Crionics : N.O.I.R.



Of all the shadows yours is the only one
that I remember, that makes me whisper your name...

Dust and ashes...
Is that what you are truly living for?
Just make your wish, darling,
so I can make it real

I am The One, The One who knows what hurts, what heals
I am The One... so make your fucking wish!

Come and take the key to my bedroom
and rip my bleeding heart out
and then take what never meant to be mine...

Come, come closer, I want to show you worlds beyond this world

Landscapes of madness that brought you down to me
Landscapes of madness that brought me down to you

Of all the shadows mine is the only one
that you remember, that makes you whisper my name...

Tell me where's the key to your bedroom
I'll rip your bleeding heart out
and I'll take what never meant to be yours or mine...

Even death will never take what always meant to be ours


Living at the edge of madness we dream our dreams
believing time has stopped to let us discover whether there's any sense
in challenging our destiny.

Would you dare to dance with the Death? What would the sacrifice be?
You are their scapegoat.
Metamorphosized into beast

beast you have to feed
unleashed, evolving into dark, dangerous thought
will raise its sword to rape and kill
Welcome to Necropolis

where all hope is gone...
life dwells in darkness...

where moan of all empty windows
takes your mind for painful trip
Across the ocean of forbidden words
and all your memories you swim.

drop by drop they'll suck your blood.
this is immortality.
Look beyond the horizon
see the sun making love with the moon

and hear them singing for you.
This is perpetual rapture humanity had never given to you
So spread out your wings and fly up high
your prize is awaiting.

Fooled by their promise you've failed to see
the thin line between illusion and truth.
How does it feel to be their scapegoat?
Across the ocean of forbidden words
and all your memories you swim.

Welcome to Necropolis
where all hope is gone.
life dwells in darkness.
where moan of all empty windows

takes your mind for painful trip
You are their scapegoat.


Blessed by night
baptized by the ancient oath
drifting among the fields of self-destructive imagination
you're drowning down the sea of perdition

Is this a world you have been promised?
Wipe off your tears and face the truth
that lies among the realm of fall.

Realm of your fall

Realm of your fall

All they desire, all that they ever wanted to know
have now been discovered and lies upon your feet.
So take your chance and create a new order
become a god.

Would you dare?
Their world has come to an end.
Will your dreams come true right now?

Perdition - realm of your fall.
Perdition - realm of your fall.

And angels wept over the ruins of their dream
forced to kneel down to honour their new god.


Far above the ravengate
The spreaded wings of Blashyrkh waits
Above the roaring depths
Sits the oath of frost
On the elder raventhrone

Older mountains sleeping in my sight
By chilling woods I stand
A grimly sound of naked winds
Is all that shall ever be heard from here

Cometh the rightful kings of highest halls
Cry of ravens lurk the realm
Eternally through the noctambulant grimness

...Demons stride at the gates of blashyrkh...
...Blashyrkh... Mighty ravendark...


(Eto pesnia o samom prekrasnom gorade v mire - moskwa)
Diese stadt ist eine dirne,
Hat rote flecken auf der stirn'
Ihre zähne sind aus gold,
Sie ist fett und doch so hold
Ihr mund füllt ihr zu tale,
Wenn ich sie dafür bezahle
Sie zieht sich aus,
Doch nur für geld
Die stadt die mich in atem hält..
Moskau (ras,dwa,tri)
Moskau (pasmatri:
Pioneri tam i tut,
Pesni lenenu pojut)
Sie ist alt und trotzdem schön,
Ich kann ihr nicht wiedersteh'n (nemogu stojat')
Pudert sich die alte haut,
Hat sich die brüste neu gebaut (...)
Sie macht mich geil,
Ich leide qualen
Sie tanzt für mich,
Ich muss bezahlen (ja dolschen platit')
Sie schläft mit mir,
Doch nur für geld
Ist doch die schönste stadt der welt.. (pojehali!)
Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst [3x]
(kogda ti notschju krepko spisch)
(kogda ti predo mnoi leschisch)
(kogda so mnoju gavarisch)
Ich sehe was, das siehst du nie!
Chorus [3x]


Moving to the times of thousand years before Christ
We can imagine only in some measure
How important for the pagan tribes
Were five elements of the earth:
Soil, wind, fire and water
And holy spirit reigning over everything

They were so important
'Cause pagan rituals depended on them
Old men with hooded heads, strong and wise
Came through the woods, drew sigils

They worshiped their gods:
Fenriz, Midgard, Moloch
They threw the blasphemies
On those who wanted to bury their culture
And those who wanted to do this
Had to fight with the descendents of the old man


Defeated or not they come back in silence
And evil on their faces
Give the feeling of vengeance's desire
Centuries went by and there were many wars
Once they were triumphant and once not
The enemies has been expanding, gathered
And pagans have been losing many battles
After many years they were
Attacked, oppresed and killed
They hid in the woods and caves
But after all they were murdered
Only the strong survived
Wrote tales that rouses fear and thrills
And their sanctuaries, stone circles and ruins
Prove that their power and beliefs will survive...


The descendents were strong and powerful
They had the spirit to fight
They put mud on their long hair
Painted their faces and prepared their weapons
To strenghten themselves before combat

Ready to fight, they walked in the night
Through the mountains, woods and caves

In the moonlight - frozen land
That's creating the mystic view
Fear on men's faces made them sinister

At dawn, when they reached the battlefield
Nobody talked
Everyone was silent and waited for slaughter

Then came the agony and pain.


Mightiest am I, but I am not alone in this cosmos
Of mine. For the black hills consists of black
Souls, souls that already dies one thousand
Deaths. Behind the stone walls of centuries they

Breed their black art. Boiling their spells in
Cauldrons of black gold. Far up in the mountains,
Where the rain fall not far, yet the sun cannot
Reach. The wizards, my servants, summon the souls

Of macrocosm. No age will escape my wrath. I travel
Through time and I return to the future. I gather
Wisdom now lost. I visit again the eternally
Ancient caves, before a mighty Emperor thereupon

Came. Watching the mortals "discovering" my
Chronicles, guarded by the old demons, even
Unknown to me. Once destroyed their souls are
Being summoned to my timeless prison of hate. It

Is delightful to feast upon the screaming souls
That was destroyed in my future. How many wizards
That serve me with evil. I know not. My empires has
No limits. From the never ending mountains black,
To the bottomless lakes. I am the ruler and has
Been for eternity's long. My wizards are many, but
Their essence is mine. Forever there are in the
Hills in their stone homes of grief. Because I am

The spirit of their existence. I am them.

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