Critical Fear : Conflicts

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The country is decadent
Do you know the reason?
The reason for all
It's found easily
The virus is scatter
Strong by capital
The wickness governement
Its does rise corruption
Where is money of the people?

Crime against the people
Public money is bein spend in orgy
Beats in ternary and nickitie
Delieve the mass in misery
State whitout atitude

The corruption is total
The governemetn are rotting
The congress is a SHIT
The capital is decadent
Our debt is priceless
What will by sealed
The money will be goo
Northest dying by hungry
Change the situation
Revolution is solution


Hey you, do you like TV?
Do you follow the news?
Do you follow the soccer?
And the novel? How is it?

Your life, routine like always
Working for a long day
And the rest?
Do you rest watching TV?

Your children, how are they?
They just watch
They never read
This is the future of the nation

Your music, why do you listen it?
'Cause it plays in the radio'
Do you listen only the radio?
This is hear about all
Hey dumb,
You think you're smart
Hey strange, Supid!
Get out of coma!


Glory the Soviet Union
Land of immortal Lenin
Born through october's revolution
Is was the will of all people
The burguesy faded away
People are free
By constitution, just one class
Worker's victory

See this world
An alternative system
Equalitary Land
Soviet Union!
The Soviet power
Is supreme
Be care, capitalists!
Soviet Union

The good common is the began
No more individualism
People produces to the nation
It's the end of exploration
People united to a fantastic
Communist society
No more wars and hungry
Is time for peace


I'm Brazilian
I never desist!
My system has failed
I hate the politics!
Government just fuck me
But i don't care!
Can't forget my novel
And soccer is sacred

The Brazilian Way!


Where being overcome gfell by against evolution
Is globalization evolution all see is degradation
Dirty pig profit in falow polluting and deforation
Sack the forest challenging the government

Globalized World
Degraded World
What do you do?
What do you want?

Mother nature suffer while a few get the profit
In the name of progress forest pays the price
Say some is necessary silent cause havoc
Is progress evoltuion the land call for help

Globalized World
Degraded World
What do you do?
What do you want?

Destroying the nature the human race expands
Ruler close the arms pretend not see
Blinded by profit don't care about the situation
Nature pays in silent when hell it ends

Globalized World
Degraded World
What do you do?

What do you want ?


Wake up, the time is arriving
One more day of pain has begun
Prepare and walk to hell
The executioners are stead already
Whitout mercy, they explore in the work
The more you produce
To pigs, nothing is satisfactory
Break up muscle and turn off tendons

Day after day in the slaughter
Just pain and suffering
Suffer becomes profit
For all absolutly nothing

The time goes by faster
The vigour of our lives desapear
Suffer and don't live
Danmmed to live, suffer and die


The history of all societies
Is the strike of the classes
Baron opressing the slaves
Oppressor against oppressed
The result is the revoltuion
Or the common decay
Nowadays the divergence is
Burguesy against proletariate

The burguesy sucks in cold blood
Your exploration creates inheritance
Makes grow up the misery
Your end is necessary

Workers of World go
To the political fight
Throw the burguesy parasites class
Expropriate your pertaining
Take on the ways of productions
Search for class equality
Search the communist society


The war spreaded to the globe
Politicals agreements to hothing serve
For seconds, cities faded away
Millions of deads in instants
Countries were striped of the map
Generals were desperate
Politicians hiden in their shellters
Run of the radiation
Say hello to nuclear holocaust
In eternal desert of dust

Your homeland will fade away
Now is only debris
In a devasted planet The human race fell
Remains isn't so much
A new reality is cruel
There's no way to ignore it

The world powers fell
Don't support the evil from war
Governments thirsty in ruins
Touristic places starts to crush
Cities vaporized in instants
Don't have own or winner
Devastation was total
The civilization was annihilated
By politics and religion
There's no future


The society feels fear
The pestilence its coming
Hungry and distress is reality
The chaos lies under planet
Why agreements and threat?
No one country remains
Neither actions will be enough
The suprection is near
The end is near, give up
There's no law to delay
Future is only a terror
Better nothing survive
The inhuman dumb burguesy
Search technology and progress
But progress brought the end
Tomorrow is dead

The end is near
The burguesy is agonizing
The search for capital
Destroyed the mother earth
Appears a new job
Scrap and nuclear trash
Won't miss in the market
This is capitalist progress

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