Converge : No Heroes

Hardcore / USA
(2006 - Epitaph Records (USA-1))
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1. Heartache

We are falling down
We are falling
Every word that you pray makes another slave
Every idol that you build brings another plague
Every cross that you bear grows another grave
We are all falling down
We are all falling down
Down, down
We are all falling under the weight of our heartache
Under the weight of their mistakes

2. Hellbound

For lost hope and his son I'll avenge what once was for his name and his
These cold hands spill their blood
Grant me the strength to stand up straight
To make them pay
Spill their blood
Grant me the strength to bear this weight
Show me the way
Spill their blood

3. Sacrifice

Hit the lights
I've had enough guilt to build a city
Shame to fill a sea
Reasons to give up and lose everything
Regret to burn this body
Filth to cut these bands
Reasons to bury this and everything we have
Hit the lights
Just hit the lights
I don't care anymore

4. Vengeance

Enemies eve
Burn to believe
Guns in the ground are all I see
Love, liars, thieves
All targets to me
Jaws at my heels mean nothing to me
Knives at your throats
All that I see
Don't doubt me
I am vengeance
I'm built for war

5. Weight Of The World


6. No Heroes

In vein and valor
Be what they fear
Their days are over
Our nights are here
With hate and heartache I'll strike you down
With rage and rapture I crush your crown
No more gods
No more graves
No more love
No more hate
No more heroes
No more no more
In my world of enemies I walk alone

7. Plagues

Dark days
Greet us with teeth
With claws her wings climb
Cold eyes gaze wide with awe
With spite
Everyone, everywhere
Every beast, every man pays her price

8. Grim Heart / Black Rose

When I see me in your heart
I just want to go blind
When I build coffin worlds with words
I just want a place to hide when old guests meet new regrets
My daylight fades to grey when our days bring guilt and shame
My heart turns black
These are my tombs painted black and blue
These are my tombs painted just for you
Goodnight, goodnight
Dear goodbye
Black rose, be my light in the darkest of days
Be my heart in the darkest of nights
Be my heart

9. Orphaned

Bright eyes
Fading young eyes
Beaten to black and blue
Sunrise has been sinking since I was two
One wounded and another dead
I've spent years building these walls
When all of this time my sky has been falling
Burden to bare this anger is empty but heavy
My heart carries the weight of your world
My wounds are open
I am out of blood

10. Lonewolves

From a victim to a friend
Don't ever let them in keep
Your scars on your sleeve and your heart in your hands
All the whores with their wars
Their gaping mouths want more
All of them choke on regret
We sit in silence
Dead or dedicated
Alive or medicated
A coward queen or harlot
Heart, it's up to you
This world owes you nothing
This world owes me nothing
This world owes us nothing but a hard road to walk
These mountains that we climb is everything they've lost
This world owes us nothing but a hard road to walk
These mountains that we move are everywhere we look
It's all up to me and you

11. Versus

It's us versus them
Jaws are biting at your heels
We hunt you in bad dreams
We know just what you are
The secrets that you keep
Cloven hoof is pounding faster than your heart
Strength in desperation and the sting of loss
Time to cut them down
It's us versus them
Time to take a stand
It's us versus them

12. Trophy Scars

In pure ghost white I see what was mine
Drowned in jet black that haunts your shadows
Endless night begins
This forked road now bends
A forked tongue appears to lead us astray
All this that I have is all that you are
Cutting for love a new trophy scar
Just not worth the tears and penance not worth the blood that we both pour

I want to live without the guilt we give
I want to die without this pain
I want to live without the guilt we give
I want to die without your name
Without this pain
Born to burn with hell to pay
Born to burn with we will someday

13. Bare My Teeth

In cold blood I claim this hate
I bare my teeth to make her pay
Maw mends
I take flight for one last time
With raven wings and two black eyes
Don't be afraid with demon speed
The gift of hate
I bare my teeth to make them pay
Don't be afraid
Nowhere to hide

14. To The Lions

To the lions
As she closes her doors to end this night
This raging sea won't have you
This weary grave won't keep you
These tired arms won't hold you
As she closes her doors to the lions
Inferno dreams won't leave you
This moonless night won't guide you
These brittle ghosts won't love you as she closes her doors
Queen of guilt
Queen of grief
Remember them (erase me)

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