowing you're right outside the door.
See through me, point your words and make me shiver.
This time I know we will go down trying to reconcile.
Waiting here for you to save me.
Stranded here with my vague illusions and broken dreams.
One more time around so degraded.
Running in circles these days of endless guilt.

There were reasons.
There were moments.
Reach to me and lead me astray.

As the night breathes out the harsh and cold morning.
A smoke screen has surrounded the funeral mourners.
They march in the wake of broken promises.
This time they know we all fall into the rhythm so slow.


Out of a secret longing.
They know their way from here.
Out of a growing dream.
They follow the road we create.
I see what I've cut behind me.
Lost on the bottom you often found me there.
False conscience is beyond me.
Lost in the backwoods I lie open to you here.
Just leave me here.
These men are running hard.
But you keep down your voices.
Living only to judge heavy.
All mysteries aside there was a truth outside.

Leave me here and I'm born again.
Leave me here in this void again.
Now I am open left for dead.
Just like salvation comes in the end.


I am praying for the raging flood.
I am waiting for you to come.


In his arms, locked in that iron grip nothing will reveal.
Follow these footsteps and we will reach the bottom.
I tumbled down the road that bears his name.
Here he dwells, here he prospers and pushes us towards the end.
When we are drifting against the tide.
Colliding with the very air we breathe.
Somewhere the tracks inwards must lead out.
A grasp of hope that defeats the will.
Always pushed away.
Always nothing.


Where is the rain that purifies and retaliates?
Where is the one I begged for strength to carry on?
Speak to me, I have followed through.
Deliver me from guilt.
Take me home.
To the source of white light I offer my place.
My sacrifice for its life.
The guilt that stains me vanishes on the other side.
Where is the rain that purifies and retaliates?
Where is the one I begged for strength to carry on?
Walking along the river's flow.
A journey away from original sin.
You and I merge, we become one.


Traces in snow.
A red line grows through and leads me below.
Nothing on this side ties me.
One step, one glimpse of an eye.
One moment can change everything.
Wait here 'til my words spread across the sky.
And into the chambers of every soul.


Let me take you down, underneath this false surface.
Tonight is the night when we travel into the heart of the unknown.
Night reveals what is hidden in the shadows.
What you see is just a shell of me.
To escape the suffering we keep our emotions at a distance.
So far away that our skin becomes our fortress.
Leave with me and you'll see what lies ahead.
Let's gather in twilight.
In those blue reflections.
We are coming out as one.
That is when we arrive.
That is when we realize.
This is when we fall down.

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