Crystal Viper : Possession

Heavy Metal / Poland
(2013 - AFM Records)
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1. Zeta Reticuli


2. Voices In My Head

How can I tell them? What to do?
What if I'm crazy too?
Should I tell them, or I should not?
Is this way to go, or not?

What if they will not understand?
But to live like that I can't...
I wil tell them, they'll help me!
Other solution I don't see

Voices I hear
What is worse: them or my fear?

And once again
Voices in my head I hear
They are like pain
They want something, they are near

They talk again!
Do they have something to tell?
Am I insane?
Are they from the place called hell?

[Julia's mother]
Just look at her, did you see?
That is weird, what might that be?
Is she sick or maybe possessed?
Or if it's god's plan, it's the test?

I tell you, I know what it means
Punishment: for our sins!
You know it's not single nightmare
There is evil living in her!

Voices inside
In my head, night after night

[Julia's mother]
For the reverend we need to call
He's the one, will save her soul
He was doing that in the past
Maybe Julia's soul will then rest?

It is too much, how can we live
He will help her, let's believe
Messenger of god, holy man
Will he help her? No one else can!

Voices she hears...
How can we fight our fears?

3. Julia Is Possessed

[Julia's mother]
Can you help her, please?
It's our guilt...
Do what shall be done
We know you killed...
Dear reverend, save her soul
She won't be the devil's doll!

It's the only way
We know the price
But what can we do?
Just see her eyes!
In god's name we should act
She's possessed, it's a fact

[Julia's father]
Does she need to die, our girl?
Maybe there is a way
She means the whole world to us, you know!
Just give us one hope's ray

[The exorcist]
Julia is possessed! Listen to me!
We should kill her
And let it be!

Can't you see them, demons of the night?
Dark and nasty,
They will not hide!

Only death will save her soul!

I know what to do
So now let's pray
I did it before
Do what I say
Yes, maybe she will die –
I don't know, I won't lie!

Candles, sacred cross
My weapons are
God is with me, yes
He is not far
Holy book and the stole
The demon will pay toll

[Julia's father]
Does she need to die, our girl?
Maybe there is a way
She means the whole world to us, you know!
Just give us one hope's ray

4. Fight Evil With Evil

(The Exorcist:)
Demon is screaming
Evil and loud
I am protected by holy ghost
Demon is growling
I'm not afraid
The battle has begun, no way back, it's too late

God will judge me
I know what to do
I am his soldier, protector of truth
Cross will be my sword
I know that game
Just one look in her eyes, and I know what's his name!

Don't judge me, you can't
Fight evil with evil
In holy name of god I kill
To hell I won't bend
Fight evil with evil
Don't ask questions, it is god's will

For demons I hunt
Many have died
But let god decide if that is right
I don't ask questions
I feel their hate
They do not understand, it's my fate

Yes, time to begin
What did you say?
No turning back now, it is too late!
Bring me the candles
And lock the doors
I know he will try to escape, I feel his force

The devil I see
End justifies the means
She needs to die
Her soul is in my hands
It's because of your sins
She needs to die

Exorcism I will start
With god's will on my side
Evil is here
We don't have much time
With the devil I fight
The end is near

5. Mark Of The Horned One

[The Exorcist]
Do you see?
Yes, the witch's mark
Right here, on her arm!
Take a look
Symbol of the dark
Which heralds big harm

The devil
Marks his chosen ones
And they feel no fear
The symbol
That was seen not once
Her soul it will tear
The evil is near!

The mark of the witch
The mark of the horned one
– what are yout sins,
tell me what have you done?!
In my very old books...
Seen it before!
It's the sign of Sarah,
the devil's whore!

Did you know
Sarah was a witch
Many years ago
At the stake
They burned the devil's bitch
No regrets, oh no!

You know that
Witches should be burned
In pain they should die
It's god's will!
Now it's our turn
Don't look her in the eye,
Or we all will die!

6. Why Can't You Listen?

Please take him away from here
You need to believe me
I've got something to say
There's no evil in me

I'm not the evil one!
I'm alone and I'm afraid
I don't know where to hide
They don't want to listen, why?
There's no one on my side

Too late, what have you done?!
I'm not the evil one!

I know it's hard
To trust in me
Please just listen to what I must say

Hand on heart
Yes, you will see!
He is the liar, take him away!

[The Exorcist]
They won't listen to your lies
Your soul will be set free
This is a holy sacrifice
God is speaking through me

You are the evil one!

Like so many before you
I'll send you back to hell
I know truth is on my side
Demonic tricks I know well

What is going on here?
What do I hear?

[The Creator]
So stupid you are
Proud human race
It went much too far
Way too much grace

It is boring, I'm tired
I just wanted to talk
The same story again
For so many years
The same mistakes you do
Thinking you should unlock
I have to tell you that
Future will bring tears!

Why you don't understand?
I won't let you kill her!
Beautiful words about setting her free
Are just your cheap lies
The truth is hidden out there
Now you shut up and listen to me!

Better understand my words:
There's no evil in me
You bring only suffering
Please stop threatening me
You need to believe me!

7. You Will Die You Will Burn

[The Exorcist]
So it shall be done
You will die you will burn
This is my sacred duty
Some way I will find

Exiled you will be

You will die you will burn
You are the fallen, I am not
I know what is in your mind
I know I am right!

You will be burnt
You won't hide
I'll crush you down
Truth is on my side!
I'll send you straight
Back to hell
I'll drive away this
Spiteful wicked spell

You shouldn't have come
I'll drive you out from here
I can promise you that
I will show no fear

Holy water's touch
It's too late, you can't run!
The ritual I begin
Holy spirit, father, son
They are on my side!

8. We Are Many

[The Creator]
You have no right to tell me what to do
I'm one of many, we created you!
You pray to us and you call us angels
We created you, before the ages!

We created the human race: it was a mistake
You're evil and greedy, and you love to kill

Always here, from above
We were watching you
We have seen what you've done
You're cruel and blind

Between stars we were born
And we are many
Better you listen to us
While you still have time

The Earth does not belong to you, oh no
You are guests, our "creation" – to say so
The plan was good, and we gave you free will
But it went all wrong, and you love to kill

We created the human race: it was a mistake
You are evil and greedy, and you love to kill

9. Prophet Of The End

[The Creator]
Stupid you are
And went too far
We know, how human race will die
Big flaming sword of doom will split the sky

Will be too late
To change your fate
And there will be nowhere to run
In July of Two Thousand Sixty One

In the sky you will see
Prophet of the end
You will know it's the time
For the human race to bend

I will tell you where we are from
There will be no time left to cry
When prophet of the end will come
Earth will die

But you still have time to change your fate
What will happen, depends of you
You need to forget about your hate
You have to

To give you Earth
It was a mistake
So wonderful was our aim
From Zeta Reticuli here we came

Now I will leave
Better believe:
We're no demons, we're creators
Of foolish human race inventors

In the sky you will see
Prophet of the end
You will know it's the time
For the human race to bend

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