Crossfaith (JAP) : Apocalyze

Electro Metal / Japan
(2013 - Zestone Records)
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I Can't Look Back
I Know I'm Gonna Stray Today
Struggling With The Dark
I Must Cut These Chains Arround Me
I Found Everything I Now Stand For
Engraved In My Soul ( In My Soul )
I Don't Wanna Live As The Dead
So I'm Gonna Cross This Line

Your Lies Are Polluting This Life
We Are Living It's Haunting Me
I'm Feeling I'm Drowning In Guilt That
I Fight Each And Everyday

So It Ends Right Here And Here It Starts
I Can't Go Back To Memories ( To Memories )
Even Though I Don't Know Where My Hope Has Gone,
It Ain't Gonna Stop Me
It Ends Right Here The End Of Misery Here It Starts I Never Look Back
The Battle For All I Believe In
So Now This Is Time To Go

This Is The War
We Are The Future
I Gotta Run Run Run To My Future


We Are The Hounds We Will Surround You
We Need You Soul And Fucking Bones
You Can't Defeat Me
Stop Praying!
Because Praying Won't Save Your Life It's Just Like Suicide

Try To Feed Me Something Tasty Spit It In Your Face
We Refuse All Your Gestures Done With All That Shit

Take It All, Take It All, Take It All!
From My Ennemies
(We) We Are The One Still Alive,
(You) You Will Not Survive

Blaze It Up, Blaze It Up, Blaze It Up!
It's The Sign From Us
(We) We Are The One Still Alive
(You) You Will Not Survive

Feel This Pain And It Proves We're Alive
In This World Of Compromise
Yes We'll Always Refuse It
We Will Break All Counterfeit
Fight For Pride And Destination
In The Middle Of Complications
Even If No One Understand Us
Watch Us Go And Leave Us Be

We Are The Hounds
You Are The Sheep
We're Gonna Eat You Alive

Snapping And Tracking And We Are Attaking And Gonna Devour Your Sweet Underbelly
This Is Your Last Breath Welcome
To Death You Better Give In, Give In, Give It Up!
We Are The Hounds!


As The Shadows Fall Down We Go Underground
To The Place We Rock And Roll
I'm Gonna Need Your Help This Ain't Gonna Rock By Itself.
Inside The Crowd, Let It All Out, Until The Sunrise Comes
We Can Rock The Party Out
Till The Morning!

Howl And Shout You Need To Burn This Mother Down
Scream And Shout You Need To Bounce Or Get Right Out!

Oh, Man I Want You To Break All The Rules Tonight
You Have No Excuse Blow Up The Dance Floor
We're Gonna Say What Fuck The System
Drop! Drop! Drop! Drop The Beat Down On Jungle Beat

Take A Look Around People Step In Here To Forget Their Fear
Can't You Here Their Howling And Screaming? To Let It All Out For This Night You're Gone

Oh, Won't You Tell Me Want I Want To Hear That We Will Last Forever
In The Night I Hear The Echo Just Wanna Keep This Going Never Ending
You Make Me High, High, High Like The Stars
So Stay All Night, Night, Night Till The Sunrise
Touch The Sky Sky Sky With Diamonds
This Night Will Never End


Change! It's All I Need
Cause I Can Not Figure Me Out
It's Inundation
Now! Now It's Time
I Gotta Change Everything Stop This Delusion

If We Are Not So Strong
Sometimes Thing Can Go Wrong
We're Going Round And Round Again With
I'm Stuck Inside A Bad Dream
To Wake I Need Gasoline
What Am I Looking For Now?
It's Evolution!

Do Something Big
Just Tear Your Heart Out
Do Something...

Hey! We Are The Evolution
Take Charge Of Your Own Transformation
Hey! You Need A Revolution
Your Brain Needs A Major Mutation

Faith! One Must Believe
Wake Up Your Brain Come Through The Storm
You Must Have Conviction
Time! You Can't Escape
The Future Starts Today
Release Your Illusions

Let Go Of Ego
Let Go Of Bullshit
Stop Your Whining It's Time For Action

Why Do You Spiral Aound?
Stop Drowning Inside Of Your Fear

Hey! We Are The Evolution
Take Charge Of Your Own Transformation
Hey! You Need A Revolution
Your Brain Needs A Major Mutation
Now! We Are The Evolution
Now! You Need A Revolution
It's Time For Action Now


