Convulse : Inner Evil

Death Metal / Finland
(2013 - Svart Records)
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Las palabras


Carnivore you should trust
Lead you to disaster
Ruin your body and mind
You should have the right

Hate and fear to mankind
Rot you from inside
Eat and vomit your sickness, make it right
Feel the domination, in your retaliation

You are your truly master
Trust yourself and you will
Survive out from your suffocation

No need to kneel down
Salute yourself and you will
Crusade your hope and way out

Evil inside of mankind
Feel the domination, in your retaliation
Shoot and kill your enemy
Let the fire to heal your memories
Reveal the evil in all mankind.


God is made to rule your world
Christ is imagination
Morbid suffer and damnation
Ushers you burn in hell
Minsters made from blood and pain
To praise his impurity

Why won't you seek the truth
And just open your eyes

God is delusion, religion is his whore
Killing in the name of the God
(Sinners) will be blasted to dead

Conquer the world with God's sword
Kneel down before the pain
We steal your God and culture
It's just human nature!

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