Crimson Orchid : A Chosen Path...

Progressive Metal / USA
(2008 - Self-Produced)
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Narrator: So many peices
I see you everywhere I turn
No rhyme without reason
Now all the peices slowly burn
With a quick flash of light
For an instant day became night
In a blink everyone had fallen asleep
Now suddenly gripped by frieght
As I calculated the sight
Well this is how it all began...

Man to self: I lost her just the other day
How could he take her away
I don't see how his need was greater
I would have given anything,
But now I'll give him "everything"
I'll be returning to "you" soon but

Narrator: Now given that life is fleeting
Mistakes are surely made
Its seems that our freind was feeling
That others could be saved
Instead of hiding inside
He'd ventured into the light
With the thought of helping all
Lost find peace
With a message strapped to his chest
And an heirloom that he'd had blessed
He started one last "mission" headin
Into the street...

Man to crowd: I'll open up my arms again
Just to try to bring you down
The more that I collect the better
I'm sure that if I find enough
He'll surely trade me back my love
New gather round be not afraid

Hand in hand we'll...
Fly to heaven
High into the sky
Way up above...
The gallexies bellow us
It's time for our eternal lives
...our eternal lives...
I won't fail this time...

Man to self: Look at my life, this world of
Moderation never matched up to the
relative cause...

Self to man: Have you lost your mind obliteration
Hardly seems the way for you to battle
the course...

Man to self: The pain was pushin me back, I've been
under attack, the end will justify all
the means...

Self to man: Well we'll see what you find, all
things in their due time, let's hope
it's all you want it to be...

Man to crowd: Understand my point of view, it's not
that I hate all of you,
It's just that we could do much better

I'll open up my arms again
Hoping that it's not in vein
I'm sure that he will heed my plees

Now hand in hand we'll...
Fly to heaven
High into the sky
Way up above the galaxies below us
It's time for "our" eternal life...

I fear I might not make it back time

And now these doors before
Cascading light throughout me
blinds my eyes
And still I hear them calling
Out of the darkness falling
Through my mind...


Narrator: He should have known from the start
That his love was mearly a part
Of a system set up and stabalized by
his greed
But never the less he invested
In another series of stresses
That in the end he probably won't

To you: Stand up
Stay strong
Nay say
We play too long
They say
We be too strong
Strain your eyes yet you may never

Demon 1 to man: What do we have here lookin so weak
so sweet how flower do keep
Strong roots in black soul so deep
have you lost your mind, or is it a
soul you seek

Demon 2 to demon 1: I have no care to hear of his
My patience is thin with those who
rally the dark

Man to demons: who are you to judge me?
I am gods eternal flame
I seek salvation for the deeds I've
done where are all the sould I"ve saved

There must have been a mistake
I was to be at "the gates"
It seems I"ve lost my way
Where are the souls I save?

Demon 1 to man: You fool

Demon 2 to man: Who do you think you are

Demon 2 to man: Another tool

Demon 1 and 2 : A necessary lapdog

Demon 2 to man: Why make yourself the price of their
suffering you acted then as though you
thought to be a future king will you
never even try to learn anything from
the lessons life has taught you

Demon 1 and 2: Pain....suffering...

Demon 2 to man: Do you even now where you are

Demon 1 to man: Do you now why you here

Demon 1 to man: You let us into your heart

The shadows: And now your one of us

Demon 1 to man: I know that you can feel us inside
You try to blind your eyes
This should be no surprise

Narrator: Infiltrate to overtake and infect
With their madness a fool must play
their part...

He certainly pondered the thought
And indeed the attention it brought
was a testament to men with half a
But suddenly tested by vessels
Who too were lost on the threshold
Of a spirit world where all belie in

To you: Seems to be to
Difficult to
Swallow all this
Even though
Seems so obviously stated from
the very start

Demon 1 to man: So I"m to understand that you're
Another innocent or just to lost
Inside your self to comprehend
My friend this is far from foreign land
So pretty soon you'll have no choice
But to understand

Demon 2 to man: Everything
That you have ever done
Will hang upon the scales
And they all fall one by one

The shadows It grows
You know
You died

Narrator: Where's the serenity
Where's the serentiy
Surrendered sanity...

All of darkness: I know
That you can feel us inside
You try to blind, your mind
It should be no surprise...

Man to all: Who are you to judge me
I am gods eternal flame
I seek salvation for the deeds I"ve
done where are all the souls
I "saved"???

This must have been a mistake
I was to be at "the gates"
Its seems I've lost my way
Where are the souls I saved?

The shadows: They


Constant-,ly you, questioned

Man: But only with reason

The shadows: Never, showing,

Man: How could you say that?

The shadows: Every time you walked away
Your light would thusly fade
Insesintly we tried
But you always denied

Demons in unison: There is..

Man: Go on..

Demons: One road..

Man: Yes more..

Demons: Undtread..

Man: Finally there's someone making
Sense now..

Demons: Like those

Man: Those who..?

Demons: Came be...

Man: Fore me?

Demon 2: You'll see...