Wake Me Up!
This Virtual Is Morphing It's Lore Than A Vision
Please Sing To Me
This Dream Is Pulsing But I Can't Hold You Now

I'm Falling Down I'm Feeling Your Hollow Emotions
I'm Becoming Your Veins You Swim In My Head
" I Sink More Into You "
Do You Remember? The Days Are Fading Without You
(Without You)
My Anxious Heart Baby Can You Feel It?
I Sink More Into You

I Won't Forget All Your Crying
Your Voice Lights Up All My Memories
You Start To Fade Did I Love You?
I'm So Far Away From Where I Need You To Be
Take Me With You
I Need You Here With Me

Wake Me Up From This Lonely Space Carry Me Carry Me Now

Wake You Up, Wake You Up
I'll Wake You Up I'm Gonna Save You Now
I'll Wake You Up I'm Gonna Save You...


Give Me A Spotlight
Making Me Feel Alive
I Wanna Still Fly
All I Can Say Is...

Now I Wanna Feel Alive Yeah
This Ain't No Place To Fake It
Stay True Like This Is Your Last Day
Bring Your 'A' Game
Keepin It Honest

Change Your Fate
Its Up To You Now
We're Moving Up To The Frontline
Change Your Game
Give It Up Like You Know What To Do
And Show Me Your Flame!

Burn Down The Floor
With All You've Got And Take The Mie Kid!
Yeah! Spinning Til Sunrise
We Bring The Noise And Start The Riot
Burn Down The Floor
Let It All Go Dust Off Step On The Dancefloor
Yeah Make This Paradise
We Bring The Noise And Start The Riot

Instigate It, Dominate
Shout Out Your Deep Desire
Decimate It, Love Or Hate It
Let Go! Let It All Hang Out
Infiltrate it, Come And Take It
Cry Out Your Deep Desire
We Bring The Noise We're Never Gonna Stop

Wenre Flowing Lightly Our Bodies Will Travel
And Gettin Our Buzz On Without Any Trouble
Clap Cap Gonna Take Your Hands Up
Burn Down The Floor Again

Fire Come Up To The Place That You Wanted
So We Need To Hear That Your Scream
Says Yeah! (Yeah!) (Yeah!)
You Don't Have Time So
Show Me Yout Brave

Don't You See Youreself Flyinf High
Oh I Touched Deep Inside Your Spirit
You Better Do Anything That You Want
Until The Death Calld Me
We Never Want Yo Be A Fake
And We Are Gonna Burn The Floor
Burn The Floor!...


I Can No Stand Your Lies I'll Bring You To Fucking
You Caused Me Total Disaster I'm Over Your
Fucking Around
I Just Wanna Pay You Back For Putting Me Through
This Shit
So I Draw The Line Around Your Neck To Cut Your
Fucking Throat

How Did You Feel wmqking A Fool Of Me? Now That
I Hear The Sound Of Your Regret

Your Evil Lies Will Set The Fire It Will Burn Everything
How Can I Know? How Can I Trust? How Can I Set
The Fire?
Lies Lies Lies We're Gonna Burn These Down
Burn Burn Burn With All Our Hate
Lies Lies Lies
Burn Burn Burn

Set The Timebomb In You Mouth
So I Countdown To Hell
If You Don't Stop Spreading Lies I'll Bite Your
Fucking Tobgue
Do We Need More Conversation? You Alaways Waste
My Time
Reach Out Prepare All Those Around It's Time
To Say Goodbye
Flame Of The Anger In My Hand But I'll Give You
Enough Time To Regret Until I Set The Fire

Your Evil Lies Set The Fire It Will Burn Everything
How Can I Know? How Can I Trust? How Can I Set
The Fire?
Lies Lies Lies We're Gonna Burn These Down
Burn Burn Burn With All Our Hate
Lies Lies Lies Without Conscience
Burn Burn Burn Burn Your Everything

I Think You Don't Quite Understand
I Have Told You A Thousand Times
How Can I Make Myself Clear
I'll Give You One Last Chance

No! What I Mean Is You're Better Off Dead!


I Repent Of My Sins, I'm Gonna Tell You A Stry Now
I Killed Because Of All My Love

I Usef To Call It Love But She Tumbled Off The End
Because Of All My Love I Know I Did Can't Be
My Guilty And Insanely Crawl Beneath The
Filled My Heart With Your Blood That's Pouring

Now Your Curse Is Branded On My Back!

