Convent Guilt : Convent Guilt

Heavy Metal / Australia
(2012 - Abysmal Sounds / Aurora Australis Records)



Creatures of habit, ladies of grace
Holding their vows in the coldest embrace
Steeped in denial yet never regret
Giving their Lord as good as they get

Behind those saintly walls, a host of secrets lie
Smouldering with time, burning their cross

You're possessed by the convent guilt
Armed to the hilt
Possessed by the convent guilt
Blaspheme the night

Maidens unbroken, hags old and wrecked
Praying their father to resurrect
Doting on words of apocryphal lore
They wage a silent war

What penury they pay, for earthy sins untold
They suffer for our guilt, or maybe their own...

You're possessed by the convent guilt
No semen spilt
Possessed by the convent guilt
Do what thou wilt

The morning star is warm, when shining silver light
Pierces cloister walls, burning the cross


Staring down the barrel of an outlaw running wild
Fed on desperation since he's been exiled
Driven by necessity to prey on landed folk
Striking in the tumult of red dust and blinding smoke
Harboured by the forest, forging weapons crude and cold
Could hold the sun to ransom should he be so bold
Drunk on Devil's venom, he'll raise his glass to death
But raise it higher still to life, the fire in his breath

Like thieves in the day
Submit and obey
Escape with your life
You've been bailed up, surrender or die
Under veil of bloodshot dawn, accomplices in tow
He poises armed and dangerous, yet none would know
Storming into town and raiding bank vaults welded fast
They flee on horses bolting to the sound of warning blast

Stand and deliver!
The traps surround a makeshift fort
Kings ransom on his pate
High treasury and glory sought
They'll send him to his fate
No stealth they know nor cunning
Compared to he they seek
Through firestorm he's running
Guns ablaze and tough as teak
"You'll never take me alive"
Unbowed and unbound
You trespass his ground
He'll have you for dead
Pockets empty and a gullet full of lead


Silver ships cut through the sky, take flight
Hulls aflame, crest the swarming velvet seas by night
Prince of Wales bearing doomed souls from the grave
Ball and chain, there's no sin they cannot save

A convict bound in shame
A corpse in all but name

No dawn in Lucifer's light
From the sun that set in stone
No dawn in Lucifer's light
The shadows overgrown
No dawn in Lucifer's light
The flames of Hades burn so bright
No dawn in Lucifer's light
Transmigration out of sight... tonight!

Irons drawn taut around the abyss of the heart
Clotted blood, seals the fate of kindred torn apart
No gallows pole, why no musty hole in which to lie?
Brave new world? Give me back the old I cry

Prisoners on the waves
Scurvy-ridden slaves

No dawn in Lucifer's light
From the sun that set in stone
No dawn in Lucifer's light
The shadows overgrown
No dawn in Lucifer's light
13 candles burning bright
No dawn in Lucifer's light
Transmigration out of sight
No dawn in Lucifer's light

Do you wanna die in the night?


Street rat, skin and bones
He's no alley cat
Fit for fight, child of night
Orphan born at that
Rough trader, low grader
I'd say, get out of his way
Running nowhere but to ruin
With hell to pay

Killer virgins -- better watch your back
Killer virgins -- no motive but attack
Killer virgins -- young but wild
Killer virgins -- the innocent exiled

Street witch, acid tongue
Eyes as black as pitch
Tough to touch, knows too much
But no dirty snitch
Rabid minx, cruel jinx
Living alone is her crime
No mother of pearl, just daughter of swine
Running out of time

Do you feel the fire burning in their eyes?
Do you taste the blade unleashed with no disguise?
Virgins not for long, but when the waters break
Will they be set loose or living on the make?

Killer virgins, killer virgins, it's alright
Killer virgins, killer virgins, hold tight

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