Crystal Viper : The Curse of Crystal Viper

Heavy Metal / Poland
(2007 - Karthago Records)
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1. ...I SEE HIM! (INTRO)



The kingdom of Khalandir has had more than its share of hardships. It endured the Tyranny of King Argis until his defeat, and ultimately his death at the hands of Queen Alena eleven years ago. Later, the people endured the destruction of the Dereian Sun. And now they face possibly their biggest dilemma: The wrath of the Night Prowlers. These creatures of the night attack indiscriminately, feasting on the blood of the innocents. Predators with no apparent weaknesses. Can the kingdom survive their ensanguined onslaught?!]

Old bell tolls the midnight
Vampire goes for a hunt
He'll get you in a backstreet
When you will go tonight
Dark mist around Your town
Smell of death in the air
You can feel his cold breath
Night stalker straight from hell!

Wild & fast like a snake
He'll come from nowhere
You will feel his breath on your neck, yeah!
Your soul, under night's care...

Night prowler - soul's hunter
Vampire nightmare from our dreams,
You will feel fangs on your neck
Night prowler - soul's hunter
Forgotten beast from our dreams,
Your soul is under night's care

Fear will turn you in the stone
Your body will be paralyzed
There's no time to escape
He's gonna kill you tonight!
You will be dying in pain
Eyes of the beast see you now
Bleeding bodies around
The end is so close - run!

Wild & fast like a snake
He'll come from nowhere
You will feel his breath on your neck, yeah!
Your soul, under night's care...


[The real tragedy was that this did not need to be so. Had they been more vigilant and taken heed to the shadows, the nightmare could have been prevented. But they did not, and so the shadows turned into the blood feasting creatues of the night.]

Creatures of the night
And ships made of bones
Death is coming from deep waters
Waterfalls of fear
Forgotten evil comes
We're under attack
Burning torch on the watchtower
Who will defend us?

Shadows on the horizon
The bells are raging more and more
There is coming bloody war!

Shadows on the horizon
Fire is burning on the shore
There is coming bloody war!

Walls of the castle
Will not defend us
Only wizard's spell will save us
Will he kill the death?
High in the mountain
In the deep forest
He will bring back the undead one
Oh, Eldinaar!


[Death came from the sea. Khalandir was under siege. Dead bodies, rivers of blood, the cries of the dying ones... Night prowlers attacked from every possible side. Creates Hell bent on conquest, to turn the kingdom into the City of The damned. Their ruler, half-god half-beast, decided to not spare even one human being. Queen Alena who once defend Khalandir after the attack of Argis' soldiers could do nothing...]

There is no time, and there is no future
People are dying on the streets
Killing and dying in the name of god
No honour, no hope and no rights
When are we going? What will it give us?
We don't need more bleeding violence!
Giant funeral, the end of the ends?
Desert of the graves and burning homes
...and what will you do?


Dead eyes of hope...
City of the lost souls!
Dead eyes of pain...
City of the damned!

There is no excuse, is this now too late?
World is turning his face from us
Raining tears of the earth so painful are
The world is dying, screaming wild
Dead bodies on the streets, anger!
River of blood in front of you
Giant funeral, the end of the ends
Desert of the graves and burning himes
...and what will you do?


[The old Wizard arrived to the castle, and together with Alena decided to try the last possible rescue... Eldinaar. Eldinaar was a legendary axeman, a warrior stronger and more powerful that most of us could even imagine. Many years ago he used to fight side by side with Alena's father, who was for him like a brother. Alena remembered that when she was a little girl, Eldinaar promised her he would return even from the grave, if she would need his help. Eldinaar was also the first one who started to call Alena "Crystal Viper"... Well, indeed, this time he would have to return from the grave, as he died several years ago by unknown circumstances... His body was found in the middle of the battlefield, but he had no wounds. Only his legendary axe and shield seemed to have wounds, that were bleeding like the human ones...]

He was the chosen one,
code of honour
ruled in his life.
Shining axe was his sign
and sword -held high!
Gloves of metal!
Didn't die by the blade,
a treacheary
of mother earth,
took him away tonight.
Prince of darkness,
where is your blade?!

Ride, into glory!
The last axeman, left his shield
The Axeman!

My fallen brother!
Now his soul will ride with me
The warrior!
The Axeman!

Now, on the battlefield
we stand without
you battle cry.
Out fallen brother!
I took your axe,
and in your name
to the battle I ride!
I remember
you blood and sweat.
Your axe is now held high,
your flame will burn,
This is your blade!


[Alena and the Wizard decided to bring Eldinaar back among the living. There was only one possible way to do it: a mystical golden dagger known as Astar, which once placed in a dead man's heart, could make it beat again. Astar was kept by the ancient demons, on the Island Of The Silver Skull (place known mainly to the craziest and most dangerous pirates!). Alena had nothing to lose: A pact with the pirates was done in a fair way. Gold and diamonds for them, and a dagger for her...!]