Kill Me!
(Kill Me) Kill My Heart With Your Broken
Hate Me!
(Hate Me) Hate This Love This Love Is
Burning Me To Death...

This Man Has Gone Blind MyKove And He Tumbled
Off The End
" What A Fool... " He Told Me A Fable With A Face Like
The Devil
One Thing I Won't Believe
This Was Nort A Story Of Their Love
" Oh How Should I Repent? "
There's No Way To Heaven You'll Go Right To Hell

I Repent Of My Sins Our Love Fell To Pieces
This Sorrow Keep Burning My Heart
Hate This Love ( Hate Him )
Kill My Soul ( Kill Him )
Yes! Is This Not The Truth?
Give Me Love, Pain, Hate, Deqpair, Her Sorrox,
Shame And Blood Is Fallibg To The Ground

I Repent Of My Sins I'm Gonna Tell You A Story
I Killed You Because Of All My Love

I Smothered Our Fire With What I've Believed In
This Curse Is Branded On My Back
I'll Walk Alone I'll Roam I'm Seeking
Wigth My Hands I Killed Your Love


I'm Counting Stars In The Clouds Without Your Melody
If You Were Here
(If You Were Here) I'd Hear Your Voice Again
Can't Find A Way (Can't Find A Way) To Leave You All My Words And Colours Gone
Will We Shine Again?

We Won't Return To Old Our Memory
Like A Shooting Star
So I Know It's The Reason You're Drowning So Dark With Me

Good Bye I Never Stand By Your Side Again
One Lire Time To See Your Face
You can't Let Me Go But I'lll You Know
This Is The One Last Time To Feel Your Voice Again
Well I Have To Free You Forever
We Will Fall Like A Shooting Star

It Has To Stop
My Body Is Beaten By Rain
I Cannt H'Go On ( I Can't Go O' )
Your Breathe Will Be Frozen In Your Lungs

Still Here With You
I Won't Forget
Can We Find A Way?
Can We Find A Forever?
I Feel Your Voice Again
Your Voice Again
My Answer It Will Never Fades In My Head


We'll Live Forever
Let's Shout Together
You're The Only One

You Can stand Here where You Want As A Wayfarer
No One Knows Where You Belong
You're Up against The Wall Then You Strike It Over And Over Again
On The Way To Your Destination, Everything Could Really Happen. Be Harder, Be Stronger To Make It Own
Our Way

We'll Live Forever even Though The Storm Came Down
My Soul Is still Burning on and We'll Stand Again We'll Stand Again For Us
They Can Never Change Yor Ways
Because The Only One You're The Only One

Save all The Victims From Disaster Killing Fear Through Out The Day
They Come With Heartlessness We'll Push Them To The Edge
Save All The Victims From Disaster Killing Fear Through Out The Day
Keeping a Sharp Focus On Them Never Look Away

When I Find Myself Passing Time
Sometimes Its Just So Dark Inside This Lonliness
So We Share One Soul Together
Until The Day We Die We Just Sing Forever


Burning The Bridge And Throwing The Dice
We are Walking In The Wrong Direction
Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes
No One Can see We're Blindfolded
This Maze Is Totally Twisted We Will Raise Up
All Your Hands
I Will Not Die Defeated! We Want To Live Our
Life Forever and ever

We Know That Is The Truth What You've Done
The Wise Hide It away
Broken Truth
Blackened Island
shadow Comes To Us
We Change The Way

When Everything Is Falling To Pieces
We Will Not Give Up (We Won't Give In)
These Words are Gonna Be Heard
This Cry Will Reach The World
We Have a Lot To Say

Get Back Our Hopes and Dreams
We Can Live Our Own Way
To You We rae Still Invisible
This Time You'll slowly Fade away

Get Back To where We Sarted From
We'll Take It Back to save Us from These Liars
You Gonnna Get Into The Desesperation I See You'll
Walk In The Wrong Direction
are They Still in The Village If They're Not Out
In The Sea
Are They Living Deep In Your soul
do They Haunt You Daily
As I Watch You Fade away!

Burning Bridges Crumble
Can You See? Can You Hear Our Screaming?
You're The Wise On This Blackened Island ( It's
Gona away )
Will You Stay? Still Stay In Your Heaven?

Time To Know
What Is True
No More Lies

Burning Bridges Crumle With Anger
Can't You See Yourself Painted Black
Is Your Soul Now Filled With Ashes
Will You Still Stay In Your Heaven?

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