Corpus Mortale : With Lewd Demeanor

Brutal Death / Denmark
(2003 - Neurotic Records)
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Lured into the den
Of the deranged
A monster preparing
Strangulation of it's prey...

Victim is lying still
Eyes vacant - left of life
Cleansing the body
Disposal - out of sight...

Stiffs stocked up in piles
Unleashing a rotten smell
Colonies of insects
Infesting the smouldering carcass...

A soul in torment
Causing havoc...

Gathering of the dead
In their tomb of fire
Bagged then thrown
Into a funeral pyre...

Inventing dreams - creating death...
Murder is a - creative act...

The skeletons broken apart
When they was removed
From their shallow final
Resting place...

Resatisfied self esteem
Requiring nourishment in death


Absorbing the blood from the humans
As "death" giving substance of decay
To prevent falling apart
And avoid departure of the limbs...

Praise the flesh
Persipitate re-animation
Raise the dead
To cause the apocalypse...

The stench of the dead women's progeny
Causing the undead to go frenzy
Proceeding their repulsive feast
Occuring inhuman as terror beasts...

Praise the flesh
Persipitate re-animation
Raise the dead
To cause the apocalypse...

They drink the blood
Before the heart stop
The zombies victims is screaming...
The torso teared up
And then they'll eat the guts
Devoured meat in their abdomen...

Anomalous distorted creatures
Has been awaked
Adorance of the deceased...

The living corpses
Craving their human prey
Dawn of the rotting
Hasty their army grows...


Force fed obedience...

Abusement of the impertinent
Has fallen into oblivion
Nudity of the selfish creed
Uncover their vicious intentions...

Force fed... Obedience... Force fed...

The issue of god-raped bondage
Inhibitate all strength and emotions
This narrow and twisted bidding
Destroying the evolution...

Don't pity the bereaved
Don't believe...
Spoilt is the deity
Spoilt are they...

Divided in mind and spirit
Divided beliefs...
The conflict is at hand
The conflict eternal...

The feeble tears of the greedy
Is wiped off with hate and reprisal
The vindictive horde of revulsion
Will burn this contagious decease...

Force fed... Obedience... Force fed...

Retaliation has been fulfilled
The pain is now restrained
We... The vermin of the underworld
Our victory will soon be obtained...




Mortified by common conflicts
Hatching emotions of pain...

To me the pain is subordinate
My soul is enslaved
The agony divine...
Drowning in the pools of distraughted ones
Extracting my will
The power decline...

Brought towards degeneration
A body lies broken to perish...

Drawn to life's exit
The persistence will be
Violent and undemure
On to those who've deceived me...

Torment of my soul
Blessed by the profane
Prey of the light...
Slaves of death
The sombre will prevail
Above the light...

Ingrown habits of guilt
Breeding the insecure
Engraved into the inner
Cannot be endured... Ever...


Did you ever had a dream
From which you couldn't
Wake up again ?

Night intrusion
Sheer with no sound
Drugged delusions
Battered to the ground...

Unconscious... Victims...

Dreaming forever
Is what's left for you
Sights of blood
The excitement slowly grows...

The cutting blade positioned
Near your neck
Carving through the
Tender flesh
Veins severed
Off with the head
The stalker leaving you
As a wreck...

Lucid dreaming
The slumber alternative
Thought conceiving
Concluding the treatment...


An intrusion of the inferior
Sprouted from the roots of the inhuman
Ragged and pillaged of all dignity...

Never freedom... Only submission...

Taking no responsibility
Squandering the gift of existence
Living a life so humiliating
Trying to submerge a crammed mind...

Succumb and submit to the superior...

And the abusive world
Is pushing the
Conflict even further...
Compelling compassion
To restrain all feelings
Is absolute...

Molested by the ones superior
Every bit of conscience is erased
The ironic result will be
Relapses of the former self...

Afterwards there'll be
No recompence
And no true perspectives
Will ever prosper...

The impregnable barrier has risen
No reason will be able to penetrate
Reacting instantly on the commotion
With superior and ferocious rage...




Not wanted...

Fooled to believe and trust
In the expectations
That have been imagined...

Cold and unintact - left alone
Support is nowhere to find
Growth of the lust
Has become an obsession...

An obsession
Which are incurable
Shapeless and buried
Deep in the soul...

Complexity in my pensive thoughts
The treatment of lies collide...

Chronic psychosis
Results in a breakdown of the brain tissue...

The infection continues to the core
It will destroy and molest everything...

Those shades are closing in
Like a cloak embracing me
Cannot separate dream from reality
Confusion - How much more can a human mind persist...

The inclination
To kill oneself
Is a test of subordinated reasons...

The lethal vapor starts to flowt
Then it leads it's way through the system
When the fumes has been inhaled
The point of no return has been... Reached...

Totally drained of life
The chasm is swollen and bloated
Eradication is now reality
My life will - Not remain...


I don't care about your impudent
Attempts to gain my respect...

I don't even care
Whether you live or die
To me you're nothing
Nothing but filth...

I can see that you're intimidated
You've got a reason to be
Afraid... And crumbling in the dirt
Beneath my feet...

Begging me to stop
The persevering punishment...

I disgust you I do not want
To be a part...
Of your game you are the true

I can see you aren't initiated
Your fake face will expose
That you are weak...

Your innate talent for irritation
Is driving me insane
The repeated ill-treat of you
Will give me the voluptuous feeling
That I crave...

In the end
You'll be the one to feel
That all you've ever done
Will come back to you in twice the treat...



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