Creepmime : Chiaroscuro

Death Metal / Netherlands
(1995 - Mascot Records)


1. The Colour Still Unwinds

[This song is dedicated to Machiel C Jonckheer (d 28-5-95), friend of]
[friends, mind of minds, heart of hearts. Take care]

Time and time again you tried so hard
To lose your head, to free your heart
Mister 'afraid to lose control'
You were your own, ever intricate
Marionette and puppeteer
Unconciously seeking the divine
For love was ever on your mind
And you struggled when you saw it change
Your 'want to be liked'
And you forgave me its lure my friend
As I hoped you would
For you knew that I was spellbound by colour

Time and time again you tried in vain
To explore, to feel apart
Intimately lose control
On your own terms, ever curious
Allways trying with some reward
Conciously reseeking the womb
Mothers shelter from lifes storms
And you struggled when you felt her near
Afraid to say colourful
You succumbed and knew my heart, my heart
As I hoped you would
And you knew that to be spellbound by colour
Was all there was

Your search has come to and end
And you've left us behind to live other lives
While nirvana is yours
And the colour still unwinds

2. Scarlet Man

[This song is about a loss of compassion and understanding]

Self seeker
Axe grinder
Fool of deepest dye
Thorn in my flesh
Red hands
Walk humbly with your devils

Time server
Plague of hearts and hopes
Chill my soul
Deaths head
Make a whore a virtue

Forsaken by eros
A scarlet man

3. In The Flesh

[The chameleon man is free and searching for answers.]
[He cares little for the world]

Master of all moods
Jack of none
Eight wonder of the world
Angelic when I please
Possessed to some

Dreamer in the clouds
Down to earth
At sixes and sevens with
Every heaven and every hell
My god is yet to come

Madness in the flesh
I'm figuring in anarchy
And stability
I'm at rest
Neither troubled nor undone

Rainbows have an end
Dreams come true
So I'll live without your blessing
Head held high
While I grow
To become or become undone

Madness in the flesh

4. Clarity

[A moment of understanding is all one needs to feel more than mortal]

As a dreamer
I've had my moments as a visionary
I've solved every riddle with ease
Made easy work of the puzzle that's me
Seen from within what is seen from without
Felt removed from all traces of doubt
About myself
My life
And my stonewalled waking hell

I have often hoped for clarity
I've longed for the answers I need
Played hide and seek with the nature of me
I've prayed in vain for a part of myself, my prey
To feel removed from all traces of doubt
About himself
His life
And his stonewalled waking hell

How and why?
Who am I?
How can I ever hope to be the real me?

5. Diced

[A guide to good living after Luke Rhineharts 'The Dice Man']

I am one
I am multiple
Impulse control
Selves an integral part of myself
Chaos in a nutshell
I am free
And chance is my god

I am one
I'm chameleon
A random man
Every promise a dicers oath
Doubt in your trusted hell
I am me
And chance is my god

Every moment a game of chance
As I dice with my life and death

6. Chiaroscuro

[All artists are subjected to the same social prejudices. It's a fight 'til]
[the bloody end so hang on in there. Fuck the rituals]

My godform's a potent reality
A living formula for all shades of divinity
I've felt its soul
Introduce me to modes of insanity
And infinity
It's put me in touch with a real reality

My life forms in ways which you'll never see
A growing enigma for the thoughtless majority
I've had their rules
Reduce me to moments of poverty
Self discovery
I've been put to their test
And I feel a shameless certainty

I'm unknown colour and diversity
A uniting harmony for a world of disharmony
Can you feel it pull?
Seduce you?
Rip and tear at your sanity?
Your entropy?
It will bring you dangerously
Close to understanding me

I see, I know the light for the shadows
Liberty's sacred not shameful
Fuck the rituals
Follow your heart

I live a life of infinite possibilities
I move in other dimensions and realms of being
I experience unknown pleasures
I have conquered my fear of the known
I am removed from the human framework
You cannot take this away

7. Black Widower

[If you lose your heart you'll kill to get it back]

Aphrodites puppet
You love and your world's well lost
Embrace the make believe
She's a godsend
Ride every crest of every wave

Blind boy prodigy
You're stung, and cupids arrows are deadly
Escape your wonderland
Look for a loophole in your love

How heartholed and fancy free
You've loved and your world's lost
Endear yourself to liberty
Black widower
Break every heart there is to break

Rush a heart of fools gold
A heart of fools gold

8. Fools Paradise

[Some things, no matter how right they feel, are not as they appear]

Sink your identity
Fuse with a heavenly body
Lose your heart
And make a god in her image

Sink into oblivion
Friends, your love I have forgotten
Mend your hearts
And make a god in her image and mine

Is this what you call ecstacy?
Child your paradise is foolish
Feel your heart break and bleed
As she steals it

Think of an alternative
Friend a soulmate isn't worth your soul
Free your heart
Exorcise the devil from your life

Caught between the devil and her deep blue eyes
Friend foolish, beauty wise, in a fools paradise

9. King Of Misrule

[This is a song of chaos and misunderstanding]

I am the king of misrule
A puzzle of jigsawn emotions
An enigmatic witches brew
Of reality, illusion
And helter skelter sanity
A fusion of confusion
I use

I am the king of all hate
A dilemna of conflicting devotions
An agony addict twisting fates
And harmony, intentions
One lick and I promise insanity
A chaotic creation
I abuse

I am the king of misrule
I am the king of all hate

10. God Thoughts

[An understanding of the one universal truth is all that's needed to know the]
[godhead. Easier said than done]

A nuclear family
Centres of small worlds which itch for attraction
In stillness of spin
Potential for creation

Merry go round hierarchy
Forces of nature in motion for aeons
Invalid or potent
Empowered and charged

We savour the flavours of
Strangeness, beauty, and charm
And we're sensing the truth
But our questions stay unanswered
And the thought of god still elude us
Thoughts of god. Gods thoughts

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