Crown The Empire : Retrograde

Metalcore / USA
(2016 - Rise Records)
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1. SK-68



Did I find the blood iinside my bones
Reaching out into the great unknown?
What a life. What a fucked up love
We hold polarized by what we can't control.

We have the chance to realize,
Are we the stars or just the sky?
We have the chance to find our eyes so

Are you coming with me?
I'll go

When you find the dust behind
The sun you're alive, but so misunderstood
We're so afraid to change our minds.
Are we the shark or just the prize?
No I'm not afraid to open wide so

Are you coming with me?
I'll go
Climb the sky or cauterize
Golden eyes are better blind.

I don't know what I'meant to see
So I'll just hold my breath
And wait for gravity
We don't know what we're meant to see
So we'll just hold our breath.


I'm breaking static.
I'm changing my frequency
If I don't speak out,
Then no one's listening
But I won't live in vain

We stand on the edge wondering:
If I take one step
Will I live, will I sink?
We're dying for more every day
So count down from ten and jump
When I say zero

We're breaking static,
Just radio fequencies
If we don't speak out,
Then there's no one listening
Is anyone listening to me?

We won't hesitate.
We won't close our eyes.
We won't turn away
We're taking back our lives for the first time.


There's nothing I can't face
So open the floodgates.
No fear of what's to come
I'm not going under,
Not running for cover.
Standing against the sun

After the fire, after the flames
Nothing will feel the same
My scars are closing.
My heart is open.
I am not afraid.

I'm ready to breathe again.
I'm beginning to catch my breath
I'm ready to dream again,
Surviving what left me for dead.
I had to bleed to lose,
Find myself to prove
I could feel love without end
I'm all that I have.
I am the aftermath

Show it no mercy,
'Cause you cannot hurt me.
No more will I bite my tongue
Tired of worthless. Fighting with purpose.
No longer will I stay numb

Break my bones, you will see
You can't kill me.


Through your eyes I fight for gravity,
A place to stand, and a place to breathe

When the walls begin to shake
In the home you thought you knew
Will you run? Will you stay?
Will you chose?

Do you know who I am?
I'm so afraid you'll never undrestand
There's a part of me still lost out there,
And I just want to know
I am becoming a hologram?

Close your eyes from the
Darker side of the things
A shade of grey hidden under sheets

Now I think I'm worried
That I'm in too deep
Like a phantom that you'll never see
So I just want to know
Am I a part of the hologram?

Shadowed in time, another road redefined.




Are you hanging on my words tonight?
Don't you get it?
Hold your breath and everything's just fine.
Don't you get it?
Forgotten we could be alone
If we waste away
If there's a love that brings us home
It drowned today

We smile and grind our teeth away
Good luck forgot to call our name
(Good god)
Lycky us

No one's hanging on our words tonight.
Don't you get it?
You can try, but
You won't change their minds.
Don't forget it

Burned in the sun,
Afraid of what you'll become
You'll pay the price
When you're fee, you'll see
Tell me who you want to be.
Tell me what you want to see

Tortured, but no one leads the way
Force-fed like rats inside a maze.


You've been doing what you like
Thinking that you're always right
You can hold your breath,
'Cause I won't hold mine

You wouldn't care if it killed me.
Misunderstood you're guilty
No you can bite your tongue
'Cause I won't bite mine

It's all so complicated
The way we're built to break it
I think it's overrated.
I'm sick of the weight of the world
I'm so sick

Now you think you've won this time
Thinking life was yours to buy
But you should wonder
Why you can't sleep at night
Don't need your validation
Your drawn out dedication.


I fill these bones with hollow promises
I can feel the world outside under my skin
And all these walls are slowly caving in
I would climb if I could find my way again

It feels so close, but so far gone.
It feels do close, but still

I'm looking for a sign of life hehind the sky
Is anybody there? Does anybody care?
A sign of life to redefine
Is anybody there?
'Cause I just need a sign of life

Can I go on, lost without a trace?
Am I afraid to hold the light and lead the way?
I may be wrong, another face without a name,
But I'm alive and I can see
I'm not the same

I'm fighting for a sign of life

I'm looking for a way out
'Cause I'm way out and I'm on my own.


The chemicals, I think
They're telling us we're not alone
The molecules, They're taking shape
Until we let them go

Breathe you in, breathe you out
When it's all too much
Breathe you in, breathe you out,
You're my one true drug

I can hardly wait to float above the angels
I'm high againoff your oxygen
Calling in the dark you pull me through the stars
I'm so high again off your oxygen

There's something changing inside the way I see
The air I thought that I needed
Is just a memory
So captivated inside a world we dream


Say hello to the night,
Let order and chaos fill your eyes
Brave the fear in your mind.
Walk into the afterlight

The colors fly like gold in my hands
With open eyes, I'm starting again
Before you go, I think you should know
The world is your kaleidoscope

Break the sequence of hate.
There's nowhere but up to go
So follow close and
You'll see the dawn of an age
Where pillars have turned to stone
And martyrs pave the way.

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