Craft : White Noise and Black Metal

Black Metal / Sweden
(2018 - Season Of Mist / Underground Activists)
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1 - The Cosmic Sphere Falls

The crimson torrent of the other side.

Beyond the corral of restraint.

It is everything - greater than the four.

It is eternal. It is beyond.

Joint with the glorious. Roots unite with fire.

Fetters burst. The wolves will run free.

The wolves run free.

Serfs. Stragglers. Slaves. Left Alone. Dying. Cold.

Night is coming.

It's time: The Cosmic Sphere Falls

2 - Again

Awakening. World Suffering

Twisted things emphathize with nothing.

Trampling. Screaming. Uncaring

He doesn't know in which place he's in.

Rusty razors cut his skin

Over and over and over again.

Dead resolve and relentless pain.

Acid's flowing within his veins.

Memories suppressed deep within

Resurfacing. It's growing from sin

The sin of I-never-put-up-a-fight.

He's looking back now: He's wasted his life.

He's creator. Warden. Prisoner

Builder of walls around pitiful halls.

He built a lock so I threw away the key

This is how little you mean to me.

The spirit is void from the soul's lonely throne.

There's no meat anymore. Only bone.

Once-was-razors cutting your skin

Screaming. Screaming. Screaming

Over and over and over again

And again and again

And again.

3 - Undone

I will restore the clean slate:

The perfect state that they once stole.

Before the white. The spark, the dirt, the water, blood, air

Joylessly aware of the turmoil

The aimless progression of time

The shameless expression of the vulgar divine.

The transient. The firmament

The summit of a little god's word

Is not set in stone

As I emerge from the edge of the world.

So many planets to raze.

Sacred places to deface.

Souls to inhale. Lives to erase

And gods to disgrace.

So I go on.

While I travel I will consume another star - another cold, dead sun.

World undone.

4 - Tragedy of Pointless Games

Awakened and cast into fleshbound pain

Into a tragedy of pointless games.

False structures of bondage are presented

And clothe our attempts for understanding.

Fables become fear ridden ideals

And aspersions are taken as truth.

Coerced to join this nonsensical farce.

Beset on all sides by shadows in constant motion

In this reality without a name.

How can one not laugh at this awkward organism?

How can one not ridicule the vanity?

5 - Darkness Falls

There's a shadow standing under a tree.

"I don't feel. Please, set me free!"

A world illuminates a clouded sky.

It's backwards. Alive, and he can't see why.

Creatures slither, creatures eat

A creature gets eaten or a creature sleeps.

It seems a minefield of hidden deceit.

"I don't know why, but a creature repeats. Everything's Hollow: Nothing means anything, there is no joy - only idiots sing."

His eyes used to glow, but now they're dead

Like black holes sunken into his head.

"But I'm gonna care as much as I can, for this short time left that I have as a man. To know what kind of fool the world enthralls. Waiting for the light while the darkness falls."

There's a shadow standing under a tree.

"One more step, and then I'll see nothing more of the things that suffocate me. The swarm is silent, I can finally unbend. I feel nothing, not even at the end. If heaven's on earth then may hell ascend."

There's a shadow hanging under a tree

And a rope is a tool to set one free.

6 - Crimson [ Instrumental ]

7 - YHVH's Shadow

You are clad in Jehova's Shadow.

His breath is fog, his tongue is lies

His word is deception and you drank it like wine.

His angels are the morals denying life.

You are sinking, you are drinking Jehova's lies.

Clad in his shadow.

8 - White Noise

Let's all endure the human experience.

Distasteful, tiresome thing.

Let's regress. Let's obsess. Let's sit back and let us all be useless instead.

Let's pretend to forge some worthwhile bonds. Come on, let's lie to ourselves!

Fuck you, I'll waste no time on you - you're insignificant, I can already tell.

Let's build some mental prison cells. Let's not risk getting out.

We wouldn't want to have to face ourselves, and there's a whole lot of empty about.

Mighty strokes fell microscopic oaks, so what's the point in trying to excel?

I despise all of you - I'm in some tedious level of hell.

Meaningless points dressed in pointless words - Don't let a lack of ideas hold you back.

Let's pay attention to what other people do, and let them know how it's offensive to you.

Let's ignore what testimony show, let every dumb idea grow.

Your world is not important to me. I couldn't care any less about you.

Drowning in a sea of white noise!

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