Coldblood : Under the Blade I Die

Death Metal / Brazil
(2007 - Onslaught Records)



Under the blade I die
And rebirth to another light
Under the blade I die
And renounces to my fucking life

With a knife in my hand
I cut my skin
Seeing my blood flows
I find the way to win

Deciding about my own death
I deep the blade in my flesh
Suicide to insult morality
Is my gift against Christianity

Under the blade I die
And reborn to the new light
Under the blade I die
And give up my fucking life

Following the promises
Sodom and Gomorra rises again
No rules to follow now
My painless soul burns

In the suicides hell
Nobody is blind
Suicide is the name of freedom
Suicide in the Satan name


There isn't thought
The words are corroding me
There isn't life in my being
I feel ice inside my veins

I can't face the pain
Torpid nerves
The sensations of the pain
That change in pleasure

My thoughts are twisters
My flesh is mutilated
This prison of silence
Became symbol of desperation and pain

There is a light
It neutralize the pain
And the evolution arrive to end
Give good-bye to this world


Look through your impenetrable railings
Can you pass through them?
So what are you?
So what are you?

Look once more
While the whip is carried out
Look once more
While you feel the whip
Tear up your flesh
Look once more
While you feel the pain
Tear up your soul

Hey man's son
Feel the anguish
Of the declared sentence
Of the fate drawing near

Be humble
And take on your back
All the load of your lies
It's the price you have
To pay, messiah

Now I see your tool of torture
Now you see everything from the top
Don't we know we're doing?
You misled yourself
Thinking you'll go up ‘til God
Who is going to forgive us?


Showing the black tunics
Stamped with the inverted crosses
Protected by the blasphemy shields
And armed with the lance of Longinus

We´ve gone through the old World
Until reach the Orient
There, we´ll attack the holy city
And destroy all the existing creed

To destroy the Holy Graal

Templars, Hospitalars, Teutons
Sarracens, Turkishes, Palestinians
They all will be crushed
And the temple will be ashes again

Don´t finding the cursed chalice
Under the church of filthy sepulchre
We´ll route to the francs land
Where Katharians will meet the sword

And the bastions which keep
The lineage of Arimathea
Finally falls down on our feet
To profane the biggest relic


I call you
To protect me on the battles
I offer you
The blood of my fellows
I worship you
and sacrify without pain
Oh Black Godess
Your promises are in vain

Thou which drinks the blood
Of demons and mortals
Thou which inhabits
The places of cremations

Khali brings Death

Koun-Khali, men devourer
Koun-Khali, mother of Thuggs
Koun-Khali, consort of Shiva
Koun-Khali, the one who destroys to rebuild

Fifty heads
Around neck
Serpents twisted
Around her arms

Invencible sword
Bloody eyes
Merciless fury
Oh Black Godess

Khali Brings Death


Born as a king's bastard
Denied his right to become a prince
Fight, to show his authority
An carry his fate out, be a winner

Printing his strength at the work camp
And thriving his courage in the hunt through the forest
He had skill to learn the art of war
And laying hold of the sword, to vindicate his throne

I am a legend
The legend never dies
I am the future
You won't see my cry

It won't be stupid prince with his tired troops
That will check of subjugating
The noble blood isn't presupposed of honor
Nor lend bravery to a coward

Spread his name through the wideness of the empire
Due to this acts became the hero of people
Doesn't fear death, ‘cause even if his body deceases
Never will be forgotten, ‘cause he was born to be a legend

I am a legend
The legend never dies
I am the future
You won't see my cry


Dressing my armor
Following the centurions orders
I take a lash
And starts the pain

Sticks, chains and razors
Barbed wire, leather and hooks
All the pain makes it possible
While the flesh turns into red

The son of God
Carries his pack of lies
He falls, and ups
Again, the scourge

Up the hill
He follows the humiliation
The war will start
When the tyrant will be dead

I raise the hammer
Fixing these nails
Burying your kind

Protect our banner
Follow me to the victory
Beyond the light


To the right edge
In the moment of all knowledge
The ferryman awaits for me
Charon will take me to see

Through the river of static waters
Styx, the destiny of all slaughters
Payed with the coin full of hate
To reign beside Hades

Antagonistics Forces of Hades

Over the mortals the fear he spreads
Even living recluse in the world of deads
A God with few words
Owner of the wealth from the underworld

On the gates guarded by Cerberus
Which stops to back all of us
I´m inside, to the eternity
To fight against the christianity

Antagonistics Forces of Hades


Mistakenly dead
Betraying the false impression of mortal optimistics
Challenging the ancient witchery's laws
We are back, to impose the old order
No longer the men with their's useless dogmas
No longer women with their's scare crying
Our intention is forged in steel
And we obey at the Sacred Fraternity's hierarchy
Armed with a long cutting metal
Protected by the bronze that doesn't break
And blessed by the forest's profane rituals
We'll cross the gates and won't save lives
Age of suffering

We will provide pain and tragedy at first
After, misery, torture and slavery
Because of the weakness of impure people
And the mock of the princes
We'll bring our gods, seltlers and banners
We'll populate your unfertile land with our noble blood
We'll make you get down on your knees before our Cesars
And render heavy duty, to offer in holocaust
Doesn't matter how many moons will take the New Age
Doesn't matter how many blood and tears will be shed
We'll revenge our martyrs ‘til we pacify our anger
Wait for the end of this Age of Suffering
Age of suffering


In the twilight of the new calendar
Dawn of a new order
Arises the child desired by the worshipers
Announced for thousand years by the cursed writs

Then, the day will be night
And the night will be changed into day
The sun will cloak itself in red
And the moon will torn, enraging the tides

Chaos is installed on universe
To give a place to the order later on
Fissuring the ground, hurting the earth
Leaving the abyss to the filthy creatures

New Black God

Man and woman as one being
The child becomes king
Creature, which speaks all languages
And destroys what've been written before

Smashing the great temples
Murdering the murdered martyrs
Spreading its inexpressible speech
With blaze tongue and iron sword

Grotesque chant declares the war
And haunts its survivors
Smash the hope
And shatter the faith

;歌词由 添加 Marcellus - 修改此歌词