Crown Of Glory : A Deep Breath a Life

Melodic Metal / Switzerland
(2008 - Metal Heaven)
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You can't bear down this feeling
I keep deep inside of me
You can swim with the masses, that's OK
But don't count on me

So long I've tried
To capture the light, to break the spell inside of me
Out of control, we're only a bit too loud
But that will hurt no-one

Let's start the show
If you're not in it
You'll never understand it
The calling

That tempts me so much
Tonight we're going to change the hands of time
Is it hard to see?
What this means to me
This is my gate to hide and to be free

Take a look from the distance
See dreams burned to ashes
Searching for something to be proud of
At the end of the day

Tonight is the night
Reviving the gods inside you
They are all asleep
I can hear you scream, let's breaking the silence
Like so many times before


Gazing starlight, the full moon is rising
The book of fate, dreams and forgotten
Tales is re-open once more
Long for mercy while I've walked
Through the ages, leave centuries behind me
See that freedom has a meaning for me
Come on howling with me

Close your eyes
Glance at paradise
I saw Atlantis rising
Take your chance
Life is a fairytale
Be not just one of a kind

Free your mind
Reaching for ever life
Don't you follow the blind
Take your choice
Dive into the mystery
Take a deep breath of life

Path forlorn, long and winding before me
Find me walking on the wind
The horizon is telling me I'm near
So many reasons to leave all behind me without hesitation
Eternity is just a heartbeat away
Won't you take a trip with me

There's a million ways behind me
Still a million ways to go
Where it starts I can't remember
Where it ends I'll never know
There's a little piece of heaven that is hidden in your life
Find that moment, try to capture (it)
And this is how it's meant to be


Let's draw up the curtains
Spotlight hits the stage
You'll be welcome to the show
Watch the tales of madness
Listen tales of hate
It's all been shown to you tonight

Give me your advice
I'm living in a world of lies
A place of disgrace
Once we have to pay the price

Don't close your eyes
Watching the raven's flight
Release your mind
There must be more to find

Don't watching for a guiding light
Start now changing minds

Join a world of constant fear
Live, form species, disappear
Where is your final destination?
Headline news hear what they say
Desperation makes the day
Look at the evolutions crown

Don't waiting for a guiding light
Start now changing minds
The vision of a better world
Starts with me and you

Now you know the time has come
More things to be done
Fight your fear and turn the key
Create your destiny


How many minutes has the light
If you be waiting for the night
To break the seventh seal
We celebrate a show tonight
The energy it gives to me
The ignorant will never understand
Tearing up the gate to Promised Land

What's been suppressed for so long
It's rising today
There's just one thing you should know...

Nights children, Break silence
Go through, Hold up your irons
One nation, Creation
I've found my inspiration

My heart is pounding, can't you see
The lights are flashing in my eyes
A serenade of steel
Hoping all wishes to be real
Believe in miracles today
I know this time we'll find a way
Ignite a fire that will never end

Light up the stairway to the sky
The edge of infinity
Join this magic carpet ride
Seizing the day


There's a place we call Earth
A paradise lost
Almost Eden before we all exist
Loot the planet and what all live on it
Its subjection brutality

No more trust, Hope is lost
Society is sick
Realise it's the price we have to pay
See the road now has come to an end
No solutions, no time to spend

Time to see what we have done
Time to realise what has begun
Mother Earth exploited and raped
Stop destroying of paradise

Kill, Steal, Lie - Till' all beauty has died
Cheat, Fool, Heap - We are living in golden chains

See the cradle of filth
We're parasite like
Sucking off all the energies of life
Greed and envy are real Human scourges
Slaves of our own reality

Stop the madness
Find back to the things
We have lost on that long and winding road
It's not easy but possible
Let's work together and we will win


Find myself lost in misery
Days gonna fade into grey
Daydreams imprison me, there's no way out
Your scent is still everywhere
I try to hide from the past
God must be hating me
Life chews me up and spits me out

I wonder if the sun will ever shine on me
It's so hard to face the truth, I can't deny
Embracing emptiness, I've lost my strength at all
Only the pain inside me proves me I'm alive

Come on save me
Come on save me
Before I'm falling
Come on save me
Come on save me
Before it's too late

Echoes are whispering voices from the past
Never thought eternal love could hurt so bad
Corroded by emptiness, these walls are closing in
My heart is bleeding
I'm afraid my wounds they will not heal


Beyond my visions lies the fright
It's turning all my senses
Inside my wishes ocean wide
There is a place to hide to

And on the edge of time
I saw the future sign
I looked at all the answers
Twilight misery
And on the edge of time
I saw the secret sign
I heard it through the misty curtains of eternity

I have heard the anthem calling
Lead by history
I fell into a vision of the end
I promise my friend we'll change it

I am still here to face the fear
To find my piece of heaven
Remind the past we would recall
A promise for the future


Mirror, mirror on the wall
You're the one that shows it all
Can you tell me what's the meaning

Food for oil became oil for blood
A little different as they're told
Look at the ruins down my feet
No-one warned us when we went
To bring the peace to foreign lands
All hope now is buried in the sand

Eden's never been so far away
Seems out of reach
We have never been so many
But we never felt so alone

We cry for love
We cry for mercy
When do we start to practice what we are preaching

They talked of honour, they talked of pride
Never thought so many died
We've learned the hard way that they all lie
Fear at night, I shed a tear
The cries still linger in my ears
The dreadful sights won't disappear

Can't close my eyes, can't fall asleep
The fallen ones wont let me go
Their screams are echoes here forever
Eye for an eye, till all been blind
No peace of mind, no hope to find
So welcome back on Devils playground


Once upon in ancient Greece, beyond the mist of history
A mighty king, a fortress build
To save his life and gold

By Daedalus plans the labyrinth was done
So he comes and with him his son
A trap great of stone to hold everyone
Minos laughs: "I've got to say this!"

No, I cant let you go
There's so much you know
Arrested you'll be
No daylight to see

Deep down in the dark no ray of light
They made plans to hide
To build them wings like birds
To fly away from tyrants hands

Don't fly too high up to the sky
Sun burns your wings and you will die
Don't fly too high up to the sky
Sun burns your wings and you will die

No, I cant let you go
There's so much you know
Arrested you'll be
No daylight to see


I see you rise
I see you rise

I see you rise
You fly, you can touch the sky
I see you rise

I am riding the wind across the oceans
Hiding over the seas, no-one can hold me now
Father, look at me why can't you see
We could almost be gods
Come and follow me

I see you rise
You thought you can touch the sky
I see you rise
Over and over again
I see you rise
You thought you can touch the sky
I see you rise

Son why don't you listen return to my side
Quick before it's too late, your wings shall not burn
Father please help me, I was a fool
Look what's happening to me
I don't want to die

Rise so high try to touch the sky
Ever thought that you could fall
Rise so high try to touch the sky
Never thought that you could fall


Now, now it's the time to say farewell my son
I'm here all alone, my heart filled with pain
I know its the end of all our dreams
You left me to stay, gods what a day
Oh I wish you back right here in my arms
Light brings back the pain
I cant escape... It's too late...

All that's left is just the pain inside of me

In my dreams I can see you fly again, son
I hear the lament of the wind
In my dreams I see you fly again, son
You were my light but now you're gone
Now you're gone

Feel the oceans breeze, the wind in my hair
The agony hurts deep inside
If I could turn back time, this time I would
You did had no chance to be what you could
Oh, life is unfair, no justice at all
The one who's full of life, the gods bring to fall... All...

Tell me god, is this the price I have to pay?

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