Sailors of hell, damned by the nations
Gray people call us "sons of satan"
Even if the devil sails with us
We are always unbound, free
Aye! The wind blows so strong today
Will be the empire of gold... ours?
Island Of The Silver Skull so close
Storm will not stop us today!

Hunger in us!
Gold and glory
Diamonds no rust!
White bones high

Skull and cross bones!
Will be our guide
Blind winds of fate!
Will bring glory to us

Black flag with skull and crossbones so high
Man to cannons! Someone is running...!
Are you ready for boarding? Go, rats!
And the battle has begun
There is no place for mercy and fear
Fight for your dreams and for your glory
We were waiting for our day so long
Jolly Roger! Time has come!


[Ancient demons, defenders of the old faith? These forgotten beings hated people more than any other lviing creatures. Who else could kill for gold or fame? No one. Only human... Alena was unsure what to do, as they knew very well that she had no chance to take the Astar by a force. Demons could kill her pirates in just one moment. So what to do? During the night, while still being on the ship, Alena had a dream: Her parents, Blue Dragon and Leather Witch told her about their love, and told her how to act with the Demons...]

In the mountains I saw him
Under moonlight for a first time
Under twilight I meet him
He was talking with the lion
Burning dark eyes of my heart
I felt thunder, he is the one
From that moment I was sure:
he will be mine until world's end!

Ohh, Blue Dragon
Take my heartbeat
Caves of fire are waiting there
I know, it's you ! Now I am sure!
I am Leather Witch!

Eternal flame, desire
Will burn in us until the end
I look at you and I know
I was waiting, burning inside
I want to feel your warm breath
There, on my neck, you are so close
You can't defend, I can't fight
This is stronger, we are the one...!

Now above the time and space
We fly into the burning dreams
The time seems to have no end
Your embrace as fire is hot
Burning flames of our hearts
Will melt the ice and shake the ground
I want nothing, except you!
I will be yours, until world's end!

Eternal flame, desire
Will burn in us until the end!
Burning flames of our hearts
Will melt the ice and shake the ground!
I want to feel your warm breath
There, on my neck, you are so close!
Now above the time and space
We fly into the burning dreams!


[Yes! A long, long time ago, eons before the birth of the sun, demons were similar to human. They could love, could be joalous, could feel pain and hunger. Alena knew that she had to remind them, what it meant to love someone, and to worry about someone...]

Sons of the devil will tonight stay on the ship
I have to go alone, to meet Astar's demons
This is last chance to save Khalandir
I hear voices... Will they listen to me?

Demons' dagger!
Burning like the flames of hell
Will you give me
The power to kill the death?
Demons' dagger!
So cold, like the breath of the dead one
Will you bring us
A hope that was almost lost?

The burning blade of ancient gods I hold in my hands
Is this the frozen blood-red fire of hellish lands?
Go back to the ship, it's time to go home!
Never retreat, and never surrender!


[It wasn't an easy task, but Alena finally did it! With Astar in her hand (and with happy pirates that loaded the ship with diamonds and gold!) they started on their journey hime. Directly from the Khalandirian shore, Alena headed to the northern mountain, where the Wizard had already begun the ancient ritual. The graves started to burn, and one by one - Eldinaar and his legions returned as half living and half dead beings. They were the undead ones! The battle has begun! Surprised creatures had no chance to escape.]

From the grave he will come
Alive and still dead
He's still cursed one
But the wizard's spell
On the northern mountain
Brought him between us
He will bring victory
Ohhh, Eldinaar!

No more pain
No more fear
He brought the revenge
Dead defender

Still alive
Undead one
Bringer of justice
Feel the fury!

"Souleater" in his hand,
he will kill the death
Lust of war in his eyes
Prowler's time has come
Broken bones on the ground
War winds are so far
He will bring victory
Ohhh, Eldinaar!


[The battle fury of the undead ones brought back courage to the hearts of people of Khalandir. The revenge was outstanding: every single beast was crushed into dust. Eldinaar reminded the people of Khalandir that each weapon made by humans has its own soul. So both swords and the undead ones were now brothers in the battle of the Khalandirian people. Eldinaar and his legion returned to the kingdom of shadows, and the swords took their rest once again... The last of the Night Prowlers - half god and half beast were killed by Alena with Souleater - the legendary axe that Eldinaar gave her before going back to the other side... Khalandir was free!]

Eldinaar returned
And our faith with him
Beasts of hell now die!
In bright flames of pain -
Glory of the axe!
Glory of the sword!
Evil dies
On our eyes!

Cutting the beast's throat
Crushing his weak bones
The earth drunk the blood
The battle is won
So calm down my friend
It's time to go home
Sleeping swords
Battle lords

Will stay with us now
Courage, no more fear
We killed the death!
Will take some rest now
Sleep well, ohh my friend
Have a steel dreams

We don't even dare
To forget your look
Your might saved our lives
Our holy brothers
Until the next time
When danger will come
You will bite
You will fight!

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