Cianide : Divide and Conquer

Death Metal / USA
(2000 - Merciless Records)
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Hatred lusts through my eyes, vision world sacrifice
Thirst for glory genocide, global peace I despise
So much war endless pain, millions die by my hands
Confusion through treachery, eliminate the enemy

Systematic corruption, feeding off the mindless
Eternal power unopposed crushing the resistance
Kill the spirit, kill the flesh, immense display of carnage
Bloodshed and tyranny, I conquer - victory

Satan's final command:
Pillage rape and plunder
Oppression - divide and conquer


Live by the sword die by my hand
Justice is swift, conqueror of men
Feel my wrath all of your pain
Feast your eyes on the hell which I have made

I am the way, trail of blood
A wolf among sheep, slay those who are weak
Living this way, never shall fail
Dark legacy, suffer unto me

Sanctify my wrath
On a throne of blood I rule
Unchallenged, torn by hate
On a throne of blood I rule

Kingdom of doom - tyrant's reign
Obey my commands - intimidation
Kneel before me - my enemies
Surrender or die - eliminate all who oppose the law!


Structure of defiance, symbolic rage
Humanities demise, destructive rampage

Death tolls riding beyond all control
The world is taken by force
Casting it's shadow of hate
Metallic king, death machine!

Indestructible force, the bringer of doom
Iron strikes the earth, cities are consumed

Mountainous colossal war machine
Living engine of destruction
Panic stricken victims flee
Retaliation unavailing

Black gas fills the air
Air raid sirens cry
Searing death ray vision
Fire rapes the sky


Death before dishonor
No guts no glory
Frenzied lust for battle
Onward to destiny

Standing your ground, you face the enemy
Succumb to selfish rage

With strength and fire
I challenge the world
Pear becomes courage
Death conquers all

Live for the kill
Armed to the teeth
Assault weaponry
Armed to the teeth


Revelations second coming
Tribulation the last judgment

Immoral plagues infect the ignorant
Perversion of the word
False prophets claim the coming chaos
Apocalyptic fears

Cities burning man destroyed
Final darkness wrath of god

The wars of Armageddon
Destruction of the earth

Dawn of new age messiah
Father of lies
Winds of hate corrode the earth
Nowhere to hide


Wielding my flashing sword
Set my hands to judgment

I punish my adversaries
Taking vengeance upon enemies

Every praise is a curse
Wicked worms filled with rage

We are the songs
Of hell's damnation
We are the souls
So filled with hate

Make my sword drunk with blood
My soul shall devour flesh


Death stalking helpless victims
Feeding off incessant screams
Dead conscious, endless bloodshed
Carnage and suffering

Sexual depraved motivation
In trance like blasphemy
Freed from human emotion
Remorseless apathy

Cursed into this world, unbridled lust to kill
Offering of your flesh, justified hatred

Lost human condition, forced living a lie
Denial killer instinct, one thousand ways to die

Lustful sins prevail, morbid thoughts remains
Subconscious voice controls, killing starts again

Blood assures redemption
Violent ecstasy
Torture rites abominate
Inhuman laws of pain
Time for retribution
Vengeance is the law
All of men shall suffer
Marcy I have lost


Blessed by my iron hand
Conquer son of war
Daylight rips my bloodstained flesh
Consuming the wrath of my foes

Battle is the curse of freedom
War is the gift of peace
Struggle is for existence
Strife is for the weak

Steel like nerves infernal slaughter
Embrace my blood fire fury
Death charge and battle scars
Masers of the enemy

The sun has begun to fall
On this day of victory
Brothers in arms sheer defiance
Soldiers of death boast their triumph


Drink from the blood of your father's sins
Wipe away shameful tears of lustful greed
Proclaim identity undenied

Corruptive ways
Foundation built on lies
Value debased
Belief is bastardized

Trapped by your doctrines of hate
The weak have no will to escape
Monetary gains fortified
The sheep is the wolf in disguise

Break away the chains of morality
Discover realms which hide stolen troths
Escape and emerge reborn


The wage of sin
Burning through your existence
Never knowing the
Righteous path of light

Live for your sins, then die for the truth
Your soul remains in hell
Trials of the damned, perfect transgression
All souls remain in hell

Tortured by choice
Embracing your damnation
A sacred decision
On intense agony

Life lived in shame
Demoralized broken inside
Forever worthless faith
Inferior repentance
Spirit - slaves of sin
Eternal darkness beckons to all
Unforgiven rage
No rewards for glory live for your sins
Then die for the truth

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