Cianide : Cianide Kills

Death Metal / USA
(1993 - Self-Released)
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The clouds of twilight, they blind my sight
As it reaches out for forgotton shadows
Crimes of pain released from life
Tired and worn - tortured souls
Burning fires tremble the walls
Breakdown of life
Balance is broken
All stand to watch their fall
Darkness shrouds the fallen kings, as they raise their commands
Knowledge of ignorance
Long-past portals, forgotten in time
Never to be remembered at the gates of slumber


The fires from within
The outcome of destiny
All men are equal
Within the shroud of mortality
Look inside the door to find blank tranquility
Exposing the limits of imperishability
Lifeline of the gods
Trite magnificence - worship is unworthy to those who believe
Epulsion of faith - prophecies fake
Infinite limits bearing their names
Immortality's fading away
Invade boundaries clutching their graves
So let us pray, for this fucking false idol!
His very life, an exaggerated lie
No acts of contrition can blindly justify the sacrilege
May you rot for all eternity!


Rise from the depths, the night calls
Banished from beyond, unholy laws
This must be a dream, thoughts are betrayed
Armies from below - Judgment day
Stalked by eyes unseen
Witness the undead march
Mankind is moribund
The hour of death is now!


Watch the portals seal to black as the mind decays
Tensions build to forlorn belief as desperation remains
Sadness then becomes the only ally
Falsified dreams turned melancholy
Fear flows through my veins as I bow down to the earth
Offering gifts of penance, my thoughts are reconciled

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