Man: Finally a chance to return

I'll go
Down that road
This time
All alone
Now I see
What must be
Those doors...
My soul...
I feel
So cold
So weak.....
So strong

All I know is I did my part
His sheep as offerings
Combined with the purest of hearts
I did my best to address the rest
Of his test subjects that feed on
Endless shit!

I'm here
Can you hear me..

I tried
I tried
I tried

I tried...


Narrator: Voices in his head pressing everpresent

Voice in head: Even if you wanted to be saved
You could never really have it
it's not even a question of you faith
cause that doesn't really mean shit
you're better off pretending your a
slave cause you're my pawn now...

Man to voice in head: I
Want you
Know this
Will not
Be your fuck in slave...

The Devil: Welcome stranger
Open up your eyes never mind the danger
this is where you will be spending the
majority of your time now

Man: Am I home sir
I've traveling down this road trying to
get closer to a god that left me all

The Devil: Oh dear child...
For your sake let's just say
Your miles and miles
an unfathomable distance between "his"
world and mine

Man: That cannot be
I've devoted my entirely to "his"
childs memory I've done nothing to
deserve eternal life in hell

Never me
Could you say

I betray god?
Why I haven't a reason
Only one to here to commit treason is you
First the shadows and now with "the demon"
Why in the hell would "he" send me to you?

The Devil: It's you who've chosen me...

Man: Fuck that!

Never you
Would I choose

Blasphemor you mighty deceiver
I swore no allegiance to hell or to you
now I"ll swear through my god and
through freedom toward the powers
invested in you

Stay back
you beast
I"ll smite you...

The Devil: I am not the beast..

Man: Stay back

The Devil: No I have never killed

Man: You beast

The Devil: It was you that came to me

Man: Bullshit

The Devil: Thus chaos came to be

Man: Well said

The Devil: You make a mokery of God

Man: More lies

The Devil: By killing in "his" name

Man: Not I

The Devil: You must let go of your pride

Man: I've just...

The Devil: Cast "oneself" to the side

Man: Been lost...

All I wanted was her...

The Devil: So much hate
Surrounds a world so full of rage
Casting blame
On any one but those guilty
Now we're living in styes
Infested with anger
It's so much easier to give into peace
They're closing their minds
At the slightest of changes
Mind kind will bring about their own
Audacious races
Trapped in cages
They built with their own two hands
How dare you stare at..
Your own in the face
And pretend to be such holy men...
There is not one creature
What walks our "fathers" world
Who has the right to say his masters
Voice is
"Calling me back"
You fall into black
You're all in
(You were right) never me
No I could never leave
It was a chosen path for all those who
enter hell...

Man: Wait...

What you're saying??

I?... to blame...!

Why should I listen to words from the serpent
His word fully stated...
"We are not to trust you"
Now you're playin the part of the martyr
layin all of your secrets to view
I've had enough of your trickery I'm sick of thee
this cherede is done I am through
I will flee on the wings of the angels
as if I was an angel too...

The Devil: You will not succeed

Man: I will

The Devil: Your kind never has

Man: You'll see

The Devil: Return upon your knees

Man: Never

The Devil: How then will you leave?...

The Devil: What makes you think you can leave
Do you think me so weak
There's a price you must pay
For ending your life in that way
Why's your kind show such strength
When they're faced with defeit
Now that your road has met it's end
Theres' no need for you to pretend
I see death in your eyes
As you reach to the sky
There's only one who decided
Who lives or dies
And what wrong
And what's right...

Narrator: Explicitly written, instead of spitting forgetting, that I"m a man on a mission
To feel out every position, but first I look then I listen, to find out what I
Was missin, and does it bother you to know that you just lost your position,
Dissmissing sympathy as help, match up weight then leave, hoping maybe I score a fuckin
O on the sleave, and maybe when I return home things won't be bad, I just found out
My IQ is just the same as all the rest, and well it's funny sometimes how life
Tends to turn out all you wanted was some food, and you found a gun in your mouth,
Who can you trust these days, seems not so many are left, so why don't you open
Up your mouth and let some of that shit off your chest, now similarities, they flow
Through clarity, can you imagine me, a fuckin heathen preist, well if I preach
I prey, you know I probably crawl, you better watch my fist a swingin when I'm
Up a against a wall, I shook hands with THe Devil so I could look "HIm" in the eye,
I keep myself away from people, cause I really kinda shy, but that's ok, it's not
Your fault, you didn't even know, and if you did it didn't matter, because you didn't
Let it show, you know it's funny the way that people tend to look at you different,
Just because you finally acheived something they didn't, its doesn't mean that they
Can't, it just means that they won't, they're spending all their time and money
Going down to your shows, and when the shoe is on the other foot you see through
Their eyes, steralize the rhyme, and boil down to fine lines, open up your mind endo
Goes through streamline, seems fine, rewind, run from the swine, lost all reason, we
Lost all our minds, I know that the reaper's steady creepin up from behind, but I won't
Be here waiting for him,
sit down and let the darkness in...
Let the darkness in...
Let the darkness in...
It's such a dark descent......
You let the darkness in descent,
You let the darkness in...
It's such a dark descent,
You let the darkness in...
It's such a dark descent
You let the darkness in

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